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Best Platform Beds: 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Lara Vargas


A platform bed is a perfect place to put your mattress without having to sacrifice sleek, modern style. Platform mattress foundations come in several different materials and styles, including slatted, solid, metal, wood, and upholstered.

Platform bed frames offer better mattress support. They come in low profiles and high profiles for under-bed storage space, and can even support temperature neutrality, helping you sleep cooler.

In this article, we’ll talk about our recommendations for the best platform beds, different types of platform beds, and how you can pick the best one.

Best Platform Beds

Bed FrameHighlightsPrice
EDITOR'S CHOICEAmerisleep Foundation
Platform BedAmerisleep
Features a sliding and locking system for easy assembly.
BEST NON-SKID PLATFORM BEDZoma FoundationCan be used in place of a box spring, or on it's own as a stand-alone foundation.
BEST HARDWOOD PLATFORM BEDAssembles within minutes to create a platform bed with oversized slats and side rails.
DHP Dakota Faux Leather Upholstered
DHP DakotaFaux Leather
Wood slats take the place of a box spring by solidly supporting the mattress.
ExceptionalSheets Wood Bed Frame
Wood Bed
Structure supports up to 900 pounds— great for latex mattresses and couples.
Roundhill Furniture Wood Platform Bed
Roundhill FurnitureWood Platform
Hardwood bed frame made of antique oak with burnished, beveled edges.
Darby Home Co Chehalis Storage Sleigh
Darby Home Co.Chehalis Storage
Paneled design with an elegant sleigh bed shape that can support up to 500 pounds.
Scott Living Artesia Platform Bed with Storage
Scott LivingArtesia Platform
Bed w/ Storage
Made of sturdy poplar wood, Mindi veneer, and other engineered wood products for a sturdy bed.
Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed
Platform Bed
Footboard storage is easily assessed through a hinged lid.

Editor's Choice: Amerisleep Platform Bed

Amerisleep Platform Bed EDITOR'S CHOICE
Amerisleep Platform Bed

Quick to put together, the Amerisleep Platform Bed is our editor’s top recommendation. The gray fabric cover gives the frame a classy, modern look that suits most bedrooms.

Best platform bed features
  • No tools required to put together, thanks to sliding design.
  • Slats and side rails provide a breathable and non-skid surface.
  • Solid, hardwood frame likely to last you years with care.
Recommended for...
  • People interested in a supportive, durable and breathable foundation for a foam or hybrid mattress.
  • Shoppers who want the security of a lengthy warranty.
  • Individuals who want to save bedroom space with a compact frame.

The Amerisleep Platform Bed is perfect for anybody looking for a sturdy foundation that doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you have a smaller bedroom or living space, you can set your mattress atop this foundation for space-saving support. The foundation has marginally wider dimensions than the mattress and it features light gray upholstery to blend in with any decor.

We like the Amerisleep Platform Bed because of how easy it is to assemble. It features a locking system that allows you to slide the foundation’s parts into place hassle-free. The foundation also comes with wide, oversized slats and side rails for a breathable, supportive, and non-skid surface.

Amerisleep’s foundation stands 13.5 inches tall. Both the slats and the sides of this foundation are made with solid hardwood, so it’s bound to last for years to come. Plus, Amerisleep backs it with a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. However, Amerisleep does not accept returns on their foundation.

Best Non-Skid Platform Bed: Zoma Foundation

Zoma Foundation

The dark upholstery of the Zoma Foundation complements and contrasts well with most bedroom furniture for a modern, clean look.

Best platform bed features
  • Upholstered slats keep the mattress in place while promoting airflow.
  • Smart corner clips will have you putting together this bed in minutes.
  • Pine wood construction backed by a 1-year warranty.
Recommended for...
  • People who don't need a headboard or footboard.
  • Sleepers with a foam or hybrid mattress in any of the six standard sizes.
  • Shoppers who don't want a platform bed, just a mattress foundation to use with a panel bed.

The Zoma Foundation is another great option for those seeking simple support. The Zoma Foundation is similar to Amerisleep’s in the fact that they both fit directly under the mattress without taking up any excess space, and can both be used in place of a box spring with an existing bed frame. If you need a replacement for your current box spring or you need a whole foundation, Zoma’s got you covered.

The Zoma Foundation features dark upholstery to match most decor. It’s easy to assemble, featuring smart corner clips that securely attach all four corners of the foundation. The Zoma Foundation also has a slat pack that easily unrolls and falls into place on top of the four sides. Plus, it features optional legs that can easily be twisted onto the foundation. They design these legs with a dark color to match the upholstery of the foundation.

Zoma uses 100% solid pine wood as both the sides and slats of their foundation. They also back their product with a 1-year warranty to ensure you get the most for your money. With the attached legs, the Zoma Foundation stands 14.5 inches tall.

Best Hardwood Platform Bed: Vaya Platform Bed

Vaya Platform Bed

Covered in a light grey polyester knit fabric with side rails and center support, the Vaya Platform Bed has a minimalist design that provides plenty of support for any mattress.

Best platform bed features
  • Heat escapes between the frame's slats, carried off by airflow.
  • Minimal amount of unsupported gaps increases a mattress's likely lifespan.
  • Hardwood slats and frames provide sturdy, sag-resistant surface.
Recommended for...
  • Shoppers looking for a simple, inexpensive platform bed.
  • People who want a versatile platform bed that goes with most bedroom decor.
  • Sleepers who own any type of mattress in any standard size.

The Vaya Platform Bed possesses a simple yet sturdy and comfortable design, much like the Vaya Mattress. It’s frame is made with hardwood and the sides are covered in a polyester knit fabric. The fabric is light grey to better blend in with most bedroom styles. The slats are not upholstered, but the mattress will stay in place thanks to the bed’s siderails.

The slats that make up the platform bed’s surface are wider than usual, reducing the number needed and ensuring the bed has only small gaps between the slats. The gaps are enough to encourage air to flow through the mattress’s base, wicking away heat and moisture.

Any mattress can be used with the Vaya Platform Bed, not just the Vaya Mattress. While a foam mattress will keep cool and feel supportive on the platform bed, an innerspring mattress or hybrid bed will also feel comfortable.

Your Vaya Platform Bed is backed by a 1-year warranty. The Vaya Platform Bed stands 13 inches tall and takes minutes to assemble, no tools required. Simply slide the side rails into place, then add the center support and finally the slats.

DHP Dakota Faux Leather Upholstered Bed

DHP Dakota Faux Leather Upholstered Bed

This affordable bed frame comes in simple black, white, and brown, in sizes suitable for single sleepers and couples.

Best platform bed features
  • Air can slip in between the wood slats and metal rail, wicking away collected heat.
  • Metal center rail and legs increase the frame's potential weight capacity.
  • Wood and steel construction supports you and a mattress.
Recommended for...
  • People willing to use tools to assemble a bed frame.
  • Single sleepers with a twin or full mattress.
  • Couples sharing a queen or king mattress who want a basic look.

DHP Dakota Faux Leather Upholstered Bed is a cost-efficient option for those who like the look of leather. It’s available in black, brown, and white and comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. The bed features a button-tufted, contemporary diamond pattern. You can add storage drawers for an additional cost.

The wood frame construction and steel rails increase the bed’s stability and durability. Wood slats support the mattress, taking the place of a box spring, while a metal center rail and legs add support, increasing the foundation’s weight capacity to 500 pounds. DHP Dakota Faux Leather Upholstered Bed has a low 3-inch profile.

You’ll have to assemble the base yourself, although all materials and tools needed are included with the bed.

DHP includes a limited one-year warranty on the bed. Using bed risers on this frame will void the warranty. If you buy from Amazon, you’ll have a 30-day window to return the foundation if you don’t like it.

ExceptionalSheets Wood Bed Frame

ExceptionalSheets Wood Bed Frame

This wooden frame is easy to put together and comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and Cal king sizes.

Best platform bed features
  • Slats spaced apart for airflow but close enough to support a memory foam mattress.
  • Most people can put this frame together in less than five minutes, no tools required.
  • Sturdy pine frame with pressed pine slats, available in three finishes.
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers who have a standard size foam or hybrid mattress.
  • People who don't care about a headboard or footboard.

ExceptionalSheets Wood Bed Frame has a simple design with a furniture-grade, solid North American pine frame and pressed pine slats. You can get this bed in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king sizes and three finishes: almond, walnut, and grey barn wood.

This platform assembles in under three minutes with no help from tools. Spaces between slats are less than 3 inches, which meets memory foam mattress warranty requirements for a base.

While there is no headboard or footboard, the slats are recessed within the frame, creating a lip to prevent your mattress from shifting or sliding.

This bed’s weight capacity maxes out at 900 pounds, making this frame great for latex beds or couples. The ground clearance is 6.5 inches from the floor, giving minimal space for under-bed storage.

eLuxury doesn’t mention a warranty on their website; however, they offer refunds and exchanges within the first 30 days from the day of purchase.

Roundhill Furniture Oakland 139 Wood Platform Bed

Roundhill Furniture Oakland 139 Wood Platform Bed ROUNDHILL FURNITURE OAKLAND 139 WOOD PLATFORM BED
Roundhill Furniture Oakland 139 Wood Platform Bed

This is another bed frame exclusively available as a queen size, with only one finish. It’s a good option for anyone seeking a decently priced frame with drawers and a headboard.

Best platform bed features
  • Velvet and metal-lined drawers keeps your items protected.
  • Solid hardwood has a timeless build, fitting well in almost any bedroom.
  • Wooden slats offer support and airflow.
Recommended for...
  • Shoppers seeking a bed with a headboard.
  • Solo sleepers and couples with a queen mattress.

The Roundhill Furniture Oakland 139 Wood Platform Bed is made of solid hardwood with a classic look: antique oak with burnished-looking, beveled edges. The Oakland 139 Bed is available in a queen size and one color only.

The bed has two dovetailed drawers lined with velvet built and brass metal hardware into the footboard. The bed is easily assembled and has wooden slats to support your mattress with no need for a box spring.

One customer review reported the bed frame can support 700 pounds easily; however, the website doesn’t mention a weight limit.

Roundhill Furniture offers 30 days to return or exchange their bed, although you’re responsible for shipping and restocking fees. Roundhill Furniture mentions a warranty but provides no information.

Darby Home Co. Chehalis Storage Sleigh Bed

Darby Home Co. Chehalis Storage Sleigh Bed DARBY HOME CO. CHEHALIS STORAGE SLEIGH BED
Darby Home Co. Chehalis Storage Sleigh Bed

Shoppers can choose from six wood finishes for this frame. However, the frame is only available in queen and king sizes.

Best platform bed features
  • Wooden slats allow space for air to circulate and wick away heat.
  • Sleigh design with drawers available in a variety of finishes, fitting in most modern bedrooms.
  • Manufactured wood is sturdy, supporting up to 500 pounds.
Recommended for...
  • Shoppers interested in organized under-bed storage, instead of simply shoving items under the frame.
  • Couples looking for an elegant bed frame.
  • People who want a headboard on their bed.

The Darby Home Co. Chehalis Sleigh Bed is a wooden, 4-drawer storage platform bed, which is available in antique gray, berry red, dark sea green, oak, antique white, and antique black finishes and comes in queen and king sizes.

The Chehalis bed has a chic, modern design with an elegant sleigh bed shape. The bed is constructed from manufactured wood and has slats to support your mattress plus an additional 500 pounds and does not need a box spring.

Darby Home Co. offers a 90-day warranty, although warranty information isn’t shared on the company website.

Scott Living Artesia Platform Bed With Storage

Scott Living Artesia Platform Bed With Storage

While this bed only comes in one size and finish, it’s a good way for people with a queen mattress to upgrade their bedroom.

Best platform bed features
  • Frame is a mix of engineered wood products, including poplar wood and Mindi veneer.
  • Quick-to-assemble frame supports up to 600 pounds.
  • Bed slats and slatted headboard promote breathability.
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers interested in a platform bed with a wide headboard.
  • People who want a frame they can easily and speedily assemble.
  • Single sleepers and couples with a queen mattress.

Scotts Living’s Artesia storage bed features two storage drawers with brass hardware at the bed’s foot and a wide-slatted headboard. The bed is only available in a queen size and dark cocoa finish.

The slats support up to 600 pounds and eliminate the need for a box spring. The bed is constructed of poplar wood, Mindi veneer, and other engineered wood products, which makes for a sturdy foundation. Reviewers say the bed has an easy assembly process.

There’s no warranty information listed on the site, although, through Amazon, you get a 30-day window to make a return— just in case the bed isn’t to your liking.

Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Whether you’re a solo sleeper or part of a couple, you can upgrade your bedroom with this lush platform bed.

Best platform bed features
  • Supportive slats can hold up to 750 pounds and are 3 inches apart for maximum airflow.
  • Velvet upholstery with decorative buttons gives this bed frame a touch of class.
  • Storage footboard helps you make the most of bedroom space.
Recommended for...
  • People who don't assembling their bed frame.
  • Sleepers with twin, full, queen, or king size mattresses.
  • Individuals interested in multiple storage compartments.

The Ruthann frame is a velvet upholstered platform bed with a storage footboard. It is available in white, gray, black, navy, green, and pink and comes in a twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Due to the extended sides and foot of this bed, making it cumbersome to move.

The lush upholstery is button-tufted, creating a diamond pattern on the headboard’s face. The three sides brace the mattress, creating a nice seat while getting ready for bed. The footboard storage is easily accessed through a hinged lid. Additional storage is located on the sides of the bed, as well.

You’ll need to assemble the bed, although all tools are included. The slats are 3 inches apart and support 750 pounds without the use of a box spring.

Wayfair has a 30-day return policy. You’ll have to pay for return shipping and send the frame with the original packaging to get a refund.

Platform Bed Options

Platform beds have a variety of designs and uses. Some platform beds enhance a mattress’s ventilation to foster cooler sleep, while others have stronger construction for heavy sleepers. Many memory foam or latex mattress owners turn to platform beds to maintain their bed warranties and prevent the mattress from sagging prematurely.

Slatted Beds

Slatted beds are comprised of a frame with multiple slats running the width of the frame. You can often adjust the space between these slats to fit the requirements of a memory foam mattress warranty.

If you use a foam mattress with a slatted foundation, the foundation needs three inches of space or less between the slats for proper support and to avoid premature material disintegration. If you can get a center rail (a rail that runs the length of the frame), you will experience even greater support.

Slats foster air circulation through the mattress’s bottom layers. The extra ventilation cools the sleeper and combats mildew and accumulating allergens.

Solid Base

A solid base is a solid surface bed frame, which can make a mattress feel firmer. Innerspring and latex mattress users could notice a difference in their mattress’s bounce; however, these are great mattresses for back pain relief due to the increased support from the base.

This foundation is versatile as it can support innerspring, latex, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses, although the lack of air circulation through the bottom mattress layers could cause mildew and mold growth. If you choose to go with a solid base, ventilate your mattress every couple of months.

Metal Platforms

If you like a solid foundation and modern style, a metal platform bed may catch your eye. A metal bed frame features a supportive gridded surface that is light and can break down to move easily.

Metal and steel frames are much easier to clean than wood or upholstery frames. For those with animals with claws, this base is preferable as it’s not easily damaged. We recommend selecting a metal frame carefully as cheaper models can break due to weak welding methods.

Wood Platforms

Wood platforms are a classic choice with great diversity. They come in every wood option from oak to mahogany, plus many designs ranging from simple to ornate.

Wooden platforms are sturdy. The wood density fosters a long lifespan, although solid wood platforms are more expensive and heavy to move.

There are manufactured wood options with just as many styles as solid wood beds. They’re lighter and more cost-efficient; however, they aren’t as sturdy or long-lasting.

Upholstery Platforms

For those not concerned with allergens, an upholstered foundation brings a soft appearance to a bedroom. These beds are made of a combination of wood and fabric and come in an array of colors and fabric types.

Maintaining upholstery beds is a challenge for those with children or animals, and it’s possible to snag the upholstery while cleaning.

Do You Need a Box Spring or Bunkie Board with a Platform Bed?

First, a bunkie board is a low-profile bed support used in place of a box spring. Many bunkie boards are stronger and more durable than traditional box springs as they’re made of wooden slats, a solid piece of plywood, or metal.

A box spring and bunkie board is not needed with a platform bed. Your mattress can sit directly on the supportive slats. If your platform bed doesn’t fit your warranty requirements, a bunkie board will provide adequate support for your mattress.

A thin mattress may sit too far down in the frame, causing the side rails to stick up higher than the mattress. A bunkie board or low-profile box spring will raise your mattress above the rails. Make sure the bottom of your mattress isn’t higher than the lip as your mattress may slide around.

Other than to meet warranty requirements or to elevate your mattress, there is no reason to use a bunkie board or low-profile box spring with your platform bed.


Are platform beds low to the ground?

It depends on the style of a platform bed, your preferences, and your needs. Some platform bed styles are low to the ground while others are high. The minimalist will like the low-profile Japanese-styled platform, while someone looking for storage options will consider a high-rise platform with built-in drawers.

Do mattresses slide off of platform beds?

This won’t happen with a well-made bed. In some lower-end platform beds, the mattress just sits on top with no lip to brace the mattress from shifting or sliding off the foundation.


There’s a fashionable, sturdy, and practical platform bed within each budget range. Platform beds work perfectly with memory foam mattresses and don’t require box spring or bunkie boards for extra support. Remember to look for platform beds with either a footboard, a lip, or recessed slats so your mattress doesn’t slip.

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