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Best Mattress for Teenagers: Buyer’s Guide

Malena Piper


Teenagers need 9 to 10 hours of sleep per night. After all, they’re doing a lot of growing. And if they don’t have a supportive mattress to accommodate growth spurts, chances are they’ll be asking for a new, more comfortable mattress sooner than later— that’s why it’s so important to find a mattress to fit your teen for years to come.

To help your teen get the sleep they need, we’ve put together a list of the best mattresses for teenagers and what they need to sleep comfortably.

Best Mattress for Teenagers

The AS3Amerisleep
Bio-Pur® memory foam and HIVE® technology alleviate pressure and contour to relieve pain.
$1399Buy Now
BEST MATTRESS FOR ATHLETIC TEENAGERS Zoma Sports Mattress Designed to rejuvenate active individuals through balanced support and conformability.
Vaya Vaya
A budget-friendly mattress that balances contouring with support, making it a good choice for all sleep styles.
BEST BOUNCY MATTRESS FOR TEENAGERS Zoma Hybrid Mattress Pocketed coils provide bouncy support, complementing the bed's restorative foam top.
Luxi Adjustable Mattress
Breathable layers respond slowly to pressure for deep contouring.
Bear Hybrid Mattress
BearBear Hybrid
Caters to all sleeping positions and body types.
$1390Buy Now
Tuft & Needle Hybrid Temperature neutral materials encourage spinal alignment for pain alleviation.
$1370Buy Now
Happsy Organic Mattress
HappsyOrganic Mattress
Made without adhesives or chemical flame retardants.
$1349Buy Now
Purple Mattress
PurplePurple Mattress
Responsive layers conform to the body for “No-Pressure” support.
$1099Buy Now

Best Universal Mattress for Teenagers: Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 is great for teens because it accommodates most sleeping positions and features support technology to facilitate proper spinal alignment and therefore, healthy development.

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Best mattress feature
  • Cool Bio-Pur® foam keeps a teenager's body from overheating in the night.
  • HIVE® technology supports a teenager's back and provides pressure relief to joints.
  • Supportive Bio-Core® foam is the basis for the 20-year warranty.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers who like to sleep on their back and/or side.
  • Teenagers who tend to sleep hot and experience night sweats.
  • Teenagers who are environmentally conscious.

As Amerisleep’s most versatile mattress, the Amerisleep AS3 accommodates most sleeping positions. It comes in a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes and has three layers of high-quality foam.

The cover of AS3 features a breathable fabric that helps to keep air moving throughout the mattress. It is also removable and washable so you can keep your bed “like new” for many years.

The comfort layer is a plant-based Bio-Pur® memory foam. The layer keeps your teen cooler than traditional memory foam by wicking away moisture and heat.

Below the Bio-Pur® layer, the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology offers support and air circulation through hundreds of hexagon-shaped cut-outs. The cut-outs are grouped close together for firm support in the hips and shoulders and spaced out where the body needs pressure relief.

The bottom layer is Amerisleep’s high-density Bio-Core®, which produces a reliable structure for the above layers, keeping it sag-free and extending its life.

Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty, free shipping, and returns.

Best Mattress for Athletic Teenagers: Zoma Mattress

Zoma Mattress

The Zoma Mattress is designed to help athletes sleep deeper and recover faster, so it’s well-equipped to support a developing body and relieve growing pains. Its medium firmness offers an even balance of cushion and support.

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Best mattress features
  • Knit cover encourages airflow, while the gel foam distributes heat for a cooler feel.
  • Cutouts increase pressure relief in the mattress's head and foot.
  • Every foam layer inside the Zoma has met CertiPUR-US®'s health and safety standards.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers who are physically active or athletic.
  • Teenagers with chronic pain issues wo need a mattress that promotes restorative sleep.
  • Teenagers with higher-than-normal body temperatures.

The Zoma Mattress is designed for active individuals who need rejuvenating sleep. Overall this mattress is 11 inches thick and comes in one firmness. However, the bed is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king size.

The knit polyester-elastane blend cover is designed to increase air circulation, keeping the sleeper cool throughout the night.

The first layer is two inches of gel-infused memory foam that uses Triangulex™, a zoned technology exclusive to the Zoma. This layer has hundreds of triangular cut-outs, which add additional comfort while supporting the hips and fostering pressure relief for the rest of the body.

Below the Triangulex™, two inches of Reactiv™ foam produce a latex-like feel that buffers between the comfort and support layer.

The last layer is seven inches of Support+ foam, which cultivates soft support to the upper layers of foam and improves spinal alignment.

Zoma offers a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty, and the warranty covers up to .75 inches in sagging. The mattress comes with free shipping and returns, as well.

Best Cost-Effective Mattress for Teenagers: Vaya Mattress

Vaya Mattress

Parents don’t have to spend all of their savings to make sure their teenager is sleeping on a quality mattress. The Vaya Mattress’s motto is pure comfort, and it provides that at an affordable price.

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Best mattress features
  • Breathable and lightweight Vaya Comfort Foam doesn't hold onto body heat.
  • Responsive foams support and conform to a teenager in every position.
  • CertiPUR-US® certified foams for a safe and clean night's rest.
Recommended for...
  • Parents looking for an affordable yet high-quality mattress for their teenager.
  • Teenagers who prefer any or even all sleep positions.

If you’re shopping on a budget for a mattress that’s suitable for a teen, we highly recommend the Vaya Mattress. The makers wanted a bed that delivers pure comfort at an affordable price and created a simple design that balances plushness with support.

A Vaya Mattress contains two foam layers, wrapped in a soft and breathable cover. Each layer is certified safe by CertiPUR-US®, which means they’re free of harmful chemicals and contain only trace amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from production.

The mattress is topped with 3 inches of Vaya Comfort Foam, a lightweight and buoyant material. The foam molds to a person’s body for pressure relief, yet is breathable enough to avoid retaining body heat.

At the bottom is 9 inches of dense Vaya Base Foam. This foam resists sagging and compression well, even after years of regular use.

Every Vaya Mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Best Bouncy Mattress for Teenagers: Zoma Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid adds some springiness to the classic Zoma Mattress design, while keeping the same restorative foams that can help a teenager sleep deeper and longer.

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Best mattress features
  • Air can circulate freely through the triangular cutouts and the coils.
  • Buoyant coils lift a teenager and adapt to their every movement.
  • Firm foam surrounds the coils, giving the bed protective edge support.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers who like a bouncy mattress that lifts their bodies.
  • Teenagers who tend to sleep hot and wake up in sweats.
  • Teenagers leading an active lifestyle.

Like the original Zoma Mattress, a Zoma Hybrid has restorative features that can help a teenager get a night of uninterrupted sleep. There are four layers inside the hybrid, which work together to promote a cool and consistent surface for deep sleep.

The top layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam with zoned support. Cutouts placed in the head, shoulder, and leg area for extra contouring cushion. Air can also flow through the cutouts and wick away body heat.

Underneath is 2 inches of Reactiv™ foam, a springy material that limits sinkage. Reactiv™ makes it easy to move across the mattress, preventing you from ever feeling trapped in your own bed.

The bed’s bounce comes from the 7-inch pocketed coil layer, which rests on a firm foam base. The coils have stiff foam along the sides for protection and edge support. Edge support makes it easier for your teen to move out of bed and even lets them sit on the side.

A teenager has 100 nights to try out a Zoma Hybrid after the mattress arrives at your home. The hybrid also includes a 10-year warranty.

Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress

luxi 3-in-1- mattress LUXI 3-IN-1 ADJUSTABLE MATTRESS
Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress

Luxi’s unique mattress is designed to suit all sleeping positions. Teenagers can customize their mattress to provide the comfort they need, with help from Luxi’s support service.

Best mattress features
  • Comfort layer encourages airflow through the mattress.
  • Shape-matching technology relieves pressure where teens most need it.
  • Manufactured in the United States, meeting their safety standards.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers interested in a mattress they can customize to their liking.
  • Teenagers who are unsure what their favorite sleep position is and want an adaptable mattress.

Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress accommodates all sorts of sleepers by offering dual sleep surfaces with customized soft, medium, or firm firmnesses.

The polyester and viscose cover is quilted into pressure-relieving memory foam. The cover and memory foam materials work together to wick away moisture and heat.

The comfort layer, or SBT layer, is a firm material that responds quickly to pressure with a series of channels running through the layer. As a result, this layer fosters airflow while increasing contouring properties.

Below the SBT layer, 1-inch of pressure-relieving memory foam responds slowly to pressure and increases contouring abilities, allowing you to sink into the mattress.

Next, 1 inch of LuxiTex foam retains latex-like qualities that respond quickly to pressure, preventing sinkage.

The mattress’s final layer is made of high-density poly-foam. It’s durable and supportive, which increases the bed’s longevity.

This mattress is covered by a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty. If you’re not happy with your Luxi mattress after 100 nights, they will schedule a pickup and recycle the mattress before issuing a refund. The 10-year warranty ensures Luxi will replace the mattress in the case of material and workmanship defects.

Bear Hybrid

Bear Mattress BEAR HYBRID
Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid has five layers encased in a cover with Celliant® fibers, a material that not only promotes coolness but physical restoration. It’s excellent for a growing teenager.

Best mattress features
  • CertiPUR-US® certified foams, made without toxic materials.
  • Comfort foams conform to sleepers of all styles, easing aches and providing support.
  • Coils and cooling gel promotes a bed that's cool from top to bottom.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers prone to sleeping hot.
  • Teenagers with demanding schedules and active lifestyles.
  • Teenagers who enjoy a bouncy bed.

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is a high-performance mattress— perfect for active teens. The medium-firm mattress offers support and pressure relief using five premium layers of CertiPUR-US® certified foams.

The Celliant® cover improves circulation and cellular regeneration and is quilted into hypersoft cooling gel foam, which wicks away heat and contours for proper spinal alignment.

Below, the premium comfort foam offers firm support, which caters to all body types and sleeping positions.

Next, a responsive transitional foam encourages airflow and alleviates pressure by buffering between the comfort and support layer.

The support layer consists of a Quantum edge coil system and a density support foam. Together they offer enhanced edge support and prolong the mattress’s longevity.

The Bear Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, along with a 20-year warranty.

Tuft & Needle Hybrid

tuft & needle hybrid TUFT & NEEDLE HYBRID
Tuft & Needle Hybrid

Tuft & Needle’s hybrid contains their proprietary Adaptive® foam, a memory foam alternative that’s designed to balance pressure relief with responsive support.

Best mattress features
  • Graphite and gel infusions pull unneeded heat away from a teenager.
  • Edge-to-edge coil support strengthens the mattress's structure.
  • Transitional coil layer limits sinkage and makes movements easier.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers who wake up in the night hot and sweaty.
  • Teenagers looking for a springy mattress.

The Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress combines contouring foam comfort layers with innerspring underlayers to foster the right support for your growing teenager. The mattress comes in one firmness but is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king size.

The comfort layer is made of 1 inch of quilted comfort foam. Its carbon fiber infusion and open-cell construction creates a temperature neutral sleep environment.

Below the comfort layer is two inches of Adaptive® foam, which responds quickly to pressure and offers gentle support, alleviating pressure in the hips and shoulders. The foam’s graphite and gel infusions disperses heat throughout the mattress.

Next, a supportive transitional coil layer prevents your hips and shoulders from sinking too deeply and gives you easy mobility on the mattress surface.

The Adaptive® foam cushions the coils above and below, extending the mattress’s longevity.

The 6-inch pocketed coil support layer and 1 inch of high-quality poly-foam provide support and bounce. The edge is reinforced with even more supportive coils for great edge support.

Tuft & Needle offers free shipping and white glove delivery; however, bed set up and removal cost an additional $150. They also provide a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects and offer a 100-night sleep trial.

Happsy Organic Mattress

happsy organic mattress HAPPSY ORGANIC MATTRESS
Happsy Organic Mattress

Many teenagers today are focused on living “greenly” and sustainably. If your teenager wants to minimize environmental impact, the Happsy Organic Mattress might be the bed for them.

Best mattress features
  • Heat-wicking cotton, wool, and latex promote a cool sleeping surface.
  • Latex foam comfort layer contours to a teenagers body, lifting them while easing pressure points.
  • Made without potentially harmful glues and flame retardants.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers interested in a sustainably made mattress.
  • Allergy-sensitive teenagers looking for a bed that will reduce symptoms.
  • Parents looking for a bed backed by a generous warranty.

The Happsy Organic Mattress is a 100% certified organic mattress. It doesn’t contain glues, adhesives, and chemical flame retardants and comes in one firmness, but is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king size. You can add a 2-inch latex pillow top for a more luxurious feel.

The organic cotton cover wicks away moisture and heat. It wards off allergens, such as dust, dust mites, and pollen, to help the sleeper breathe easier. The cover zips off for easy washing.

A wool batting is quilted into the cover and acts as a natural fire retardant. It eases the sleeper into the organic latex comfort layer, which contours to the body and relieves pressure through spinal alignment.

The 8-inch pocketed coils layer offers support to the latex and wool layers and lengthens the mattress’s lifespan.

Below the supportive layer is an organic cotton filling, which promotes breathability and stability for the coils.

The Happsy Mattress is backed by a 120-night sleep trial, a 25-year warranty, free shipping, free returns, and five eco-conscious certifications.

Purple® Mattress

Purple Mattress PURPLE® MATTRESS
Purple® Mattress

The gel-like Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ in the Purple® Mattress’s comfort layer is durable and cooling. The grid design it forms creates a weightless sensation that cradles a teenager as they sleep.

Best mattress features
  • Thousands of air channels in the comfort layer enable heat to quickly escape.
  • Dynamic Purple Grid™ flexes with the body, feeling soft and firm as appropriate.
  • Dense base layer structures the mattress, promoting durability.
Recommended for...
  • Teenagers prone to sleeping hot at night.
  • Teenagers who toss and turn, changing sleep positions.

Purple® improved its original model using innovative, pressure-relieving technology, eliminates motion transfer, and maximizes airflow.

The top layer features the Purple Grid™, a system made from two inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material, which creates a zero-gravity effect, facilitating zero pressure and spinal alignment.

Below the Purple Grid™, a soft and responsive foam layer buffers between the grid and the high-density support layer, to ensure no pressure points.

The HD supportive poly-foam reinforces the above layers and the mattress’s longevity.

Purple® offers free shipping and returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Sleep Considerations for Teenagers

Sleep experts state adolescents need between 9 and 10 hours of sleep every single day due to their changing bodies. Half of the American teenagers get two sleep hours less than they need because of physiological and physical changes, school, and social schedules.

Physiological and Body Changes

Teenager’s bodies are growing rapidly, resulting in growing pains; however, physical changes aren’t the only changes a teenager endures. Turns out, their circadian rhythm also changes.

The circadian rhythm is the physiological clock that regulates our physical and behavioral routines in a 24 hour period. It dictates when we get hungry, get tired, and wake up. Puberty can cause a change in the circadian rhythm and limit the sleep an individual can get. It can also cause daytime sleepiness during certain times of the day, resulting in extensive napping.

School and Sleep Schedule Conflicts

It’s a well-known fact— teenagers stay up later, which conflicts with American school systems. American schools start between 7 and 7:30 am, requiring teenagers to rise early and prepare for the day.

On top of the skewed schedules, middle and high schoolers have to study, after school activities and clubs, sports, social activities, and jobs, which can keep them up late, causing undue stress and poor sleep hygiene.

Important Mattress Features for Teenagers

If you’re shopping for a new mattress for your teenager, we encourage you to include them in the process. It will give your teen the chance to express their sleep needs, such as firmness preferences, sleep position, and temperature needs.

Mattress size and Thickness

If your teenager is over 6 feet tall, a twin mattress won’t have enough length to accommodate their height. If your teen still has some growing to do, you might consider getting a larger bed. This way, your teenager can use the bed in adulthood.

You’ll want to consider your teenager’s bedroom before deciding on mattress size. If your child exercises in their bedroom or moves around a lot, you’ll what to stick to a twin or twin XL mattress. But if your teen sleeps with a pet, you might consider a full or a queen.


First off, support is a term describing the mattress’s ability to remain flat while bearing weight. Sleeping on a flat surface encourages spinal alignment, although your sleeping style and preferences may influence the type of support you need.

For instance, side sleepers don’t need as much support as a stomach sleeper. Side sleepers need to sink into the mattress to maintain balance on their sides; meanwhile, stomach sleepers are susceptible to muscular and skeletal pain when they sink too far into a mattress.


Since teenagers are susceptible to growing pains, a conforming mattress is instrumental in alleviating those aches and any pressure points. A mattress’s contouring abilities will align the shoulders and pelvis with the spine, improving sleep quality.

Memory foam and latex mattresses have resilient foams, which contour closely to your teen’s body for unmatched pain relief.

Motion Isolation

If your teenager shares their bed or is a restless sleeper, their bed may need motion isolation properties. Since motion transfers in waves, motion can rebound on a restless sleeper and disrupt sleep.

Memory foam and latex mattresses absorb motion on impact. Hybrid mattresses have good motion isolation, as well; however, their innerspring core decreases their ability to isolate motion transfer as well as memory foam.


You can get a mattress as cheap as $100; however, we highly suggest a budget of $800 to $2000 for a high-quality bed. Memory foam and innerspring mattresses with sleep-promoting technologies are found in this price range. You can also find hybrid and latex mattresses at this price-point, although they are closer to $2000 because of their natural materials and many layers.

You can usually find affordable, top-rated mattresses by shopping with online or bed in a box mattress brands. These brands cut costs by eliminating the middle man and selling their products direct-to-consumer. Oftentimes they offer free shipping and free returns as well since you can’t try their beds in store. So if you’re like most shoppers— looking for a high-quality mattress at an affordable price— we recommend trying your luck with an online brand before heading to a mattress retailer.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Every good mattress company offers some sort of warranty and sleep trial, but we suggest shopping with a brand offering at least a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

A sleep trial gives the customer the chance to try the mattress in their home before committing to the purchase. Make sure the trial is risk-free. If the company charges for restocking, shipping, or donation fees in the case of a return, you may consider going with another brand as there are plenty of companies who offer those services for free.

A warranty protects the customer’s investment. Since a well-maintained mattress can last up to 10 years, we suggest searching for a warranty lasting 10 years. Make sure to read through the warranty’s details. Warranties should offer a replacement or repair in the case of indentations and sagging, foam cracking and splitting, and other manufacturing defects not caused by misuse.

Sleeping Position and Firmness

Deciding how firm your next mattress should be isn’t necessarily a matter of personal preference, your chosen sleeping position is actually the biggest indicator of how firm your bed should be.

Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position. It puts extra pressure on the shoulders and hips, which can cause pain and joint soreness. We recommend medium to soft mattresses for side sleepers, as they support the torso area, cradle the shoulders and hip bones, and alleviate pressure points.

A memory foam or latex mattress with a medium to medium-plush firmness will offer proper support and conformability to side sleepers.

Back sleeping naturally aligns the spine. A medium to firm mattress will contour to the sleeper’s back to relieve pressure without causing the hips and shoulders to bow. The best mattresses for back sleepers are memory foam, latex, or hybrids, as traditional innersprings may feel too firm.

Stomach sleeping places immense stress on the lower back leading to back and neck pain. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a firm mattress to keep your torso lifted and prevent pains.

Mattress Types

The mattress material you choose will largely depend on your preference. While it’s a given that the best mattresses offer great support, some are more supportive than others.


Innerspring mattresses are made from coil system core and thin layers of cotton, wool, or polyester comforters or pillow tops. These mattresses are naturally cooling and cultivate firm support. They are best for heavy sleepers as the springs will push back to promote spinal alignment.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are made of layers of foam. They promote spinal alignment and relieve pain through their contouring abilities. Modern open-cell and plant-based memory foam are much more breathable than traditional memory foam and often have copper, graphite, and gel infusions, which pull heat from the sleeper.


Latex mattresses are some of the most eco-friendly mattresses on the market, but they can be made in several different ways.

Natural latex is made from rubber tree sap, making it antimicrobial and biodegradable. Using the Dunlop manufacturing process, latex is dense and firm; meanwhile, Talalay latex is bouncier, lighter, and more breathable. Out of the two manufacturing processes, Talalay latex is the most expensive.

Synthetic latex is produced through chemicals to mimic latex properties. It isn’t antimicrobial or biodegradable, although it is a great alternative for those who want the supportive and contouring qualities of latex materials but are allergic to latex.

Blended latex is a mixture of synthetic and natural latex. It contains some of the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities of 100% natural latex, and some beds will have a CertiPUR-US® certification. If a blended latex mattress does not have this certification, it may contain harmful additives.


Hybrid mattresses are made of coils and memory foam or latex comfort layers. Together, the spring and foam layers create a balanced between comfortability, supportiveness, and motion isolation. Unfortunately, these mattresses retain heat. Look for comfort layers with infusions or air passages to reduce heat retention.


Do pillows matter?

Your teen’s pillow also makes a difference in sleep quality. A supportive pillow should keep the head in a neutral position to prevent shoulder and neck pain.

For back sleepers, a medium-firm pillow with medium loft will support the head and neck while keeping the head from tipping to one side. The pillow shouldn’t push the chin toward the chest or cause a stiff or achy body. Place a pillow under the knees to create a slight bend to take pressure off the lower back.

Side sleepers need a firmer pillow with varied lofts, so the neck is supported as well as the head.

Stomach sleepers will need a very thin pillow that doesn’t force them to arch their necks as it will enhance back strain. Stomach sleepers will benefit from putting a small pillow under their pelvis to facilitate proper spinal alignment.

Is a memory foam mattress good for teenagers?

Yes. Memory foam mattresses are conforming and long-lasting. Memory foam will contour to their bodies, so they get personalized support and pressure relief as they grow.

What is the best mattress for a 12-year-old?

We recommend including your 12-year-old in the shopping process to learn their preferences and needs. Kids at any age, especially athletic kids, are susceptible to aches and pains. The best bed for them is firm, supportive, and contouring.

What if my teen is moving out soon?

If your teen is planning on moving out soon, you might consider a potential second use for the mattress, such as a guest bed. In this case, consider shopping for a full-size or queen-size bed. This way, your teen can have a comfortable mattress, and your future guests can reap the benefits.

What bed size should a teenager have?

It’s a smart idea to give your teenager a twin XL mattress. This size fits in most bedrooms and can accommodate a teenager’s growth spurt. Some teenagers might find a twin bed feels too small as they grow taller.


Ask for your child’s input as you make mattress selections and keep in mind what will work best for their bedroom, social life, and sleeping style. Considering the right materials, bed size, and firmness is a great place to start. These factors, along with our recommendations for the best bed for teens, will help you choose the best mattress for your teenager.

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