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Nectar Mattress Reviews vs. Amerisleep

Malena Piper


Finding the best memory foam mattress is harder than ever, with countless brands claiming to provide the perfect mattress. This can make deciding which mattress is ideal for you is especially tricky. To help you find the mattress that offers the best value and quality, we produced this comparison between two great companies, Nectar and Amerisleep, who specialize in making memory foam mattresses.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Key Similarities 
  2. Key Differences 
  3. Construction Differences
  4. Firmness Differences
  5. Motion Transfer and Density Differences
  6. How to Make Your Decision


Key Similarities

Since these two companies compete for the same customers within the same market, they do share a few characteristics:

  • Memory foam comfort layers
  • All foam mattresses
  • Designed to offer pressure relief
  • Designed to promote a cool sleeping environment
  • Designed to promote motion isolation
  • Risk-free sleep trials
  • Generous warranties


Key Differences

Because both companies deliver a product with quality traits, the differences decide which mattress is best. Here is a list of some of the key differentiators:

  • Nectar has one model of mattress. Amerisleep has five.
  • Nectar’s mattress allows for one firmness level. Amerisleep has a different firmness level for each of its five mattresses, ranging from firm to soft.
  • Nectar is a very new company. Amerisleep has been in the mattress business longer.
  • Nectar manufactures its mattresses in China. Amerisleep manufactures its mattresses in the United States.
  • Nectar is the less expensive mattress. Amerisleep, due to the materials used, has a higher price tag.


Construction Differences

nectar mattress reviews
While both Amerisleep and Nectar produce memory foam mattresses, not all memory foam mattresses are the same. Below are the different aspects of how Nectar and Amerisleep produce their products and to what effect.

When considering a new mattress, make sure it works to help eliminate heat retention and motion transfer while increasing comfort and support.

The Nectar mattress has a Tencel cover, a 1-inch layer of quilted gel memory foam, another layer of gel memory foam, followed by a layer of Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam, and a breathable base layer at the bottom.

The Tencel cover and two layers of gel memory foam are Nectar’s tools to provide comfort while the Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam is there to provide support. When looking for the best mattress for staying cool, look to see what are the top layers of the mattress for that is where there is the highest risk of heat.

Amerisleep starts their mattress with a soft, breathable cover that can be removed for washing. Directly beneath the cover is the Bio-Pur® layer. Bio-Pur® is an open-cell, plant-based memory foam. This foam is more breathable than traditional memory foam and greatly reduces any risk of heat retention while providing comfort. On Amerisleep’s AS2 (Medium-Firm), AS3 (Medium), and AS4 (Medium-Soft), beneath the Bio-Pur® is a layer of HIVE® technology. The HIVE® layer is a zoned support system, providing support where you need it and comfort where you want it while creating air channels to promote even more breathability.

The AS1, Amerisleep’s firmest mattress, does not have a HIVE® layer to put the sleeper closer to the supportive core, creating the firmest mattress they make. The AS5, Amerisleep’s softest mattress, has an extra layer between Bio-Pur® and HIVE® called Active Flex. Active Flex is a latex-like material, creating a bouncier feeling, which, when combined with Bio-Pur®, gives the sleeper the sensation of sleeping on a cloud.

As you can see, the difference comes in the materials used and how they provide the best support and comfort possible.

Firmness Differences

as3 best memory foam mattress
Since Nectar has only one type of mattress, they are promoting the idea of universal comfort. While we appreciate the simplicity of one-size-fits-all, we know different people have different needs. Since Amerisleep makes five unique bed models, they cater to a much larger variety of sleepers. For example, if you need the best mattress for side sleepers you will most likely have different needs than someone who needs the best mattress for lower back pain.

The amount of memory foam in the Nectar makes it most similar to the Amerisleep AS4. While this is great for individuals who enjoy sleeping on a medium-soft bed, it leaves out others who prefer different firmness levels. Below is a list of mattress firmness levels and their Amerisleep and Nectar matches:

  • Firm (the Amerisleep AS1)
  • Medium-Firm (the Amerisleep AS2)
  • Medium (the Amerisleep AS3)
  • Medium-Soft (the Nectar and the Amerisleep AS4)
  • Soft (Amerisleep AS5)


Motion Transfer and Density Differences

Motion transfer and foam density are two important parts to consider when choosing between mattresses. Memory foam reduces motion transfer by absorbing movement, and both Nectar and Amerisleep use enough memory foam in their products to provide significant motion isolation.

Nectar’s mattress has 1-inch 4lb “semi-open fast-recovery gel memory foam” on top of a 3-inch 3.5lb memory foam. The densities are similar to Amerisleep’s AS4, which has 4-inches of 4.0lb memory foam. The difference, however, is in the quality of memory foam. By using plant-based memory foam, Amerisleep can make their mattresses more supportive, more responsive, and more breathable.

How to Make Your Decision

nectar mattress
Below, we have a list of the main concerns you might want to consider before making your final decision.

  • Material – Amerisleep uses technologically-advanced materials to provide the most comfortable sleep possible. Their mattresses include a plant-based Bio-Pur® Layer, a zoned-support HIVE® Layer, a latex-like Active Flex Layer, and a supportive Bio-Core® Layer. All these layers offer specific support and comfort. The Nectar uses an impressive amount of memory foam, but it isn’t enough to outperform an Amerisleep mattress.
  • Manufacturing – Amerisleep manufactures its beds in the United States, which gives them more control over their production and quality. Nectar exports its work to China.
  • Experience – Amerisleep has been in the business much longer than Nectar. They know how the industry works, and they know what sleepers want, as evidenced by their high number of positive customer reviews.
  • Firmness – Nectar has one firmness level that does work for some people. If you know your exact firmness preference, Amerisleep will provide a more specific option. Whether you sleep on a soft mattress or a very firm mattress, Amerisleep has more choices.
  • Price – If budget is your primary concern, Nectar may be the best option. If you are looking for an investment in your sleep and well-being, Amerisleep is the right choice. Although Amerisleep does cost more, it isn’t enough to break the bank.

Both mattress companies aim to offer a good night’s sleep with their products. However, because of the quality of materials and firmness levels available, Amerisleep provides the most value and quality at a fair price.

If you are looking for a supportive mattress, Amerisleep’s multilayer technology offers the best support for a variety of sleeping preferences. If you need a specific firmness level, Amerisleep will have the right option for you. With five mattress types, you can find your ideal mattress whether you are a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper. If you are looking for a cool night’s sleep, Amerisleep uses great technology to help reduce the risks of sleeping hot. Considering all of these variables, Amerisleep offers a more versatile and more advanced product line-up than Nectar.

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