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Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Tyler Joseph (TJ) Thomas


Body temperature seems to have a significant say on the quality of our sleep. For hot sleepers specifically, this can create an overwhelming obstacle.

Many bedding brands recognize sleeping hot is a common problem and have begun crafting products to meet the needs of high-temperature sleepers. In fact, some of the best sheets on today’s market contain cooling technologies. These cooling sheets are typically crafted from Tencel®, cotton, or bamboo. Still, one size does not fit all.

In our guide, we discuss a variety of cooling sheets so you can compare the best sheets for hot sleepers and choose a set designed to meet your specific needs and provide a good night’s sleep.

Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Tencel SheetsAmerisleep
An eco-friendly sheet composed of the fiber of a eucalyptus tree—An instinctively breathable and moisture-wicking material.
BEST CRISP SHEETS FOR HOT SLEEPERSAmerisleep Cotton SheetsConstructed using a crisp percale weave to keep hot sleepers cool all night.
BEST SMOOTH SHEETS FOR HOT SLEEPERSZoma Tencel SheetsHypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and luxuriously soft
Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set
Sheet Set
Made using lightweight and cool Oeko-Tex® certified eucalyptus.
Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set
Slumber CloudStratus Sheet Set
Features a phase change material with the ability to release heat as body temperature changes.
Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set
Lyocell Bedding
Crafted from 100 percent organic bamboo; a naturally breathable and extraordinarily soft material.

Best Soft Sheets for Hot Sleepers: Amerisleep Tencel Sheets

amerisleep tencel sheets BEST SOFT SHEETS FOR HOT SLEEPERS
Amerisleep Tencel Sheets

Our number one recommendation has astonishing heat- and moisture-wicking qualities to best minimize sleep disturbances.

Best sheets features
  • Buttery silken sheets enable you to relax and drift off to sleep.
  • Cellulose fiber from eucalyptus trees help wick away heat.
  • Manufactured with sustainable fabric for better sheets for you and the planet.
Recommended for...
  • People shopping for environmentally friendly sheets and pillowcases.
  • Sleepers interested in a soft, silky sheet set without paying the cost of real silk.
  • Adjustable bed owners who want a sheet set that will stay on.

Amerisleep Tencel Sheets yield our highest recommendation. This revolutionary bed set’s moisture-wicking, exceptionally airy fabric is perfect for hot sleepers prone to night sweat.

Amerisleep’s 310 thread count sheets are constructed from the cellulose fiber found in eucalyptus trees grown without pesticides, irrigation, or genetic manipulation. The natural fabric has a silk-like luxurious feel.

As one of the best cooling sheet sets, Amerisleep’s Tencel sheets easily absorb moisture to reduce sleep-disturbing night sweats. Tencel sheets’ superior moisture-wicking abilities also avoid the growth of bacteria, making them hypoallergenic. The sheets are complete with 18-inch deep pockets and Amerisleep’s patented Smarty-BandZz® to prevent the sheet from bunching beneath you as you sleep.

Amerisleep’s eco-friendly bed sheets include one fitted sheet, an oversized flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

Best Crisp Sheets for Hot Sleepers: Amerisleep Percale Cotton Bed Sheet Set

amerisleep cotton sheets BEST CRISP SHEETS FOR HOT SLEEPERS
Amerisleep Percale Cotton Bed Sheet Set

The striking striped design on these sheets goes well with any neutral comforter or blanket.

Best sheets features
  • The percale tight weave feels smooth and flat when you lie down.
  • Cotton material feels cool and crisp, limiting night sweats and overheating.
  • The weave resists pulling, ensuring the sheets will last a good while.
Recommended for...
  • Hot sleepers who want crisp, cotton sheets with a smooth feel.
  • Allergy sufferers interested in simple, inexpensive, hypoallergenic bedding.

Amerisleep’s Percale Cotton Bed Sheet Set is a close second and another great option for hot sleepers. The percale cotton possesses cooling properties that ease feelings of overheating all night long. These sheets are best for anyone who prefers a crisp feel to the buttery-soft feel Tencel delivers.

Consumers describe Amerisleep’s 100 percent cotton sheets as lightweight, airy, and cool. A recurring theme amongst Amerisleep’s sheets, this set is also a fit for those with allergies or sensitive skin because the compact percale weave prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and dust mites. With a thread count of 300, the sheet set is made from long-staple cotton combed free of shorter, less sturdy yarn. Not only are they durable, but can fit mattresses up to 18-inches thick.

The purchase of Amerisleep’s percale sheets includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

Best Smooth Sheets for Hot Sleepers: Zoma Tencel® Sheets

Zoma Tencel Sheet Set

These super-soft and smooth Tencel sheets wick away body heat and provide a cool night’s rest.

Best sheets features
  • Tencel is made from sustainable eucalyptus fabric and is more environmentally-friendly than cotton.
  • Zoma Tencel Sheets keep you cooler so you can sleep deeper and recover faster.
  • Tencel is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking to ward off night sweats.
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers wanting a luxury cooling sheets.
  • Eco-conscious shoppers.
  • Sleepers who experience night sweats frequently.

Zoma’s Tencel Sheets are another one of our favorite options for hot sleepers—they’re supremely breathable and feel luxuriously smooth, and they’re backed by a 1-year warranty. Zoma also offers free shipping with the purchase of every sheet set, so it’s easy to shop their products.

We like the Zoma Tencel Sheets because they have a 300 thread count and lightweight weave, so they’re plenty breathable while still remaining durable. Zoma’s sheets are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and simple to maintain; they work for virtually every sleeper, even if you don’t suffer from night sweats.

Zoma’s Sheets fit mattresses up to 14 inches thick and have elastic edging to keep your fitted sheet snug around the mattress. In addition to a fitted and flat sheet, Zoma’s bedding set also comes with pillowcase covers (1 or 2 depending on the size).

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set

As Buffy puts it, their sheet set is “soft on you, soft on the Earth.”

Best sheets features
  • Buffy's eucalyptus is grown using 10 times less water than what cotton requires.
  • Eucalyptus pulp pulls away moisture and heat for an uninterrupted night's rest.
  • A selection of natural dye colors give the sheets some flare.
Recommended for...
  • Green shoppers interested in the benefits of natural bedding.
  • Hot sleepers who want thin, lightweight sheets.

Like Amerisleep and Zoma’s Tencel Sheets, Buffy’s Eucalyptus Sheet Set is harvested from the pulp of a eucalyptus tree. The breathable natural fibers are best for people continually woken from a sweaty sleep.

Some consumers report Buffy’s eucalyptus sheets to be extraordinarily thin. They have 15-inch deep pockets and a thread count of 300. This set is the ideal choice for hot sleepers who prefer to buy from eco-conscious companies. The eucalyptus set’s lightweight and smooth fabric is Oeko-Tex® certified, ensuring it to be free of any chemicals harmful to our health.

The purchase of these bed sheets includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Buffy also offers a 7-day sleep trial and 30-day return policy.

Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set

Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set

Slumber Cloud’s sheet set is out of this world, relying on NASA-approved phase change material for a cool night’s sleep.

Best sheets features
  • Innovative sleep technology ensures the sheets feel cool when needed.
  • Unique Outlast® material works in tandem with cotton for a cozy and comfy sheet set.
  • Sateen weave sheets can hug a mattress as thin as 5 inches and as thick as 15 inches.
Recommended for...
  • People who want a lengthy period to try out a pair of sheets.
  • Hot sleepers interested in high-tech phase-change fabric that adapts to body temperature.

Perhaps the highest-tech bedding on the market is Slumber Cloud’s Stratus Sheet Set. These sheets are constructed from man-made fabrics meant to alleviate the feeling of an overheated or humid bed.

The Stratus Sheet Set is a blend of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent Outlast®, a phase change material NASA’s astronauts use in their spacesuits to keep cool or warm. Phase change materials keep or release body heat with changes in body temperature, effectively keeping you in a comfortable state all night long. The Outlast® material essentially works alongside cotton to create a sheet both cozy and breathable. Slumber Cloud’s sheets are sateen woven into a 300 thread count with 15-inch deep pockets.

The Stratus bed sheets include one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, two pillowcases, and a 60-night sleep trial.

Ettitude’s Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set  ETTITUDE’S BAMBOO LYOCELL SHEET SET
Ettitude’s Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set

These Oeko-Tex® certified sheets have 17-inch pockets, making it simple work to slip them over a thick mattress.

Best sheets features
  • Antibacterial bamboo pulp establishes a germ-free sleep haven.
  • Bamboo pulp absorbs moisture and body heat for a temperature neutral sleeping surface.
  • Oeko-Tex® certified 100 percent organic bamboo sheets.
Recommended for...
  • Eco-conscious shoppers looking for organic bedding.
  • Allergy sufferers or people with lowered immunity who want a clean, germ-free bed.

Most recently, bamboo sheets have gained attention for their sustainable and moisture-wicking qualities. Ettitude’s Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set is no different.

Harvested from the pulp of a bamboo plant, these sheets are crafted from 100 percent organic bamboo and also Oeko-Tex® certified, guaranteeing them safe for human health. Similar to Tencel®, this type of material quickly absorbs sweat and effortlessly maintains a healthy body temperature while asleep. They are also antibacterial, making them another option for allergy sufferers. Ettitude’s sheets have 17-inch deep pockets and a 300 thread count.

This sheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, two pillowcases, and a 30-night risk-free sleep trial.

Other Factors to Consider

Rather than selecting a sheet marketed as breathable, many consumers prefer to be fully aware of their options. The type of fabric, weave, and thread count of your sheets will also play a role in their use to your specific sleep health.

Type of Fabric

Tencel®, cotton, bamboo, and linen are the most popular types of sheets amongst hot sleepers, but there are other cooling fabrics to consider, too. In this section, we will highlight each fabric and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Tencel® Sheets

Tencel® has recently increased in popularity for the capabilities of its natural fabric. The production of Tencel® is a closed-loop process, meaning a majority of the materials used are recycled and reused. Here’s how it works.

The wood pulp of a eucalyptus tree is harvested and dissolved in an organic compound called amine oxide. The dissolved wood is then forced through a spinneret device. This device is similar to a nozzle with miniature holes on its surface. As the pulp is pushed through these holes, it transforms into cellulose fiber. The fiber is set using diluted amine oxide then washed with water. Next, the material is dried of any excess liquid, spun into thread, and finally woven into a fabric. Lastly, the leftover amine oxide and water used during the process is recovered and prepared to use for the next production.

Tencel® sheets are more sustainable than cotton sheets. In fact, industrially farmed cotton uses 20 times more water. Perhaps most appealing, Tencel® is much smoother making it essentially silent to sleep on and less irritating to sensitive skin.

Cotton Sheets

When compared to other types of fabric like linen or silk, cotton has always been well-known for its breathability. There are multiple types of cotton sheets, each carrying unique benefits and downsides.

First, let’s briefly define staple length. Staple length refers to the span of cotton fiber and is commonly defined as short, long, or extra-long. This component of cotton mainly affects durability, so the longer the fibers, the stronger the fabric.

Upland Cotton

Upland is the oldest and most common type of cotton, accounting for nearly 95 percent of all cotton on American soil. It is versatile and can be made using short or long-staple threads. Bedding constructed from this type of fabric is usually breathable, durable, inexpensive, and easy-to-find.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is extra-long-staple cotton grown in Peru, Australia, or the United States. This fabric is usually sheen and silky. It’s durability and luxurious appearance makes it higher-priced and difficult to find.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is handpicked from the Nile River Valley. Authentic Egyptian cotton can be difficult to come across and therefore, is often considered elegant. This extra-long-staple fabric is durable and shrink resistant but frequently wrinkles. Because it is difficult to prove legitimate, Egyptian cotton carries a higher price. The higher price tag is why Egyptian cotton sheets are thought to be the most luxurious bed sheets available.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are known for their extraordinarily soft texture, moisture-wicking power, and eco-friendly manufacturing process. When shopping for bamboo sheets, it is important to remember they can be processed in one of two ways: viscose or lyocell. Both processes are similar to the production of Tencel®.

However, the viscose process utilizes more aggressive chemicals to dissolve the bamboo pulp. These chemicals do not pose a threat to human health because they are no longer present once the bed sheets are complete. However, they can not be recycled and are typically dumped onto land, to which they can cause damage.

The lyocell process is much more eco-friendly and essentially identical to Tencel®. It is a closed-loop process and uses reusable organic chemicals to dissolve the bamboo pulp. Because lyocell is more eco-friendly it has a higher price point and may be difficult to find.

Linen Sheets

Linen sheets are recommended for hot sleepers because they allow for air to flow freely through the material and not trap heat. Linen originates from the stem of a flax plant and is known to be naturally breathable. This fabric is also stiff and avoids sticking to your skin, preventing sweating.


Some companies name their sheets’ after weaves because it can have a large impact on the breathability of bedding. Here are the most commonly marketed weaves.

Percale Weave

Percale sheets are typically recommended for hot sleepers or summer months. This type of weave is sometimes referred to as the “one over, one under weave,” because horizontal and vertical threads are woven over each other one at a time. The compact weave creates a breathable fabric that is lightweight, crisp in texture, and wrinkle-resistant.

Sateen Weave

Sateen sheets tend to sleep warmer than percale sheets and are best for colder months. Sateen is a looser weave that sits heavier on the bed. It consists of a “three over, one under” practice that appears sheen and feels silky, but is prone to wrinkling.

Thread Count

Thread count defines the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. Many consumers are tempted to purchase products with an exceptionally high thread count, but this is not necessarily the best investment. Some companies add low-quality yarn to their weaves to increase their numbers. Because larger thread counts are achieved using low-quality yarn, sheets marketed with high numbers are less durable and quicker to pill.

Also, be aware of singly-ply and two-ply yarn. The single-ply yarn consists of a single thread woven over one another while two-ply yarn consists of two threads twisted together then woven. Although technically incorrect, some brands double count two-ply yarn to inflate thread count.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to stick within the 250 to 400 range. Also important to note, linen sheets carry lower thread counts because it is a thicker material. For linen, try to stick to a thread count between 80 and 150.


What material is best for night sweats?

Tencel® sheets are the best for night sweats. This material permits constant airflow and wicks 70 percent more moisture than cotton. This is important because some hot sleepers find cotton and linen sheets to keep them cool, but not dry. If you are a hot sleeper who frequently wakes because of sweating rather than simply being hot, we suggest a Tencel® sheet.

What is the best material on bed sheets to keep you cool?

When it comes to staying cool, Tencel® sheets are the most refreshing. Originating from the pulp of a eucalyptus tree, their fabric combines smoothness with buoyancy and absorbency. However, some people prefer their cooling sheets to feel crisp rather than silky. If this is you, invest in a percale cotton sheet.

Do bamboo sheets keep you cool?

Bamboo sheets are cool to the touch but better known to regulate body temperature than promote constant airflow. This is because bamboo fibers have extremely small gaps that trap cold or warm air. Thus, bamboo bedding is recommended for year-round use, not just the summer months. Still, much like Tencel®, bamboo quickly draws in and dries moisture, making them a great choice for hot sleepers who sweat.

Do high thread count sheets make you hot?

Higher thread count sheets are denser and thus, hotter. To avoid overheating, stick to thread counts below 400.

Remember, a low thread count alone will not keep you cool. Search for a breathable material like Tencel® or cotton and a compact weave like percale to successfully cool you down.

Do cotton sheets keep you cool?

Cotton sheets have long been known for their breathability. The coolest cotton sheets are usually percale woven. This is because the tight weave keeps bedding lightweight and airy.

Are microfiber sheets hot?

Some brands characterize microfiber sheets as cooling, but they are not great for hot sleepers because they actually retain heat. These types of sheets are excellent at drawing in and drying sweat, but sleep much warmer than Tencel®, cotton, linen, or bamboo. Microfiber is made from synthetic material, usually polyester divided into pieces smaller than a human hair. The result is a fabric that easily absorbs everything, including body heat.


Our body temperature fluctuates far more during sleep than when awake, hence the reason so many people struggle to keep cool. Breathable bedding has become a high-chased commodity and is only increasing in capability.

Nonetheless, merely selecting a sheet described as cooling may not result in better-quality sleep. Rest assured, there is a material to meet your needs. Finding the best sheet simply requires assessing the reason you define yourself as a hot sleeper, and then purchasing new sheets with a fabric capable of combating heat retention and hot nights.

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