Author: Ashley Doyle

06Feb What is Sleep Paralysis?

If you suffer from sleep paralysis, then you’re probably familiar with hearing or seeing things that aren’t there while you sleep, or worse, feeling like you can’t move or run away from your own imagination. Don’t worry—what you’re experiencing lasts no longer than a few minutes, and many others encounter the same phenomenon. Sleep paralysis … Continue reading “What is Sleep Paralysis?”

31Jan The Full History of Human Sleep and Sleep Patterns

After the Industrial Revolution, many people reported sleeplessness—a condition called maintenance insomnia. A sleep historian, Roger Ekirch, states the recent invention of electricity, artificial lights, and a demand for extended workdays have caused human beings to adjust their sleep habits, causing an influx of sleep disorders, anxiety, and stress. Between the 1600’s and 1700s, humans … Continue reading “The Full History of Human Sleep and Sleep Patterns”