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Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets: 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Lara Vargas


Egyptian cotton sheets are well known for their quality, softness, and durability. They’re an excellent choice if you want to treat yourself to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Because of their popularity, there’s a huge range of sheet sets available from brands. In this article, we’ll discuss our Editors’ Picks for the best Egyptian cotton sheets and show you what to look for before you buy.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

chateau home collectionChateau Home Collection 100% Egyptian CottonAvailable in 17 color options including pastels and neutrals
comfy sheetsComfy Sheets 100% Egyptian CottonFeature long-staple cotton and have a higher thread count
luxor linensLuxor Linens Valentino Egyptian CottonFeature Mercerized Egyptian Cotton and have a notable soft-to-the-touch feel
mayfair linensMayfair Linen 100% Egyptian CottonAvailable in 22 color options including patterns to match any decor
pinzon sheetsPinzon Egyptian Cotton Sateen HotelComes with a 1-year warranty
snowe percaleSnowe Home PercaleHave a cool, crisp feel that is perfect for exceptionally hot sleepers

Chateau Home Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Chateau Home Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION EGYPTIAN COTTON SHEETS
Chateau Home Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These sheet set has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, averaged from more than 4,400 reviews. You can slip them over a mattress up to 16 inches tall.

Best sheets features
  • Long-staple cotton resists fading in wash, for sheets that not only feel good but look good too.
  • Choice of 17 colors, including various blues, browns, and greys, along with rose and burgundy.
  • Thick and heavy sheets maintain breathability, to keep a sleeper from overheating.
Recommended for...
  • People who want a wide choice of colors to customize their bedroom with.
  • Bargain hunters looking for an inexpensive yet quality Egyptian cotton sheet set.

Chateau Home’s 800-thread count sheet set is highly rated by reviewers on Amazon. This four-piece set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. It’s suitable for mattresses between 9 inches and 16 inches deep.

There’s a good range of color options, with up to 17 choices available. This includes a range of neutrals, pastels, and a handful of darker colors. The long-staple cotton used in the sheets helps wick sweat away and keep you cool. Reviewers comment on how heavy and high-quality the sheets feel.

Chateau Home offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee lasts for the first 30 days, so you can return the product if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets COMFY SHEETS EGYPTIAN COTTON SHEETS
Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These 1,000 thread count sheets can be slipped over a mattress that’s up to 18 inches tall.

Best sheets features
  • More than 20 colors to choose from, including pinks, tans, deep blues and greens.
  • Many Amazon reviewers have praised the soft, breathable cotton sheets for cool and cozy they felt.
  • Comfy Sheets say the eco-friendly sheets will maintain their softness for a lifetime.
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers who want a bedroom decorated with soothing pastels or deeper colors.
  • People who want to wrap up in soft sheets before drifting off to sleep.

This 1,000-thread count sheet set by Comfy Sheets is a popular choice on Amazon. It’s a four-piece sheet set with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The sheets are deep-pocketed, so they’re suitable for mattresses between 9 inches and 18 inches.

These sheets have a high thread count but they’re still affordable, which makes them a great budget buy. Reviewers highlight the softness of these sheets. This is thanks to the superfine microfibers and long-staple cotton used. They’re also very breathable and don’t feel too heavy. There’s a choice of 13 color options including pastels and deeper colors.

Comfy Sheets offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A small fee may apply for used returns or in cases where you’ve ordered the wrong size by mistake.

Luxor Linens Valentino Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Luxor Linens Valentino Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These sheets not only have a luxurious thread count of 1,200 that fit mattresses as tall as 19 inches, but can also be monogrammed for an added cost.

Best sheets features
  • Customize your sheets with more than just a choice of solid and striped options by adding a personal monogram.
  • High-quality cotton fibers keep a cool, consistent temperature at night.
  • Extra-long staple cotton is "responsibly sourced and ethically produced."
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers willing to invest in a luxurious sleep experience.
  • People who have thick mattresses or want deep-pocketed sheets to prevent them from slipping off the bed.

The 1,200 thread count Valentino set by Luxor Linens sits at the luxury end of the market. The sateen weave sheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Luxor Linens recommend the sheets as suitable for mattresses up to 19 inches deep.

With a higher price tag you expect to feel a difference. These sheets feature Mercerized Egyptian Cotton, which uses a higher quality cotton fiber. Reviewers praise these sheets for their softness. They also say they’re a great size for thicker mattresses. There’s a choice of plain and striped sets, with 28 different options in total. You can also personalize your sheets with a monogram for an extra cost.

Luxor Linens offers a 30-night trial with free returns. This doesn’t apply to personalized products, like their monogram service. If you’ve used or washed your sheets, your return may be subject to a $9.99 fee.

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton MAYFAIR LINEN EGYPTIAN COTTON
Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton

This Amazon Choice sheet set has a 4.3-star rating from more than 4,000 reviews.

Best sheets features
  • Standard 100 by OEKO‐TEX certified, ensuring the sheets are produced in a safe and eco-friendly manner.
  • Silky, smooth sheets have a breathable feel without being flimsy.
  • Choice of 13 colors, which come from high-quality dyes that resist fading in the wash.
Recommended for...
  • People who want reasonably priced Egyptian cotton sheets with deep pockets.
  • Sleepers who don't mind ironing a set of sheets for a crisper, wrinkle-free look.

These 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are an Amazon Choice product. This sateen weave set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The sheets have deep pockets, suitable for mattresses up to 17 inches deep.

Reviewers praise these 100% Egyptian cotton sheets by Mayfair Linen for their durability. They’re said to wash well, with no pilling or shrinkage. There’s a good color range, with up to 22 options available — including both plain and stripe versions. Like many sheet sets, these will need ironing. If you prefer not to iron bedding, look for a set marketed as “wrinkle free” instead.

Mayfair Linen offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find these sheets aren’t for you, they’ll provide a full refund within the first 30 days.

Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hotel

Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hotel

The striped embroidery on these sheets will add a pop of contrast to your bed, for a look that’s subtle yet striking.

Best sheets features
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning the sheets met safety and environmental standards.
  • The sheet's two-ply weave encourages durability even after extended use.
  • These cool sheets are easy to clean and can be run through a machine washer and dryer.
Recommended for...
  • Shoppers looking for value sheets backed by a limited warranty.
  • Sleepers who want to decorate their beds with a detailed sheets.

This 100% Egyptian 400-thread count cotton sheet set is a popular choice. It’s made by Pinzon, Amazon’s first private-label brand, and sold through the platform. The Hotel Stitch Sheet set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. It works well for mattresses with a depth up to 15 inches.

If you’re looking for a sheet set with some detail to it, these are a great option. These sateen weave sheets feature a 6-inch hem with two colored bands of stitching. You have six different color options to choose from, including black, navy, grey, and taupe. Customer reviews highlight the softness of the sheets. They also praise the durability, especially of the embroidery and stitching.

Pinzon offers a one-year limited warranty for their products, which includes this sheet set. You’re also backed by the usual buyer protection you receive from Amazon.

Snowe Home Percale Sheet Set

Snowe Home Percale Sheet Set

These 500 thread count sheets come in five colors and fit over mattresses that are as much as 17 inches tall.

Best sheets features
  • Snowe's percale sheet sets are milled and finished in Italy.
  • The sheets' refreshing crisp and cool feel promotes a good night's sleep.
  • These cool sheets have a substantial feel, comforting a sleeper as they wrap up inside them.
Recommended for...
  • Shoppers who want a generous amount of time to decide if a sheet set is right for them.
  • Sleepers who prefer crisp cotton sheets over soft cotton sheets.

This Egyptian cotton sheet set is a great option if you favor the more matte finish of percale weave. The 500-thread count set of sheets includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. It’s suitable for mattresses up to 17 inches deep.

The Percale Sheet Set by Snowe Home features cooling, long-staple cotton threads. Customer reviews comment on how crisp these sheets feel, while still being comfortable. There’s a choice of five color options, including blush pink and slate blue.

Snowe Home has a 90-day no-risk promise. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your sheets within this period you can request a free replacement or refund.

What to Look for When Buying Egyptian Sheets

It’s time to buy new bedding and you’re all set on Egyptian cotton. It’s a comfortable and luxurious fabric which should give you a comfortable night’s sleep. Like with any type of sheets, there’s a real variety in what’s available. Here’s what to look out for so you can buy the best sheets for your needs.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a 1-inch section of fabric. It’s a number which can play a big part in the sheets you choose.

Sheets with a higher thread count tend to feel softer and more supple, which is why they’re so sought-after. Egyptian cotton sheets often have higher thread counts than regular Pima cotton. This is thanks to the finer nature of the yarn. You can expect to see sheet sets that range from anywhere from 400 threads to 1,200 threads.

It’s important not to let a high thread count be your only influence. Sheets with a lower thread count may feel less soft, but they’re much more durable. This means they’re a good choice for everyday use or regular guests, as the bedding won’t wear as quickly.

When it comes to thread counts, it’s traditionally thought that the higher the better. Sheets with a higher thread count feel softer and less starchy. While comfort is essential, you also want your bedding to last. Look for a sheet around the 400- to 600-thread count mark for a good balance of the two.


Not all Egyptian cotton sheets are the same. One of the main differences between different sheet sets is the type of weave used. This refers to the way in which the cotton fibers are woven together to create fabric for the final product. Each weave is distinct, with its own benefits and uses.


Sateen sheets are highly popular. They have a very subtle sheen to them and are almost satin-like. Sateen is often considered more luxurious than other weaves. This is because it’s soft, dense, and fairly resistant to wrinkles.


Percale weave sheets look very different from sateen weave. They’re matte and crisp, with no sheen. Percale sheets are often favored by hotels, as they’re highly durable and easy to care for. One downside of this type of cotton sheet is you’ll need to use an iron for that crisp, clean look as percale sheets are more likely to wrinkle.


Twill is a hard-wearing weave. It’s characterized by a diagonal pattern woven through the fabric. Twill is tough and durable, with a cozy and soft feel. While twill is used in bedding, it’s a less popular choice for sheets than sateen and percale.


Flannel weave sheets are often favored in winter, as they’re comfortable and warm. They have a distinctive brushed appearance which means they’re very soft to the touch. Flannel is less breathable than percale, so you may want to switch to another bed sheet set in summer.


As Egyptian cotton sheets are so sought-after, there’s a wide range of choices available at every price point. From high-end luxury to budget-friendly, there’s a sheet set to suit everyone.

You’ll find plenty of options available for between $65 and $100 online. Affordable Egyptian cotton sheets are easy to buy through marketplaces like Amazon. Here you can read thousands of user reviews before you buy. If you’re on a budget you want your investment to pay off, so it always helps to read about the experiences of others.

At the luxury end of the scale, it’s not uncommon to see Egyptian cotton sheet sets which retail for $400 and over. Higher-priced sheets are often those with a high thread count, extreme softness, and high durability. You’ll also pay a premium for bedding from well-known brands and high-end names.


Egyptian cotton sheets have traditionally been white and plain. The focus has been on the comfort and quality over design. They’re often plain, although striped versions are also popular. It’s unusual to find these sheets with complex designs, but you can find bedding with detailing.

Most Egyptian cotton sheets are available in white or off-white, but many brands now offer an extended color palette. Neutrals are popular, including pale taupe and stone. Pastels are also available, including pinks, blues, yellows, and greens. Some brands also offer more richly colored options, like burgundy and navy.

Is It Authentic?

Egyptian cotton is known for being the best of the best when it comes to cotton sheets. This means regular cotton can be mislabelled or misrepresented as the real thing.

To check if your Egyptian cotton sheets are authentic, look for evidence they’re made from certified materials. True Egyptian cotton is grown by a selection of accredited growers to ensure its quality. You’ll often find the Cotton Egypt Association brandmark on the product label or the product listing.

Another way to discover the origin of your bed sheets is to read the product’s online listing, packaging, and label. Labels should share not only the materials used in the sheets, but the origins of them, too.

If you’re not sure if the sheets you want to buy feature certified Egyptian cotton, ask the manufacturer to confirm. You can then be confident you’re buying a genuine product.

Common Questions

It’s our goal to help you find the best Egyptian cotton sheets for your needs. Here are some of the common questions our readers ask about Egyptian cotton sheets.

What’s the Difference Between Egyptian Cotton and Regular Cotton?

The major difference between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton is how fine yet strong Egyptian Cotton yarn is. It’s a softer, more durable cotton that is perfect for bed linen— which is why Egyptian cotton is so highly regarded as one of the best fabrics for bedding.

Egyptian cotton owes this advantage to its origins. Cotton plants grown in Egypt have the ideal conditions to grow. This creates a softer yarn. The cotton plants in Egypt are handpicked, so there’s less pressure applied and more care taken over the quality of the cotton. Regular cotton is machine picked. This can affect the softness and durability of the end product.

The combination of the source of the cotton and the way it is picked contributes to the way the sheets feel and last.

Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Worth It?

There’s a lot of hype around Egyptian cotton sheets. They’re marketed as the most comfortable and luxurious type of bedding available.

In most cases, investing in Egyptian cotton sheets is worth it. High-quality sheets make a difference to how comfortable you feel. This can influence your quality of sleep. Egyptian cotton gives you that luxurious comfort which is harder to find in regular cotton. This is because most Egyptian cotton features long-staple or extra-long staple fibers. These create a softer, finer yarn than short-staple fibers.

This doesn’t mean all Egyptian cotton sheets are superior. A high quality, percale cotton sheet could be more comfortable to sleep on than a low-quality Egyptian cotton sheet. As with any bed linen, you’ll want to compare the finer details to find the right choice for you.

What Are the Coolest Sheets?

If you sleep hot, you’ll know how important it is to find the best mattress and bedding to combat body heat. The best way to improve get a cooler night’s sleep may be to change your mattress, but the right sheets can go a long way.

The coolest sheets are those made from natural fibers, like bamboo or cotton. Bamboo is lightweight and breathable, so it’s a good fabric for sheets. It’s eco-friendly and very durable. Bamboo feels soft to the touch. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic — which is great for allergy sufferers.

Cotton is another favorite of people looking for the coolest sheets. Egyptian cotton is especially breathable and one of the many reasons it’s so popular. It absorbs heat better than regular cotton, so you’re less likely to feel hot through the night. Linen is another option for you if you want cooler sheets, especially in the Summer. It’s not the softest material, although it is highly durable and washes well.


There are thousands of options when it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets. It’s not always easy to know which bedding to buy, especially with so many highly rated sheet sets available.

With our guide you can narrow down your options and create a shortlist, based on our Editors’ top picks and our bedding guide. Decide which type of weave you prefer and look for a brand that offers you the right thread count, color range, and quality. You can then enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep with your fresh, soft Egyptian cotton sheets.

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