Author: Ashley Doyle

07Feb The Neuroscience Behind Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis happens during the most dream-filled portion of sleep. The brain regains consciousness while the body experiences voluntary muscle paralysis associated with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Unfortunately, this condition causes the dream world and the real world to overlap and can produce terrifying illusions and sensations. Don’t worry—sleep paralysis doesn’t last longer than … Continue reading “The Neuroscience Behind Sleep Paralysis”

07Feb The History of Sleep Paralysis

Recurrent isolated sleep paralysis affects 8 percent of the general population. While it sounds like a small number, it’s equivalent to around 602 million people. Historically, people who experience sleep paralysis, or sleep atonia, report claims of being temporarily paralyzed, unable to speak, having difficulty breathing, feeling a “presence” in the room, and seeing and hearing … Continue reading “The History of Sleep Paralysis”