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How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed

Lara Vargas


Raising and lowering an adjustable bed makes it difficult to keep your bed sheets in place while you sleep, and all that bedding shifting around can affect your sleep quality as you keep getting up to adjust it!

Most standard sheets don’t have deep enough pockets to stay on an adjustable bed as it moves, so the right size sheets are key. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to keep sheets on an adjustable bed.

Methods for Keeping Sheets on an Adjustable Bed

Buying the correct size sheets is the first step towards keeping them securely on an adjustable bed. If you’re still having issues keeping your sheets in place, consider purchasing sheet suspenders or buying sheets with an elastic band sewn into them.

Fitted Sheets with Deep or Extra Deep Pockets

Buying fitted sheets that feature deep or extra-deep pockets is the simplest solution to keeping sheets on an adjustable bed. These sheets have strong elastic edges to ensure they don’t slip.

Sheet Suspenders

Sheet suspenders feature straps that have metal locking clips which go beneath your mattress to prevent sheets from bunching and slipping.

Adjustable bed sheet fasteners form an X pattern to secure sheets to the corners of the bed. You can buy sheet fasteners at hardware and department stores or on websites like Amazon.

Elastic Bands

Some sheets come with elastic bands sewn into the edges. These elastic bands tuck below your mattress and keep your sheets tight when raising and lowering your adjustable bed. Many mattress protectors already come with elastic bands, but fitted sheets don’t always include them, so look out for these in particular.

Type of Adjustable Bed Sheets

The type of sheets you have can impact your sleep quality. Some sheets aren’t soft or thick enough to keep you comfortable while you sleep; other fabrics can cause overheating or  lead to discomfort for those with skin sensitivities. That said, you can use most any sheet type on an adjustable bed, as long as it fits your personal preferences and has deep enough pockets.


Bamboo sheets are ideal for sleepers prone to allergies and night sweats because they’re breathable and hypoallergenic. These sheets are also known for their durability. The strong bamboo fibers prevent holes and tears from occurring even after many washes.


Tencel® sheets are made of wood cellulose from Eucalyptus trees. The natural materials that make up this sheet allow for breathability and enhanced cooling ability, plus Tencel® is an ideal fabric for sleepers with sensitive skin because no harsh chemicals are used in manufacturing. Keep in mind that Tencel® sheets can’t be washed in hot water, because they will tear or shrink.


These soft sheets are made from the seedpods of cotton plants and come in both long and short-staple lengths. Cotton sheets with long staples, such as Egyptian cotton sheets, feature stronger fibers and are thus more durable. This durability allows these sheets to hold up and maintain their color after washing.

High-quality cotton sheets are soft, easy to maintain, and affordable. The soft feeling comes from the long-staple fibers used to make cotton sheets, and it increases with each wash cycle. You can wash most cotton sheets with hot water and dry them on low with the rest of your laundry.


Microfiber provides sleepers with a softer feeling than regular polyester sheets. Microfiber sheets are lightweight and inexpensive, and because the fibers in microfiber sheets are woven tightly, they hold up better over time and are more stain-resistant than other sheet types.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

There are many benefits of using an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds provide sleepers with a comfortable and pain-free night’s sleep, especially those with Restless Legs Syndrome, poor circulation, and back pain.

Combat Acid Reflux

Adjustable beds can prevent stomach acid from entering your throat, which can be a problem for some people when they lie down flat. A slightly elevated angle positions the throat over the stomach instead of below it to prevent and relieve heartburn.


Sometimes a simple pillow between the legs is enough to alleviate pressure on the legs, but an adjustable bed can soothe and reduce swelling, too. Raised support allows for improved blood flow in your legs, preventing numbness or pain and helping you sleep better.

Arthritis Pain

According to the Arthritis Foundation, around 80 percent of people experience sleep problems because of arthritis pain. Raising the foot of your bed can soothe arthritis pain as well as aid in joint support and pressure relief, resulting in a night of pain-free sleep.


What kind of sheets should you use on an adjustable bed?

Fitted sheets with deep or extra-deep pockets are essential for an adjustable bed. You can also add sleep suspenders or elastic bands to your sheets if you have issues with them staying in place. Always buy sheets to match the specific thickness of your bed (ex: king sheets for a king size bed).

How do you put sheets on a split adjustable bed?

If you have a split adjustable bed, you’ll need two sets of sheets for each half of your bed. The size of your adjustable bed will determine what size sheets you need to purchase. For example, a split king bed requires two sets of twin XL bed sheets. When putting your sheets on, make sure the tag is facing the inside and secured to the lower left foot of the bed.

How can I keep my sheets tight on the bed?

The easiest way to keep sheets tight on your bed is to purchase fitted sheets with deep or extra-deep pockets. Other sheet tightening methods that can be used include sheet straps and elastic bands. Sheet straps use metal clips and an X formation on the underside of your mattress to keep sheets in place. Some fitted sheets come with elastic bands sewn into the edges, which can also help keep the sheets tight.

How do you keep pillows from falling behind an adjustable bed?

Purchasing a pillow holder is one option to help keep your pillow from falling behind or off your bed. Pillow holders go underneath the head of your mattress to stop your pillows from slipping off when you raise or lower your bed. You can buy a pillow holder online. You can also place thin pillows or blankets in the space between your headboard and the mattress.

How often should you change the sheets on your bed?

You should wash and change the sheets on your bed at least once a week, and buy a new set of sheets every 2 to 3 years. Signs that you need new sheets include visible holes, color fading, and sheets thinning.


Purchasing fitted sheets with deep or extra-deep pockets is crucial in keeping the corners of your fitted sheets tight. If you still have issues keeping your sheets in place, consider using sheet straps or elastic bands.

Material is another factor to keep in mind when choosing sheets for your bed because it greatly affects your comfort, as well as how clean and protected your mattress is. While an adjustable bed is a great way for sleepers to minimize pain at night, you may have trouble keeping your sheets in place. Follow the tips in this article and you’ll be on your way to undisturbed sleep!

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