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Mattress Research

The sources for our comparisons come from actual owner reviews and experiences collected from manufacturer websites, third party review websites, and forum discussions unless otherwise stated. While owner reviews can be subject to bias, we assess each source for legitimacy, editing, or dishonest tampering to keep information as accurate as possible.

In aggregate comparisons, we look at the entirety of reviews available (from one or more of the above sources) to provide a general picture of a brand or model. While variance will exist among individual reviewers and beds, this can be helpful for gaining a general sense of how one brand may compare to another.

When comparing specific aspects like longevity, we may further filter reviews to ensure accuracy by length of ownership or other factors as stated within the respective articles.

Graded Rating Process

When assigning grades for comparative scorecards, we generally look at the star rating for a specific aspect if available (out of 5), or divide the number of times an issue or benefit was mentioned by the total sample size to achieve a percentage and compare this with the general average for the mattress type.

GradePercent RangeReview Rating (out of 5)
F59% or less0.1-0.9


  • If 92% say they would recommend a bed and average reviews give a rating of 4.3/5, than that bed would receive an A for owner satisfaction.
  • If 75% said they would recommend a bed and average reviews gave an owner rating of 3.0/5, we would consider other important satisfaction measures (how many say comfortable for example) to see if the model should receive a C or B- rating.
  • If 5% of reviewers complained of heat, that means 95% did not. If the collective average for that mattress type is 10%, than that bed would receive an A rating for heat. But, if 15% of reviewers complained of heat, making it worse than the average for that mattress type, the bed would receive a C.

Any advertising and links that appear on our website in no way affect our website content or research results, which remain unbiased and as accurate as possible. We disclose the source of our information on each comparison so that anyone may verify our findings and information by searching online and reading through the same reviews.