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A Review of Leesa Mattresses

Lara Vargas


We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, which means the quality of our mattress has a huge effect on both our waking and sleeping hours. When choosing a new mattress, you’re making an investment on the overall quality of your days— so you need to take your time and do your research, including reading reviews, before buying a bed. In this article, we’ll be discussing the Leesa brand as well as Leesa mattress reviews to help you decide if one of these beds is right for you.

Company Background

Leesa was founded in 2014 on the shores of Virginia Beach by David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein. Dedicated to serving people with an American-made product, Leesa sells manufactures all of their beds right here in the US and sells them directly to customers on their website.

Though Leesa does pride itself on making a comfortable mattress, their core purpose is to provide a good night’s sleep to everybody. For every 10 mattresses Leesa sells, they dedicate one to someone in need. Additionally, they do their best to donate all of their returned mattresses that are in good enough shape to take on a new home. To date, they’ve donated over 32,000 mattresses to various nonprofits across the nation. In 2022, they were recognized as #52 on the Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies list.

When Leesa first was launched, they sold only one mattress. Now, they sell a variety of sleep accessories such as pillows, mattress protectors, bed frames, adjustable bases, mattress foundations, and more. Having received over 13,000 five-star reviews, this brand is certainly a crowd favorite.

Mattress Models & Materials

ModelsHeightPriceWarrantySleep Trial
The Leesa10 inches$99510 Years100 Nights
The Sapira11 inches$1,59510 Years100 Nights


At first, Leesa only sold their all-foam flagship mattress, The Leesa. After the success of their first bed, they introduced a hybrid mattress called The Sapira. Both of their beds are designed to be comfortable for the majority of sleepers, so there’s no guessing which is the best mattress for you.

Below, we’ll break both models down layer by layer, discussing the materials in each and describing the bed’s overall firmness.

The Leesa

leesa mattress reviews

Within the last year, Leesa has made some improvements to the original design of their flagship bed. Though the design is fairly similar, Leesa has modified the top layer of the bed to be more comfortable and breathable.

Overall, it has three layers— let’s take a look at each:

  • The cover of the Leesa is a thick polyester blend meant to feel cozy to the touch.
  • The first layer of this mattress is their proprietary LSA 200 foam, made with poly-foam. Leesa has designed this layer to be bouncy and responsive, similar to latex. Originally, Leesa used Avena® foam as their top comfort layer, but because it was a bit dense, it had a tendency to trap heat. Their new LSA 200 foam is less dense than the foam used previously, so it should not trap heat inside the mattress.
  • Below, is a layer of cushioning memory foam. The viscoelastic memory foam used in this layer is less responsive than the poly-foam layer above— this layer will contour to you and allow your body to sink down into the bed. It’s important to note, the responsiveness of the layer above should prevent you from feeling stuck in this bed as it shouldn’t allow you to sink too far.
  • The core of this mattress is high-density poly-foam in place to offer sound structural support to the layers and edges of this bed.

All in all, the Leesa stands at 10 inches in height and is rated by customers as being medium-firm, or a 6.5-7 out of 10.

The Sapira

leesa sapira mattress reviews

While the Leesa is known for its pressure-relieving abilities, the Sapira is designed to offer exceptional targeted support.

The design of the Sapira builds off of the Leesa, integrating three layers of foam with a pocketed coil system below. Let’s take a look inside:

  • The cover of the Sapira is a blend of polyester and lycra— the addition of lycra improves the covers ability to regulate temperature. Lycra wicks moisture away from your body while you sleep, which should keep you cool and prevent you from waking up sweating.
  • The first layer of this model is 1.5 inches of Avena® foam. As we mentioned earlier, they omitted the Avena® foam from their Leesa model due to its tendency to sleep hot. In this model, they’ve pin-holed the top layer to increase its breathability. If you’re somebody who’s prone to waking up hot, this bed may contribute to that issue. On the other hand, the pros of using Avena® foam include its responsiveness. When laying on this mattress, you should feel as if this layer cushions you while lifting you— unlike memory foam which often provides a “cradling” feel.
  • Below the comfort layer above is 1.5 inches of memory foam. By placing the layer of memory foam below the layer of Avena® foam, Leesa prevents you from sinking too far into their bed and feeling stuck. The memory foam of this layer should contour to your body and provide pressure relief without enveloping the sleeper.
  • Next, is a layer of high-density poly-foam to serve as a barrier between the soft memory foam above and the pocketed coil system below. By including this layer, Leesa diminishes the chance of you sinking through the Sapira’s top layers and bottoming out on the firm coil system.
  • Below the three layers of foam, lies the pocketed coil system. These individually wrapped springs move independently of one another to isolate motion and offer targeted pressure point relief. Leesa improves the bounciness of their bed by including the pocketed coil system.
  • The last layer of this mattress is 1 inch of high-density memory foam— this layer offers support for the mattress layers above and gives the pocketed coil system a surface to bounce off from.

The Sapira stands at 11 inches tall and is also rated as a medium firm mattress.


For this guide, we’ll be basing our prices off of Queen sizes.

  • The Leesa costs $995.
  • The price of the Sapira Hybrid is $1,595.

When you buy a Leesa bed, it comes with free shipping and, if needed, free returns.

Leesa frequently runs discounts on their mattresses, and sometimes includes free accessory items with a purchase. For the best deal, wait to purchase during one of their mattress sales.

Sleep Trial

Every Leesa bed comes with a 100-night sleep trial, giving you the opportunity to try your new bed in your home. Leesa requires you try their mattresses for at least 30 nights, or through the duration of the adjustment cycle, to give their brand a fair chance. If you decide after 30 days the bed is not compatible with your sleep style, you have the option to return it for a full refund. To make your life easier, Leesa will even coordinate the pickup of the mattress you’re wanting to return so you’re not tasked with shipping it back to them.

From their website, it appears the only fee associated with a return would apply exclusively to customers located in Alaska and Hawaii— and that $100 fee is to cover transportation of the returned mattress.

Warranty Information

All Leesa mattresses are covered by a 10-year full replacement limited warranty. If your mattress is found to have a defect during this warranty period, Leesa will repair or replace it. If your bed is found to be defective and Leesa chooses to repair it, you would be responsible for the transportation charges associated with sending your bed back to them. They do not charge any fees for the repair, though.

To be considered defective your mattress must have a visible sag or indentation at least 1-inch deep or a physical flaw in the craftsmanship of the bed or cover.

Leesa Mattress Reviews

Though both of the Leesa mattresses are designed to offer universal comfort, we recommend side sleepers choose a bed that offers a little more cushion to allow your hips and shoulders to sink adequately into the bed. That said, both of these mattresses are great options for back and stomach sleepers.

As we mentioned before, Leesa mattresses and even the brand itself get glowing reviews. Positive reviews of their beds mention they sleep cool and offer superb motion isolation.  Customers also appreciate the brand’s eco-conscious business model and One in Ten initiative. Negative reviews of the brand mostly mention its lack of variety.

Before buying, read customer and mattress reviews to make sure you’ve found the best bed for yourself. If not, feel confident shopping knowing most brands offer a risk-free sleep trial.

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