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Best Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers

Malena Piper


Hot side sleepers have a unique set of needs when it comes to mattresses. They require breathable materials to help keep the body cool, and contoured support to properly cushion pressure points like shoulders and hips. Together, this combination provides optimal comfort throughout the night for deep, restorative sleep.

Choosing the best mattress is only one piece to the puzzle when it comes to getting a good night’s rest, however. Sleepers’ body weight, climate, home temperature, and bedding materials can all affect temperature regulation as well.

In this article, we will highlight the best mattresses for hot side sleepers and provide tips for staying cool during the night.

Best Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers

The AS4Amerisleep
Cooling and responsive with excellent pressure point relief.
$1189.30Buy Now
Vaya Vaya
Affordable, breathable mattress with cooling foam and cover.
BEST MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS FOR HOT SIDE SLEEPERS Zoma Sports Mattress Contouring, cool gel memory foam mattress designed for active lifestyles.
Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress
Nest BeddingAlexander
Signature Hybrid
Temperature regulating fabric combined. Split firmness which is ideal for couples.
Eight Sleep Pro Pod
Eight SleepPro Pod
Luxury smart mattress with various temperature settings controlled by mobile app.
Nolah Original 10 Inch Mattress
NolahOriginal 10”
Pressure relief, contouring support, and cooling, temperature-neutral materials.
Purple Hybrid Premier
PurpleHybrid Premier
Cradles shoulders and hips while fully supporting the back.

Best Overall Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers: Amerisleep AS4

Amerisleep AS4

The Amerisleep AS4 features pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® foam, a breathable plant-based foam. There’s also targeted support provided by HIVE® technology.

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Best mattress features
  • Thick top layer of cooling Bio-Pur® foam limits heat retention.
  • Pressure-relieving comfort foam and targeted support from transition layer.
  • Bio-Core® structures the mattress well; its durability inspired the 20-year warranty.
Recommended for...
  • Side sleepers with high body temperatures who want a cooling memory foam mattress.
  • Hot side sleepers looking for an eco-friendly mattress.

The Amerisleep AS4 is a medium-soft bed made with hot side sleepers in mind. Cooling Bio-Pur® memory foam allows air to flow freely through the mattress and prevents heat from building up.

Bio-Pur® foam is also highly supportive and responsive, much more so than traditional memory foam. It soothes and relieves the pressure point pain side sleepers can often encounter  and bounces back quickly so sleepers are able to move around comfortably without ever feeling “stuck” in one position.

A 4-inch top layer of pressure-relieving foam offers excellent cushion; while below, Affinity foam with HIVE® technology provides zoned comfort and support. This foam also creates a weightless feel for the sleeper. The bottom Bio-Core® layer is highly durable, reinforcing the middle and top layers of the mattress for added comfort.

The AS4 comes with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. Shipping and returns are free, too. Amerisleep’s 20-year warranty covers faulty workmanship and/or structural defects so sleepers can rest easy if they experience any issues with the mattress.

Most Affordable Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers: Vaya Mattress

Vaya Mattress

Side sleepers don’t have to exceed their normal budget to rest cool at night. The Vaya Mattress balances quality with affordability by relying on a basic two-layer design.

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Best mattress features
  • Vaya Comfort Foam contours to a side sleeper's body for pressure relief.
  • Air channels in Vaya Comfort Foam maintain a cool sleeping surface.
  • Vaya Base reinforces the mattress and supports the sleeper.
Recommended for..
  • Side sleepers who want to stay cool on a budget.
  • Side sleepers looking for a mattress suitable for all sleep styles.
  • Side sleepers searching for a plush mattress.

The all-foam Vaya Mattress is medium in firmness and is an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking an affordable, comfortable bed. This mattress provides the responsive support side sleepers need to alleviate pressure point pain while staying cool all night.

For enhanced breathability, the plush Vaya cover prevents overheating while adding a touch of softness. Beneath the cover is 3 inches of Vaya Comfort Foam to wick away warm air and keep sleepers cool. At the core of the mattress is 9 inches of Vaya Base foam to provide reinforced support.

Sleepers can test out the Vaya Mattress for 100 nights through the company’s Pure Comfort Promise sleep trial. Returns and shipping are both free, and the mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers: Zoma Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid is a bouncy gel memory foam bed with pocketed coil support. The coils limit motion transfer while the infused gels ensure the surface stays cool to the touch.

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Best mattress features
  • Gel infusion prevents heat from building up by dispersing it across the bed.
  • Triangulex™ technology features three zones of varying support and pressure relief.
  • Foam base helps the coils stand tall, structuring the bed for greater durability.
Recommended for...
  • Hot side sleepers who enjoy the feel of gel memory foam.
  • Side sleepers interested in a bouncy mattress with needed cushion.
  • Side sleepers who are physically active or inactive.

The Zoma Hybrid is a medium mattress designed for athletes and people with demanding, active lifestyles. Its performance-enhancing materials support the body’s ability to recover more quickly.

The mattress is topped by a ventilated AirCloth cover to help sleepers stay cool overnight. A layer of gel memory foam with Triangulex™ technology offers contouring support and targeted pressure point relief, along with cooling comfort. The Reactiv™ layer gives the bed great responsiveness, bouncing back quickly with movement. For durability and healthy, proper spine alignment, there is a sturdy base layer at the bottom of the mattress.

Zoma offers a 100-night risk-free trial for its hybrid mattress with free shipping and returns. The bed is also covered by a 10-year warranty.

Alexander Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding

nest bedding alexander signature hybrid ALEXANDER SIGNATURE HYBRID BY NEST BEDDING
Alexander Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding

Side sleepers should choose either the medium or plush feel when it comes to this springy mattress. The king sizes also come in split firmnesses, for partners with different sleep styles.

Best mattress features
  • TitanChill Endurance Foam® reacts fast for easy movements.
  • Mattress is handmade and built to order in the USA.
  • Airy coil support and gel-infused memory foam promote a coil mattress from top to bottom.
Recommended for...
  • Hot side sleepers looking for a plush or medium feel bouncy mattress.
  • Hot side sleepers who want the temperature control provided by Thermic Phase Change fabric.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress sits at 13 inches and offers various “feel” options to choose from, plush, medium, or luxury firm. Medium is best suited for side sleepers because it offers a balance between pressure relief and contoured support. In the king and California king beds, split firmness is also available, making it a wonderful option for couples with different comfort preferences.

With a combination of foams and individually wrapped pocketed coils, each layer of the Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress serves a different purpose. The soft, quilted cover contains Thermic Phase Change fabrics to promote coolness and regulate body temperature.

Gel-infused memory foam gives the sleeper optimal support, while TitanChill Endurance Foam® responds quickly when adjusting sleep positions. Titanium-infused foam provides superior pressure relief. Quantum Edge coils provide edge support and help dissipate heat to keep sleepers cool. A foam base layer at the bottom reinforces the rest of the mattress, adding durability and extra support.

Nest Bedding offers a 100-night Comfort Guarantee or your money back with free exchanges and returns. The mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pod Pro by Eight Sleep

Pod Pro by Eight Sleep

The Pod Pro is a smart mattress that relies on water to keep the surface cool. Side sleepers can set their preferred sleep temperature for customized comfort.

Best mattress features
  • Choose your favorite mattress temperature using ActiveGrid™ Cooling Technology.
  • AirFlow foam layer provides responsive cushion.
  • Eco-friendly water-based bonding solution holds the bed together.
Recommended for...
  • Hot side sleepers interested in the technology a smart mattress offers.
  • Hot side sleepers who want precise control over their mattress's surface temperature.

The Pod Pro is a 12-inch, luxury smart mattress with a medium feel. This bed’s cover syncs to a mobile app on iOS and Android phones, giving sleepers the power to set their preferred temperature using the ActiveGrid™ Cooling Technology. Water then runs through a hub to cool the mattress down accordingly.

The app also features a timer so that you are able to schedule temperature settings to shut off at a specified time of night.

The Comfort Blend™ Integrated Topper offers sleep-tracking capabilities, which some may find appealing. It tracks sleep time, REM sleep, deep sleep, heart rate, and heart rate variability.

There are four foam layers beneath the smart topper; the AirFlow layer provides softness, elasticity, and responsiveness. In the middle, supportive air technology helps reduce pressure in sensitive areas of the body—a must for side sleepers. At the bottom, a FlexSpring technology core enhances the cradling feel of the mattress and overall support.

Sleepers who are looking for an environmentally-friendly mattress will appreciate the water-based bonding solution which holds the layers of the mattress together. It ensures no harm to the environment and helps to minimize any chemical smell from the mattress after unboxing.

Eight Sleep offers a 100-night risk-free trial with a full refund if you are not satisfied with the mattress. It also comes with a 20-year warranty as well as free shipping and returns.

Nolah Original 10” Mattress

nolah original 10" NOLAH ORIGINAL 10" MATTRESS
Nolah Original 10” Mattress

The Nolah Mattress focuses on providing superior pressure relief than a traditional memory foam mattress, making it a good choice for any side sleeper.

Best mattress features
  • Nolah AirFoam™ contours deeply to a side sleeper's body.
  • Natural viscose cover encases the mattress for a soft and breathable sleep surface.
  • Viscose cover wicks away heat, while the Nolah AirFoam™ maintains a neutral temperature.
Recommended for...
  • Hot side sleepers looking for a cool and responsive all-foam mattress.
  • Hot side sleepers looking for a mattress with a lengthy sleep trial.

The Nolah Original 10 inch mattress with medium firmness is optimal for side sleepers who require pressure relief and adequate support. Nolah AirFoam™ is temperature neutral and doesn’t contain any heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals, making it a good choice for hot sleepers, as well.

The mattress has an ultra-soft natural viscose cover to wick away moisture and keep sleepers cool and dry overnight. 2 inches of temperature-neutral Nolah AirFoam™ provide superior pressure relief, contouring, and cooling. A 1-inch support layer adds durability and gives the mattress a responsive bounce. 7 inches of breathable base foam help reinforce the support of the beds’ top layers.

Nolah offers a 120-night sleep trial with free shipping and returns for this mattress. It also comes with a 15-year warranty.

Purple® Hybrid Premier

Purple® Hybrid Premier

The most luxurious model that Purple® offers is its Hybrid Premier. With a thick layer of its exclusive Purple Grid™ topping the mattress, side sleepers are almost guaranteed to feel cool and comfortable.

Best mattress features
  • Purple Grid™ has thousands of air channels, while the coils leave room for air circulation.
  • Durable and buoyant coils promote mattress longevity.
  • Every coil is individually wrapped for superior motion isolation.
Recommended for...
  • Hot side sleepers who want a cooling mattress with dynamic cushion.
  • Side sleepers looking for a responsive hybrid mattress instead of a cradling foam bed.

The Purple® Hybrid Premier is a medium mattress with contoured support for the body’s curves. We recommend this mattress for side sleepers because it provides ample pressure relief, cradling the shoulders and hips while fully supporting the back. As a hypoallergenic and non-toxic mattress, the Purple® Hybrid Premier is also well-suited for those who struggle with allergies and/or are health-conscious.

The 4-inch Purple Grid™ is a top layer designed to adapt to the body and stay cool. It provides superior pressure relief, or as Purple® likes to call it, “zero-gravity, no-pressure support”. The mattress’s base layer is made from individually wrapped responsive-support coils to enhance the overall durability and responsiveness of the bed.

Sleepers can try out their new Purple mattress for 100-nights. If there are any issues, shipping and returns are free. The bed is also covered by a 10-year warranty.

Additional Tips to Promote Coolness

Feeling hot at night can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Aside from having a cooling mattress, there are a few other ways you can help regulate your temperature and stay cool while you sleep.

Bed Sheets

Different fabrics have different cooling properties. Choosing bed sheets made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials can help ensure warm sleepers will wake up sweat-free.


Cotton is a popular choice for bed sheets because of its affordability, breathability, and ease of care. A good quality cotton sheet will absorb moisture from the body and hold up well over time, even with frequent washing.


Tencel is a soft bed sheet material with impressive moisture-wicking ability. It pulls sweat away from the body for an airy, cool feel. Derived from the wood pulp of sustainably-sourced eucalyptus trees, Tencel sheets are an environmentally-responsible option.


Sleeping on silk sheets is a luxurious experience. It feels cold to the touch and has a natural cooling effect. Silk is a highly breathable, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic material, making it an all-around great choice for bed sheets.


Linen is prized for its lightweight breathability, low maintenance care, and versatility. Linen sheets can be used year-round, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable in summer, but warm and cozy in the winter. This material also becomes softer with time, which many people enjoy.


Bamboo sheets, also called viscose rayon, offer excellent breathability. The soft, eco-friendly material is naturally thermo-regulating, soft, and highly durable, making it a perfect choice for those who sleep warm.


The clothing you wear to bed can play a big role in regulating body temperature at night. To promote coolness, sleepwear should be loose-fitting and lightweight. Short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts are ideal. Breathable materials such as cotton and linen work well as they help to wick away moisture.

Hot sleepers may want to avoid flannel and jersey-knit clothing, as both of these materials trap and retain heat. As cozy as they may feel, they will typically leave you feeling stifled, sweating, and warm.

Bedroom Temperature

The temperature of your room may be contributing to feeling hot during sleep. At night, our body temperature drops in preparation for rest. Keeping the thermostat at a comfortable temperature for sleep helps support its ability to do so — 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is an optimal range for cool, restful sleep.

If your home doesn’t have an air conditioner or you are energy cost-conscious, a fan makes a good alternative to help cool the room down. Opt for an oscillating one if possible, as these circulate air around the room, creating better overall airflow.

Another simple way to ensure that your bedroom environment remains cool while you sleep is by using thermal curtains. These help keep outside heat from coming in through the window and warming up the space. Keeping blinds and curtains closed during the day will help keep the room cooler, too.

General Guidelines for Choosing the Best Mattress

The perfect mattress for you will depend on factors such as body type, sleeping position, and preferred firmness level. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop for your new bed.

Firmness Level

Medium to soft mattress firmness is usually recommended for side sleeping because it cushions the pressure points. If these heavier parts of the body are not adequately supported, pain may result.

Body weight impacts firmness, too. Generally, the heavier a person is, the firmer bed they will need to properly support them.

These are the recommended mattress firmness levels according to body weight:

  • Heavy side sleepers (over 230 pounds): Medium-firm
  • Average side sleepers (130-230 pounds): Medium and medium-soft
  • Petite side sleepers (under 130 pounds): Medium-soft and soft

Mattress Type

There are many different types of mattresses on the market, each with their own unique feel, breathability, and lifespan. Here are the most common and their key differences:

  • Memory foam mattresses: Memory foam mattresses contour to the body to provide great pressure relief and motion isolation. They make an ideal choice for side sleepers because they alleviate pain on the heavy pressure points of the body.
  • Hybrid mattresses: Hybrid mattresses offer sleepers the temperature regulation of pocketed coils combined with the comfort of either memory foam or latex. Side sleepers do well with hybrids because they conform to the shape of the body while still being supportive.
  • Latex mattresses: Latex mattresses are buoyant, highly durable, and contouring without any sinking sensation. They also have the longest lifespan among mattress types. Latex is effective at relieving pressure point pain making it a good option for side sleepers.
  • Innerspring mattresses: Innerspring mattresses contain pocketed coils with a thin cushioned layer above them. While breathable, they aren’t recommended for side sleepers because they lack the cushioning and pressure-relief needed to ease pain around shoulders and hips. Of all the different types of mattresses, innerspring beds have the shortest lifespan due to issues with coils.

Sleep Trial and Warranty Policies

Before you purchase a new mattress, be sure to familiarize yourself with the following so you know what steps to take if you experience any issues with the bed:

  • Sleep trial: The period of time you have to test out the bed in your home without penalty or risk. If, after the trial duration, you’re not satisfied, you can then return or exchange it.
  • Warranty policy: Warranties explain what is covered and for how long so that the mattress company can repair or replace your bed if there are any physical defects.


Why do I get so hot at night?

There could be many reasons you feel hot at night around bedtime, ranging from a warm bedroom environment to a negative side effect from a medication. In women over the age of 50, menopause is a common cause.

There is a difference between sweating from heat and having true night sweats, however. Night sweats are characterized by excessive sweating and waking up with drenched sleepwear and/or bedding. If you are experiencing frequent night sweats, you may want to consider speaking to a doctor, as these may indicate an undiagnosed, underlying problem such as a sleep disorder, autoimmune disease, and/or anxiety disorder.

What sheets keep you cool?

If you’re shopping for bed sheets for a hot sleeper, try sheets made from natural fibers. The material does the best job of wicking away heat and moisture to keep sleepers cool throughout the night. Tencel, linen, cotton, silk, and bamboo are all excellent, breathable choices.

The weave of the sheets can make a difference in coolness, as well. There are two types—percale and sateen. Percale sheets are lighter and do a better job of helping you to stay cool. Sateen tends to retain heat more, so hot sleepers may want to avoid these types of sheets.

What mattress firmness is best for side sleepers?

Side sleepers tend to be the most comfortable on mattresses with medium firmness that cushion pressure points such as hips and shoulders. Medium beds also allow the spine to stay aligned in a neutral, healthy position overnight.

For these types of sleepers, soft mattresses don’t offer adequate support for the heavy points of the body and may result in sinking down and/or feeling “stuck”. Firm mattresses, on the other hand, may feel stiff and not contour to the body. This can result in waking up with hip or shoulder pain.

Is memory foam good for side sleepers?

Memory foam beds are an excellent choice for side sleepers because they contour and cradle the body while providing relief for the pressure points. This helps prevent pain and keeps the spine properly aligned throughout the night.

What is the best sleeping position?

It is best to sleep on your back because this position allows the spine to remain neutral and is closest to its natural resting state. Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended, as it places a lot of pressure on the spine, leading to pain upon waking.


Cooling materials and cushioned pressure point support are vital for hot side sleepers to achieve a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, several mattress options on the market offer both.

There are additional steps you can take to combat feeling warm at night, too; Lowering the thermostat temperature in your sleeping space, purchasing breathable sheets, and wearing lightweight, airy materials to bed will help you to stay cool and comfortable overnight.

We hope this article helps you, as a hot side sleeper, better understand what to look for in a mattress for more rejuvenating, cool rest.

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