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Avenco Original Mattress Review

Lara Vargas


Those looking for a comfortable and durable new mattress at a reasonable price should check out the Avenco Original. This mattress offers all the trappings you’ve come to expect from a quality memory foam hybrid.

It’s got cooling gel memory foam layers, bouncy and adaptable pocketed coils, and plenty of edge support to keep you lifted no matter where you’re sleeping on your mattress. The best part? You get all this amazing comfort for a great price!


The five-layer Avenco Original hybrid has several different cooling technologies that all work in tandem for superior temperature regulation. The knitted modal fabric cover allows for maximum airflow. This helps move both body heat and moisture away from you while you sleep.

Below, you’ll find a gel memory foam comfort layer and a pressure-relieving foam transition layer. These layers help increase the contouring power of the mattress and protect you from pressure exerted by the pocket coil support core.


The Avenco Original boasts the CertiPUR-US® certification for all its memory foam components. This certification means the memory foam is free of dangerous toxins like heavy metals, formaldehyde, and poisonous flame retardants.

CertiPUR-US® certification also means that the memory foam is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are manufacturing chemicals that wind up in the memory foam while it’s being created. Legal VOC limits mean that virtually no mattress will contain enough of these elements to put your health in danger.

However, the CertiPUR-US® standard sets an even lower limit on VOCs. Therefore, mattresses with a CertiPUR-US® certification will not negatively impact indoor air quality or give you symptoms like nausea and headache. Mattresses without this certification may.


Like we said above, the Avenco Original is laid out in five layers, starting with the ventilated mattress cover. This stretch-knit fabric is designed to allow for maximum air circulation. This helps wick away moisture and warmth.

Below, you’ll find two centimeters of gel memory foam. This thermally conductive material absorbs heat and moves it away from your body. At the same time, this memory foam is still highly contouring and pressure relieving.

Underneath the comfort layer lies a one-centimeter layer of high-density foam. This foam helps increase the firmness level and shore up support without increasing pressure. The high-density foam rests atop a layer of PK cotton that provides an added buffer between you and the coils and also increases motion isolation.

The support layer is made of individually wrapped steel coils that offer increased adaptability and motion transfer control over what you would get from an open coil system. The support core also features the ultra-firm foam railing that composes the edge support system. This edge banding reinforces the coils for even support across the entire mattress.


The Avenco Original offers the bounce that active sleepers need and a cooling mattress for hot sleepers. At the same time, it’s got all the contouring and adaptability that side sleepers and back sleepers need to sleep comfortably.

Firmness Level

The Avenco Original mattress falls around a six on the firmness scale. That makes it a medium-firm bed. This means the Avenco Original offers a balance of support and pressure relief that slightly favors support.

This means the Avenco Original is an excellent mattress for back sleepers and those with back pain because it offers lots of spine-aligning support without sacrificing contouring and cushion. It’s also a great choice for heavier side sleepers and combination sleepers (over 230 pounds) because it can keep them lifted onto the sleeping surface while still protecting pressure points.

The one sleep position the Avenco Original may not be best for is stomach sleeping. Unless you’re a very light stomach sleeper (under 130 pounds), you may not get enough lift in the pelvic region from this mattress. You’ll likely need a firmer option.


Active sleepers who like to toss and turn will appreciate the responsiveness of the Avenco Original. The bouncy pocketed coils spring back into place as soon as you change positions. So you can flip from side to side or onto your back to your heart’s content.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about motion transfer. The individually wrapped coils all move independently. That means you don’t sacrifice motion isolation to get enough bounce from your bed, excellent for anyone seeking a mattress for couples.

One major thing you have to worry about with coil support layers is edge support. In hybrids without some kind of edge reinforcement, the edge of the bed tends to collapse when you sit on it. The good news is you don’t have to worry about that with the Avenco Original. Their dual perimeter edge support system will keep the support going evenly across the whole bed.

Temperature Regulation

The Avenco Original is designed for temperature regulation. It’s especially fantastic for people who find themselves waking up in a sweat every night. Multiple layers of this mattress work with each other to offer two different cooling techniques that make this bed almost as cool as even a latex mattress (for a quarter of the price).

The conductive gel memory foam moves your body heat down and away from you. Meanwhile, the ultra-breathable cover and breathable coil support layer keep air flowing throughout the mattress. This disperses the heat out of the mattress.

Price Comparison

This mattress offers tons of features and quality at a great price. While the average cost of a queen hybrid is $1,700, you can get a queen size Avenco Original for just over $500. That’s more than $1,000 less than the price of the average hybrid!

Even the king and California king sizes qualify as excellent mattresses under $1,000. That’s practically unheard of for a high-quality hybrid mattress. And it’s why the price point is one of this mattress’s biggest draws. It puts hybrid design in just about everybody’s budget.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

The Avenco lineup features a fairly standard warranty and sleep trial offerings.


All the mattresses in the Avenco lineup come with a standard 10-year warranty. While this isn’t that impressive when compared to 20-year or even lifetime warranties, you have to keep in mind that a full decade is a fantastic coverage period for a budget mattress at this price range.

Sleep Trial

The Avenco lineup also features a 100-night trial period. This means when you buy the mattress, you can sleep on it for the first 100 nights and return it for a full refund for any reason.

So say you decide when you get the mattress that it’s too firm. Or maybe you find a better deal on another mattress brand. It doesn’t matter, and you can still get your money back.

Ease of Purchase

All the Avenco mattresses in the lineup are easy and convenient to purchase. You can find the Original Mattress online at a couple of locations.

Where to Shop

You can get all the mattresses in the Avenco lineup, including the Original Hybrid, at Select mattresses are also available for purchase on Amazon.

Shipping and Delivery

If you purchase an Avenco mattress on their site, the company offers free shipping to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to convenient delivery, they also have 24-hour customer service. So you can get someone on the line anytime you want.

The Rest of the Avenco Lineup

Avenco offers four other mattress models to choose from besides the Original Hybrid. They have two more hybrids as well as two memory foam options. All these types of mattresses include free shipping, easy setup, and the same warranty and trial period as the Original.

Hybrid Models

The two Avenco hybrid mattresses have similar features but offer slight variations in firmness and construction.

Avenco Zone Hybrid

The Avenco Zone Hybrid is a great choice for those who need targeted pressure relief. This mattress features five zones of support to target different body areas. For example, your head and feet need additional lift while the heavier parts of your body need more compression. This keeps your spine in a horizontal line.

The comfort foam transition layer works with the ergonomic five-zoned support system to provide even more pressure relief than what the Original Hybrid offers. This means the Zone Hybrid is a better option for petite sleepers and side sleepers than the Original. The Zone may also be a good mattress for those suffering from joint pain.

Avenco Dream Hybrid

Those looking for another hybrid option with superior edge support should check out the Dream Hybrid in addition to the Original. The Original uses high-density rails to shore up edge support. However, the Dream uses several rows of reinforced coils to maintain a highly supported edge.

The main advantage to swapping rails for reinforced coils is airflow. Foam rails offer more stability, but they can impede air circulation. Most sleepers won’t notice the difference because both the Dream and the Original have a breathable cover and a gel memory foam top layer. However, extremely hot sleepers might be better off going with the Dream Hybrid.

Memory Foam Models

The differences between the two Avenco memory foam mattresses are much starker than the differences between their hybrid models.

Avenco Silence Mattress

The Silence Mattress is a unique memory foam bed. It features gel memory foam in the comfort layer. And it has a double-ventilated support layer. The support core is composed of two separate layers. Each ultra-dense foam layer has large cutouts to facilitate airflow from top to bottom.

This unique construction helps circulate warm air out of the mattress and bring in cool air. While most memory foam mattresses only have breathability in the cover and comfort layer, the Silence Mattress’s support core allows ventilation throughout the entire mattress. This makes the Silence one of the best gel memory foam mattresses for hot sleepers.

Avenco Starry Mattress

The Starry Mattress is one of the best mattresses for those who need pressure relief for their hips and shoulders. This gel memory foam mattress distributes your body’s weight to get the pressure off your sensitive pressure points.

The Starry does this through the use of a unique ergonomic wave design. This wave shape offers different firmness levels to different areas of your body. That allows for compression and pressure relief in all the right places without sacrificing support in the areas that need it.


Which Avenco mattress is best for active sleepers?

Any one of Avenco’s three fantastic hybrids can be a good option for active sleepers. If you like to toss and turn, you need a mattress that bounces back fast, so you don’t have to wait for your mattress to “catch up” after you move.

The slow response time of memory foam means that most active sleepers will have to deal with the “catching up” process. That’s not a problem for people who maintain the same sleep pose all night, but those who move around don’t want to wait on memory foam.

The good news is you can have all the contouring and pressure relief of memory foam and all the responsiveness of coils with one of Avenco’s three hybrids. All three feature bouncy, responsive coils that will spring your mattress back into place in a snap. Choosing between them just depends on your personal preferences.

Does Avenco offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Avenco’s return policy includes a risk-free 100-night sleep trial. During this trial period, you can return your mattress for any reason, even if you just don’t like it.

Keep in mind this policy only covers your mattress if it’s undamaged. If it has stains or tears caused by you, then you won’t be able to return it. This is why we recommend putting a mattress protector on your new mattress as soon as you buy it.

What’s the best Avenco mattress for my sleeping position?

The Avenco mattress that fits your needs is going to depend on whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back. Side sleepers need a softer mattress with a lot of contouring. The Starry Mattress fits this bill. Combo sleepers need a highly adaptable mattress with enough versatility to support multiple positions. So they will likely prefer the Zone Hybrid or the Dream Hybrid.

Back sleepers have the most options with the Avenco lineup. They need a medium-firm feel and lots of adaptability to support the lumbar region. That means either the Dream or Zone Hybrid beds or the Silence Mattress will work for back sleepers.

Finally, stomach sleepers need the firmest mattresses to prevent pelvic sinkage. Avenco does not feature a firm or ultra-firm mattress in their lineup. However, the Original Hybrid is one of the firmest mattresses Avenco offers, and it has enough edge support that some stomach sleepers may find it comfortable.

Should I put my Avenco mattress on box springs?

You should never put any mattress in the Avenco lineup on a box spring set. Box springs are designed to support innerspring mattresses. Just like innerspring mattresses, box springs feature a network of steel wires tied together for extra bounce.

This means these bed bases are not capable of supporting heavier mattresses like hybrids or all-foam mattresses. They will over-compress and break. They might also lead to premature aging in your mattress.

You’ll need a sturdier bed base for your Avenco mattress. Compatible options include platform beds and mattress foundations. All Avenco mattresses are also flexible enough to go on top of adjustable bases.

Which Avenco mattress should I get if I’m a heavier sleeper?

Heavier sleepers need firmer feels to avoid sink and stay on top of the sleeping surface. The Avenco Original Hybrid fits this bill. Its medium-firm feel will support heavier sleepers of most sleep styles (excluding stomach sleepers). Its sturdy coil core and rigid edge-support system also offer the lift you need to stay on top of the mattress and maintain proper spinal alignment.

Bottom Line

The Avenco Original offers competitive features at an outstanding price. Any hybrid lover who always thought this superior sleep technology was out of reach financially would do well to consider this mattress.

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