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Best Twin XL Size Mattress: Buyer’s Guide

Lara Vargas


Often those restricted by a budget will purchase a new mattress too small with the thought of saving money or that they will have enough room to sleep comfortably. College students, single adults, and parents with growing children buy twin size mattresses, not realizing they need the additional 5-inch length twin XL mattresses offer.

In this article, we’ll discuss our recommended twin XL mattresses. We’ll also explore what to consider when buying a twin XL bed, including who the mattress is intended for, budget, and mattress materials and firmness.

Best Twin XL Size Mattress

The AS3Amerisleep
The firm and gentle support of Bio-Pur® alleviates pressure points.
$1199Buy Now
Zoma Sports Mattress
Triangulex™ technology alleviates pressure points and pain.
Zoma Hybrid Mattress
Gel memory foam relieves pressure points while pocket coils provide targeted support.
Molblly10-Inch Memory
Foam Mattress
Jacquard cover is hypoallergenic and machine-washable.
Nest Bedding Love and Sleep
Nest BeddingLove and Sleep
Phase-changing cover regulates the sleeper’s temperature by absorbing and releasing heat.

Best Universal Mattress: Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

We recommend the AS3 for most single sleepers. It’s suitable for all ages, from small children to mature adults.

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Best mattress features
  • The durable and eco-friendly materials promote a long-lasting mattress, saving you money and ensuring you won't send your mattress to a landfill after only a few short years.
  • Bio-Pur® maintains a cool temperature, making it easy for absorbed body heat to escape in the night.
  • Bio-Core® foam layer resists sagging, making it quite likely that the mattress will provide more than a decade's worth of a good night's sleep.
Recommended for...
  • Parents who want a durable mattress capable of accommodating a small child into their teens.
  • Single adults who want a mattress that provides great value for a fair price.
  • Side, back and combination sleepers.

The Amerisleep AS3 has a 12-inch profile and can bear 400 lbs. This mattress has a medium firmness, making it perfect for side and back sleepers. Amerisleep designed this mattress to promote restorative sleep and increase muscle recovery.

The soft, breathable cover keeps you cooler by circulating air throughout the mattress. It is also removable for easy washing.

Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur® memory foam layer is more breathable and bounces back to its original shape faster than traditional memory foam. The layer contours to the sleeper to alleviate pressure and ease joint and back pain.

Below the Bio-Pur® layer, the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology contains hundreds of hexagons grouped into five comfort zones — the head, shoulders, back, hips, and feet. This layer offers targeted support, promoting pressure alleviation in your body’s more sensitive areas.

The Bio-Core® layer extends the mattress’s longevity by deterring sagging.

Amerisleep’s 20-year warranty guards against defective materials and workmanship, including sagging greater than 0.75 inches; however, the warranty doesn’t cover regular wear and tear.

The Amerisleep AS3 comes with a 100-night trial. The customer may try the mattress and make a return if the mattress doesn’t meet their sleep needs.

Best Mattress for Active People: Zoma Mattress

Zoma Mattress

The Zoma Mattress was designed to bolster an athlete’s sleep habits, but anyone can benefit from sleeping on a Zoma bed, regardless of their activity level.

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Best mattress features
  • Cool gel memory foam contours even better than traditional memory foam, thanks to added triangular cutouts.
  • Support+ foam keeps the bed in impeccable shape, increasing the mattress's likely lifespan.
  • Springy Reactiv™ foam increases the bed's pushback, lifting you for a more comfortable night's rest.
Recommended for...
  • Budget shoppers who want a quality mattress for a fair price.
  • Athletic children, students, and adults.
  • People with chronic pain conditions or who tend to sleep hot.

The Zoma Mattress stands 11 inches tall and can withstand 400 pounds. The mattress has a medium firmness, making it a great sleep surface for back and side sleepers. The Zoma Mattress was made with a balance of support and pressure relief, to encourage restful sleep.

Zoma’s polyester-elastane cover stretches to increase airflow.

The top layer, gel-infused memory foam with Triangulex™ technology, conforms to the body and alleviates pressure points. The Triangulex™ technology is made of hundreds of triangular cut-outs grouped at the head and foot of the bed to increase pressure relief. The midsection of the layer is solid and firm to support the hips, preventing sinkage and spinal misalignment.

Below, 2 inches of Zoma’s Reactiv™ material is made of a responsive polyurethane. It offers a slight bounce, which allows a user to switch sleeping positions unhindered and buffers between the comfort and support layers.

The Support+ material deters sagging to extend the mattress’s longevity.

The mattress’s 10-year warranty states Zoma will bear financial responsibility for defective mattress materials and craftsmanship, including sagging greater than 0.75 inches. The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear.

Zoma offers a 100-night risk-free sleep trial with every mattress purchase. The customer may return the mattress if it doesn’t fit their sleep needs.

Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers: Zoma Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid contains the same recovery foams as the classic Zoma, complemented by a bouncier support system.

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Best mattress features
  • Breathable AirCloth performance fabric encases the mattress, and cool gel memory foam disperses body heat.
  • Reactiv™ foam keeps your spine in a healthy alignment as you move throughout the night.
  • Three zones of support from Triangulex™ technology, with a softer feel under your head, shoulders, and legs.
Recommended for...
  • People who have difficulty falling or staying asleep.
  • Hot sleepers looking to keep cool at night.
  • Athletes and high-achievers who want to improve their daily performance.

The Zoma Hybrid is another great mattress choice for the single sleeper. The mattress provides plenty of pressure relief and support for long-lasting comfort. Plus, with better edge support thanks to the pocketed coils, you can rest easy without worrying about rolling off the bed.

The comfort layer contains gel memory foam. Gel is known to pull heat away from the body and provide a cooler sleep compared to traditional memory foam. Additionally, this comfort layer a zoned support system. Triangular-shaped segments form three zones of support. You’ll feel softness under the head, shoulders, and legs, and firmness under the back and hips.

Reactiv™ foam is the transition layer which acts as a means to prevent the body from sinking too deep. Reactiv™’s elastic material adjusts to shifting weight and encourages healthy spinal alignment.

Hundreds of pocketed coils make up the support layer. Each coil reacts under pressure, so you feel more support under your lower back, but a deeper compression under your shoulders. A 1-inch base foam protects the bed frame from the coils and reinforces the bed’s structure.

Each Zoma Hybrid Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. If you notice any manufacturing defects or sagging greater than 0.75 inches, Zoma will fully replace the bed at no extra charge.

Zoma allows you to try the Zoma Hybrid for 100 nights. If you don’t like the bed after thoroughly testing it out, you can return it for a full refund.

Molblly 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Moblly 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress MOLBLLY 10-INCH MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS
Molblly 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

This budget-friendly mattress is 10 inches thick, ensuring it provides the minimum comfort, support, and durability needed for a good night’s sleep.

Best mattress features
  • Adaptable memory foam comfort layer soothes aches and pains and prevents from disturbing a partner's rest.
  • Breathable, removable jacquard cover keeps you cool and clean.
  • Transition foam makes it simple to move across the bed's surface, whether you're awake or asleep.
Recommended for...
  • Bargain hunters shopping for a great deal.
  • Allergy sufferers of all ages.

The Molblly memory foam mattress has a 10-inch profile. We couldn’t find a consistent price for the twin XL mattress; however, the cost was always below $200, making the Molblly mattress very affordable.

The jacquard cover is breathable, increasing airflow through the mattress to wick away heat. It’s also hypoallergenic and machine-washable.

The 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer wicks away heat and offers a pressure-relieving conformability. The memory foam isolates motion to prevent sleep disruption when a partner changes positions.

Below the memory foam, 4 inches of high-density comfort foam buffers between the comfort and support layer, preventing the “stuck” feeling. The layer offers bounce, as well, which helps sleepers move on the mattress’s surface.

The support layer is made of 4 inches of high-density base foam. It reinforces the upper layers by deterring sagging.

Molblly offers a 10-year warranty and will replace or repair a mattress with defective materials and workmanship.

Depending on the vendor you buy this mattress from, the sleep trial can change. Through Amazon, you can use their return policy as a makeshift sleep trial; in which case, you have 30 nights to try the mattress and return it if you do not like the bed.

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep

nest bedding love and sleep NEST BEDDING LOVE & SLEEP
Nest Bedding Love & Sleep

Whether you choose a firm or medium feel, the Love & Sleep mattress is a good balance between bouncy support and breathable comfort.

Best mattress features
  • Thick bottom layer of Edge Support Base Foam improves the mattress's resilience.
  • Energex foam is a mix of durable and breathable, infused with heat-dispersing materials.
  • Phase-change cover regulates surface temperature, releasing body heat when it's hot and retaining it when it gets cool.
Recommended for...
  • Stomach sleepers hunting for a firm mattress.
  • Shoppers who want the security of a lifetime warranty.

The Love & Sleep Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified and won the 2018 National Parenting Product Award. It’s available in firm or medium feels and USA-made. The bed offers a balance of bounce, support, and breathability.

The phase-change cover regulates the sleeper’s temperature by absorbing heat when body temperature increases and releasing heat when the sleeper gets cold.

The top layer is made from 3 inches of Energex foam, which is a high-performance, breathable foam infused with an assortment of conductive minerals and material to wick away heat. Energex foam offers a slight bounce to allow the sleeper to move freely on the mattress’s surface without getting “stuck.”

Below, 2 inch of SmartFlow Air Flow material transitions between the comfort and support layer to prevent the sleeper from bottoming out on the firm core below.

The support layer is 6 inches of Edge Support Base Foam and prolongs the mattress’s life by deterring sagging.

Nest Bedding offers a lifetime warranty with the purchase of the Love & Sleep Mattress. The warranty will repair or replace a mattress with defective materials and craftsmanship — not including regular wear and tear.

Your 100-night sleep trial starts the date the mattress arrives on your doorstep. If you find the mattress doesn’t cater to your sleep needs, you may return the bed, although per return policy, the sleep trial is only extended to one customer per calendar year.

How Big Is a Twin XL Bed?

The twin XL mattress is the second smallest mattress size—third, if you’re counting the crib beds. It has a 38-inch width and 80-inch length, which is 5 inches longer than the twin mattress to accommodate taller children or single adults.

The twin XL mattress is a great mattress for those single adults or children who don’t need a lot of sleeping space and want more floor space in their bedroom. It’s also a good budget mattress, as twin XL mattresses don’t use as many materials to construct, which keeps the price low.

Best Twin XL Size Mattress Buying Guide

Your sleep needs influence the mattress size you will need. Your budget and plans for the bed can also affect the mattress size you will buy.

Who Are You Buying For

If you’re buying the mattress for yourself, consider your height, your body type, and whether or not you have a sleeping partner when choosing a mattress size.

If you don’t have a sleeping partner, you don’t have to consider their sleeping needs and can focus on your own. If you’re over 6 feet tall, we recommend purchasing a twin XL to accommodate your height and prevent your feet from dangling over the bed’s side.

Twin XL mattresses are great for college dorm rooms. They can also work for a guest room.

Those with sleeping partners want to purchase a queen size mattress. You will want to consider your partner’s height when choosing a mattress size.


While the mattress’s brand influences the price, the bed’s cost goes up if you purchase a larger mattress size. If you’re on a budget, you want to buy a larger bed size to promote restful sleep, but small enough to limit your expenses.

For instance, a 23-year-old male college student with a 6-foot and 3-inch height and weight around 167 pounds will want to purchase a twin XL mattress. A twin XL is long enough to accommodate persons height up to 6 feet and 7 inches. The twin XL will also offer enough room for the college student to change sleeping positions without falling off the bed.

Creating a Split King Mattress

Split king mattresses have the same dimensions of two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. A split king mattress allows a couple to have two firmnesses for those couples with different sleep preferences.

If you have a twin XL mattress you love, but your partner needs another firmness, you can purchase a twin XL mattress catering to their preferences. Push the two beds together to create a split-king bed.

Mattress Materials

If you’re looking for a certain feel, looking into the type of mattress will set you on the right path.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are made with coil support cores and thin comfort layers made of polyester, cotton, and wool. Some innerspring beds have Euro and pillow tops that serve as a plush comfort layer.

The coil system encourages air circulation to wick away heat, making the coil bed one of the most cooling mattresses on the market.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made with at least one memory foam layer. They are very supportive and conforming.

Memory foam is a type of elastic polymer. It reacts slowly to pressure and bounces back slowly when pressure is removed from the material’s surface. This slow reaction to pressure allows the material to contour closely to the sleeper to alleviate pressure and pain.

Plant-based memory foam is a type of memory foam manufactured by substituting soy oils and other plant materials for some petrochemicals, which creates a breathable, eco-friendly foam.

Gel, copper, and graphite-infused memory foam pull heat from the sleeper to offer a cooler sleep surface. The conductive properties allow the heat to pass through the materials without retaining it.

Latex Mattress

There are several types of latex mattresses. All of them are very supportive and conformable; however, depending on your environmental outlook, health, and budget, you might prefer one type of latex mattress over the other.

Natural latex mattresses are made with rubber tree sap. They are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Natural latex is made in two ways, although we won’t recommend either option to someone with latex allergies.

The Dunlop process produces a firm, dense latex foam. It’s made without chemical additives, making Dunlop latex the only all-natural latex.

The Talalay process involves adding chemicals to the rubber tree sap to produce a light and bouncy foam.

Synthetic latex mattresses are made with a chemical compound, which makes it a great option for latex allergy sufferers. While synthetic latex mimics the feel of true latex, synthetic latex does not have antimicrobial qualities.

Blended latex is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. It has some antimicrobial properties and is cheaper than natural latex.

We do not suggest buying a latex mattress with synthetic materials; however, if you decide to purchase one, make sure the product is CertiPUR-US® certified to ensure it doesn’t contain harmful additives.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are constructed with coil support cores and memory foam comfort layers. Hybrids are cooler than memory foam mattresses, but can still retain heat due to the memory foam layers.

Hybrid mattresses have great support and conformability. They’re ideal for side and back sleepers for their enhanced pressure relief and ability to promote spinal alignment.

Sleep Trials, Return Policies, and Warranties

Sleep trials, return policies, and warranties play a large part in customer satisfaction.

These policies are offered to protect the buyer from a defective product or from keeping something we do not want.

Return Policy

The return policy outlines what you and the company’s responsibilities are when making a product return. We suggest looking for a company that bears full financial responsibility, including transportation, donation, and restocking fees.

Sleep Trial

Many of the best mattress companies offer extended home trials so the customer can decide if the mattress caters to their sleep needs. If the mattress doesn’t meet the buyer’s expectations, they may return the bed within the trial period.


Warranties ensure the company will replace or repair a mattress with defective materials or craftsmanship not incurred by the owner.

Warranties usually cover split or cracking foam, faulty covers, and sagging.

Look for a company that offers full coverage for at least 10 years, including responsibility for transportation and handling fees.

What Is Your Perfect Firmness

After you decide on the mattress type you want, you should learn which firmness improves your sleep quality. Twin XL mattresses come in every firmness imaginable: soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm.

One of the most effective ways to find your perfect firmness is by considering your sleep position and body type.

Your Sleep Position

Side sleepers need a soft bed to relieve pressure points that build up from sleeping on their sides the entire night. The best mattresses for side sleepers are medium in firmness as these beds offer an even balance of comfort and support to alleviate pressure and prevent joint and lower back pain.

Back sleepers need a medium to medium-firm mattress to promote spinal alignment and prevent back pain. A plush bed will cause a back sleeper’s hips to bow into the mattress and misalign the spine, leading to chronic pain. A medium to medium-firm mattress prevents the hips from bowing while contouring to alleviate pressure points in the hips and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers overextend their backs and can suffer from chronic pain more than other sleepers.

We suggest switching to side sleeping to promote healthy, restful sleep; however, if you cannot switch to another sleeping position, we recommend a medium-firm to firm mattress to preserve the spine’s natural curvature. Try sleeping without a head pillow and, instead, place the pillow under your hips to improve alignment.

Your Body Type

The pressure you place on the mattress can change its feel.

Heavy individuals place more pressure on a mattress’s surface than a small person. On a soft mattress, a large statured person will sink into the bed at the hips and shoulders, causing the spine to misalign. Firm mattresses can support larger sleepers to maintain spinal alignment.

Lighter sleepers need a soft mattress as they do not have enough weight to sink into firm materials. Softer beds alleviate pressure while offering support. A firm mattress will only create pressure points.


Can I use regular twin bedding on a twin XL mattress?

We recommend checking the dimensions of the sheet set before buying, as some twin bed sheets can accommodate a standard twin and twin XL mattress, but some don’t.

Will the purchase of a twin XL mattress require a new bed frame?

If you have an adjustable bed frame, you shouldn’t purchase a new bed frame. If the bed frame is static, you will need to find a larger frame as well as a new box spring.


When looking for a Twin XL mattress, remember your sleep needs, such as your sleeping position and body type. We suggest looking into the companies warranty, sleep trial, and return policy as it will keep you from purchasing a low-quality bed.

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