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Best Pillow for Snoring

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Snoring is a nuisance. If you share a bed, both you and your partner might struggle to sleep due to the noise. Snoring is caused by obstructed airways, but it can be exacerbated by sleep disorders, seasonal allergies, or an unsupportive mattress or pillow.

The right pillow can reduce your snore frequency and volume by aligning your head and neck to open your airways. A thick pillow (4 to 7 inches) is one of the best options since it raises your neck and head and prevents gravity from obstructing your airways.

In this post, we’ll guide you through some of the best pillows available for snoring.

Best Pillow for Snoring

Pillow HighlightsPrice
BEST ADAPTABLE PILLOW FOR SNORINGAmerisleep Flex PillowAmerisleep Flex PillowCustomizable pillow elevates your head and eases snoring
BEST COOLING PILLOW FOR SNORINGZoma PillowZoma PillowMicroCushions™ promote airflow while molding to your head and neck
BEST BUDGET PILLOW FOR SNORINGVaya PillowVaya PillowCooling and high-loft pillow that won’t break the bank
EPABO Contour Memory Foam PillowCervical pillow keeps your head and neck appropriately elevated
Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge PillowPillow raises your torso, effectively opening your airways and reducing snoring
EnduriMed CPAP PillowFeatures cut-outs designated for CPAP tubes
WoodyKnows Snoring Relief Side-Sleeping Back PillowBackpack pillow promotes side sleeping and ensures airways are unobstructed

Best Adaptable Pillow for Snoring: Amerisleep Flex Pillow

Amerisleep Flex Pillow

The Amerisleep Flex Pillow is filled with MicroFlex cushions that resist flattening and enable the pillow to adapt to any sleeping position.

Best pillow features
  • MicroFlex cushions are adaptive for most sleeping positions
  • Shredded memory foam promotes breathability and cool sleeping
  • Dynamic pillow cushions won’t go flat
Recommended for...
  • Combination sleepers in need of an adjustable pillow
  • Snorers trying to switch to side sleeping
  • People who snore looking for a fluffy, yet durable pillow

The Amerisleep Flex Pillow is a dynamic pillow suitable for most sleeping positions. Filled with hundreds of MicroFlex shredded memory foam cushions, the Flex Pillow is adjustable and conforms closely to your neck and head upon lying down.

With the MicroFlex cushions, you can fluff up the pillow to a high loft to raise your head and help you breathe better. Air can flow between the hundreds of pieces of memory foam, wicking away moisture and preventing hot sleeping. The pillow’s cover is also made from a plush and breathable fabric to ensure you stay comfortable. It’s an excellent cooling memory foam pillow.

The Amerisleep Flex Pillow is made in the USA and CertiPUR-US® certified. A CertiPUR-US® certification means the foam in a product is free from harmful chemicals and will not cause skin or eye irritation.

Best Cooling Pillow for Snoring: Zoma Pillow

Zoma Pillow

Not only is the Zoma Pillow nice and flexible, but it’s built to keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep.

Best pillow features
  • Shredded memory foam MicroCushions™ fill molds to suit any sleeping position
  • Air flows between MicroCushions™, preventing the pillow from overheating
  • Contains hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US® certified foam
Recommended for...
  • People of all activity levels looking for an adjustable pillow
  • Hot sleepers in need of a breathable pillow option

The Zoma Pillow is a moldable pillow that can help with snoring. Although the Zoma Pillow appeals to athletes, it’s a great option for sleepers of any activity level and snorers in need of relief.

The Zoma Pillow is made from MicroCushions™, hypoallergenic pieces of shredded foam. You can mold and fluff the MicroCushions™ into many lofts and shapes to keep your airways open and reduce snoring.

Air circulates between the hundreds of MicroCushions™, keeping you cool and clean while you sleep. The soft, mesh cover also repels moisture and promotes airflow while you sleep.

The Zoma Pillow is CertiPUR-US® certified and easy to clean. Simply remove the cover from the pillow and machine-wash them both on a gentle cycle.

Best Budget Pillow for Snoring: Vaya Pillow

Vaya Pillow

One of the best pillows for budget shoppers is the Vaya Pillow. The pillow offers great value at a mid-range price-point.

Best pillow features
  • Affordable pillow with a hefty, 10-year warranty
  • Airy foam promotes air circulation to ensure sleepers stay cool
  • Moisture-wicking cover prevents a damp pillow
Recommended for...
  • Snorers on a budget looking for an upgrade

The Vaya Pillow is a high-quality and supportive pillow offered at a mid-range price-point. It’s made from the soft Vaya Foam Blend to relieve tension from your head and neck. The foam is adjustable so you can mold the loft and firmness to elevate your head and minimize snoring.

If you already struggle with snoring, hot sleeping is the last thing you need. So, the Vaya Foam Blend dissipates hot air while the pillow’s plush cover wicks away moisture to help you stay dry at night.

The Vaya Pillow is made in the USA with CertiPUR-US® certified foam. The Vaya Pillow ships for free and comes with a 10-year warranty. Also, shoppers can save 15 percent when they buy a set of two pillows versus just one.

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow’s unique curves keep your neck aligned while helping you breathe better.

Best pillow features
  • Unique cervical design to support the head and neck
  • Hypoallergenic memory foam molds to your head and promotes airflow
  • Breathable polyester-bamboo cover is machine-washable
Recommended for...
  • Side and back sleepers who snore
  • Snorers struggling with neck pain

The EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow has an orthopedic design suited for side and back sleepers who struggle with snoring or neck pain. The contour in the pillow was designed for neck support and promotes healthy spinal alignment.

The EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow is made from hypoallergenic memory foam to promote airflow and help you stay cool throughout the night.

This contour pillow’s polyester-bamboo cover is silky soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. You can also remove and machine-wash the cover as needed. Keeping your pillow and its case clean reduces the risk of allergen build-up, which can cause allergic reactions and lead to snoring.

EPABO offers a 30-night sleep trial for the Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

With the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow, you can open your airways and relieve your snoring.

Best pillow features
  • 30-degree angle elevates your torso and head to help you breathe
  • Solid memory foam block is durable and won’t lose its shape or need fluffing
  • Wedge pillows work as a backrest and to support pregnant women’s bellies
Recommended for...
  • Back and side sleepers who want to sleep at an incline
  • People looking for the benefits of an adjustable bed at a lower cost

The Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow is a 30-degree wedge pillow designed to elevate your upper body and keep your airways open while you sleep. Not only does a wedge pillow improve breathing, but it promotes a neutral spine and can help with back pain, sciatica, acid reflux, digestion issues, and postnasal drip.

The Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow has a washable cover that’s built to keep you cool. With the solid block of memory foam, it’s more durable and won’t go flat quickly, ensuring you sleep soundly for years.

You can use this wedge pillow for more than just sleeping. You can also use it as a backrest when sitting upright or under your knees when back sleeping. Pregnant women can also tuck the wedge pillow under their bellies.

The Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow is hypoallergenic and backed by a lifetime warranty.

EnduriMed CPAP Pillow

EnduriMed CPAP Pillow

For those of us who need to sleep with a CPAP machine, the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow features cutouts to ensure the tubes won’t disrupt your sleep.

Best pillow features
  • Cutouts to hold CPAP tubes and contouring to support the head and neck
  • Memory foam relieves pressure and pain
  • Removable 1-inch insert for loft customization
Recommended for...
  • People who sleep with a CPAP machine

If you sleep with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, consider using the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow. This pillow accommodates any sleeping position while using a CPAP machine. The pillow features cutouts to reduce interference from your mask and its tubes. Not just that, but the pillow also has curves to support your head and neck.

The EnduriMed CPAP Pillow is made from memory foam, a sturdy, pressure-relieving material. The top and bottom halves of the pillow are different heights and you can switch between based on your sleeping position.

The pillow comes with a 1-inch insert to further adjust the height of your pillow. Without the 1-inch insert, the top half of the pillow is 4.9 inches thick and the bottom half of the pillow is 3.9 inches thick. With the 1-inch insert, the top half of the pillow is 6 inches thick and the bottom half of the pillow is 5 inches thick.

If you’re curious to try the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow but feel a bit reluctant, the pillow comes with a 30-night money-back guarantee.

WoodyKnows Snoring Relief Side-Sleeping Back Pillow

WoodyKnows Snoring Relief Side-Sleeping Back Pillow

If you’re struggling to start side sleeping, the WoodyKnows Snoring Relief Side-Sleeping Back Pillow stops you from rolling onto your back at night.

Best pillow features
  • Light, but large cushion to keep you from rolling onto your back
  • Comfortable, durable back straps
  • Usable with any head pillow
Recommended for...
  • Snorers who are trying to start side sleeping
  • Sleepers who unintentionally roll onto their back at night

Now, the WoodyKnows Snoring Relief Side-Sleeping Back Pillow isn’t a pillow you place under your head. Instead, you wear it as a backpack and the back pillow keeps you on your side. So, for sleepers who struggle with snoring at night but want to learn how to side sleep, this pillow keeps you on your side and ensures your airways are open.

The backpack has a size-adjustable airbag to hold you in place while you sleep. You can add or release the air to adjust the size of the back to ensure it fits your body and is comfortable. The backpack’s straps are thick but soft, so they won’t disturb your sleep.

The WoodyKnows Snoring Relief Side-Sleeping Back Pillow is machine-washable and compact, so you can use it as a carry-on when traveling. It also comes with free shipping and returns.

Smart Nora

Smart Nora

The Smart Nora detects labored breathing and inflates to ensure your airways stay unobstructed.

Best pillow features
  • Pairs with any type of pillow
  • Inflating pillow insert stimulates throat muscles to help your breathing
  • Mounted snore detector listens for snoring
Recommended for...
  • Snorers who like their current pillow
  • Snorers who are willing to invest in a long-term relief product

The Smart Nora isn’t a pillow itself, but rather a pillow insert. This sophisticated device inflates upon detecting snoring or aggressive breathing sounds. The inflation stimulates your throat muscles and helps your body breathe regularly without disrupting your sleep. You simply place the insert under your current pillow and mount the pebble (snore detector) overhead.

The Smart Nora is solely designed to relieve snoring, so it won’t help other sleep conditions or breathing problems. Regardless, the Smart Nora works with practically any pillow so you can choose whatever pillow fill, shape, and firmness you enjoy.

The Smart Nora comes with a 30-night money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.

Types of Pillows for Snoring

Rectangle pillows are great, but for individuals struggling with severe snoring, you might consider a different pillow shape. Some anti-snore pillows include cervical, CPAP, wedge, and body pillows.

Cervical Pillows

Cervical pillows—also called contour or orthopedic pillows—are curved pillows designed to support your head and neck. They’re best suited for side and back sleepers since the pillows have a unique indent to hold your head and a prop for your neck. This design promotes proper alignment to prevent sleep disruptions such as snoring.

CPAP Pillows

CPAP pillows are built to position your head and have cutouts for CPAP masks and tubes.

A CPAP pillow makes using your CPAP machine less invasive and promotes undisturbed sleep. CPAP pillows typically contain memory foam or latex as both materials are responsive and durable.

Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are triangular pillows designed for you to sleep at an angle. They’re often made from sturdy materials to prevent the pillows from flattening, such as memory foam, latex, or poly-foam. Sleeping at an angle opens your airways, reduces the pressure on your lower back, and improves circulation among other benefits.

Body Pillows

Body pillows are large pillows designed to support your entire body. They work especially well for side sleepers—a good position for snorers—and are useful for pregnant women in need of pain relief and support.

You can rest your head on the top half of a body pillow, then place the bottom half between your knees. A body pillow can soothe your snoring along with relieving pressure and pain.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is a common issue with a variety of causes. The most frequent causes of snoring include obstructive sleep apnea, blocked nasal airways, bulky throat tissue, and a bad sleeping position.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which your breathing starts and stops periodically while sleeping. Beyond just snoring, sleep apnea can cause headaches, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, and irritability.

Blocked Nasal Airways

During allergy season or a cold, your nasal pathways can get blocked, making it hard to breathe and leading to snoring. Additionally, a deviated septum can block your nasal airways and lead to snoring.

Bulky Throat Tissue

The tissue in your throat can potentially block your airways. A bulky throat can be a result of being overweight, having large tonsils or adenoids. Also, if you have a long soft palate or uvula, they can block your throat and make it difficult to breathe at night.

Poor Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your back can cause your soft palate to relax and block your throat, making breathing difficult and potentially leading you to snore. For those who don’t struggle with snoring, back sleeping is an otherwise decent sleeping position.

For stomach sleepers, your faces are often pressed against your mattress or pillow, making it harder to breathe and causing snoring.


Does sleeping with two pillows help snoring?

No. Two pillows under your head do little to relieve your snoring and instead, can curve your chin into your chest and cause neck pain or stiffness. It’s best to sleep with one supportive pillow under your head at all times, even if you’re concerned with snoring.

Which sleeping position is best for snoring?

Side sleeping is the best sleeping position for those who struggle to breathe at night since it ensures your airways stay open. Even if your nose is blocked, your throat stays open and you can breathe through your mouth.

Back sleeping is another healthy sleeping position, but it only effectively reduces snoring when you use a high-loft pillow, wedge pillow, or adjustable bed base. If you’re flat on your bed when back sleeping, your jaw, tongue, and soft palate relax, blocking your airways and making it difficult to breathe.

How do you sleep next to a snorer?

We understand it can be hard to share a bed with someone who snores. It’s most important to encourage your partner to take steps to improve their snoring, such as switching sleeping positions, using a better pillow, or reaching out to their doctor.

In the meantime, try wearing earplugs so you don’t get disrupted while you sleep. If all else fails, you may sleep in a different bedroom until your partner sorts out their snoring issue.

Can saline nasal spray or nasal strips help with snoring?

Nasal steroid sprays such as budesonide, fluticasone, or triamcinolone can improve nasal breathing at night and decrease snoring. Similarly, over-the-counter nasal dilators (nasal strips) open the nostrils and increase airflow to the nose. Both solutions can be used on a nightly basis to improve your breathing.

How can I stop snoring permanently?

If you’re a chronic snorer, it’s a good idea to reach out to your doctor for treatment. This can include making some lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, treating your congestion, and switching to side sleeping.

If you have more severe snoring issues, you may have to use a continuous positive airway pressure machine or wear an oral appliance while you sleep.


Although snoring can be frustrating, it’s not the end of the world. A pillow with the correct loft for your sleeping position can help reduce your snoring and enhance your comfort at night. With this in mind, the best sleeping positions to soothe your snoring are side sleeping and back sleeping at an incline.

If you find your snoring doesn’t seem to improve with a new pillow, we recommend seeing a medical professional.

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