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Twin vs. Full vs. Queen Mattress Size Guide

Lara Vargas


Buying a too-small mattress is a common mistake. For example, many couples think a full-size bed offers them enough space to sleep well when, in reality, they have a sleeping area equivalent to a baby crib bed.

Preference and circumstances influence what mattress size is best for your sleep needs. In this twin vs full vs queen mattress comparison, we discuss how to improve your sleep by choosing the best mattress size.

Twin-size Mattress

Twin mattresses are 38 inches by 75 inches. An excellent size for solo sleepers or children of all ages. The only bed smaller than a twin size is the crib mattress.

This mattress size is easy to move and can fit in smaller or oddly-shaped bedrooms. Often, the mattress is placed side by side or stacked in bunk beds to place two sleepers in one room.

However, a new bed may be needed as children grow out of their adolescent years. Kids over 5 foot 5 inches tall may their foot dangle off the edge of the bed, which disrupts sleep. Most adults find the twin bed too uncomfortable and instead opt for the twin XL, which offers five extra inches to the bed’s length.


  • Dimensions: 38 inches by 75 inches
  • Width per person when shared: 38 inches
  • Pros: great for solo sleepers, fits in small and oddly-shaped bedrooms
  • Cons: cannot accommodate two sleepers and most people will outgrow them

Full-size Mattress

Double or full-size beds measure 54 inches by 75 inches, making it 6 inches smaller than a queen, but 15 inches larger than a twin. The full mattress is economically priced, making it a great option for single sleepers on a budget.

While two children can share this mattress comfortably, two adults cannot as the mattress only offers 27 inches per adult. A double bed size is great for a solo sleeper, such as a teen who has outgrown their twin bed.

A full bed is often used as guest beds or when a child moves out of the home. A full-size mattress fits in a smaller bedroom and will accommodate a single adult sleeper under 5 foot 5 inches.


  • Dimensions: 54 inches by 75 inches
  • Width per person when shared: 27 inches
  • Pros: fits in a smaller bedroom and great for sleepers under 5 foot 5 inches
  • Cons: cannot accommodate two adult sleepers

Queen-size Mattress

A queen bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches and is 21 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a twin bed. The space difference between full and a queen is an extra 6-inch width and 5-inch length, which is enough space for most couples to sleep comfortably side by side. Unless you have very tall parents, you probably won’t outgrow a queen.

The queen mattress works in small master bedrooms and guest rooms. It’s a great choice for couples who like to snuggle, although there are couples who need more room to spread out.

Dimensions: 60 inches by 80 inches

  • Width per person when shared: 30 inches
  • Pros: length and width offer enough space for most adults to sleep comfortably
  • Cons: too small for couples who like to spread out

Other Bed Sizes to Consider

Variations of the full, twin, and queen mattresses are worth considering if the standard sizes don’t fulfill your sleep needs. Manufacturers add a few inches to the length or width to accommodate people who are taller or need more sleeping space.

Twin XL Mattress

The twin XL or extra long twin mattress measures 38 inches by 80 inches. The extra length offers comfort to taller children, teenagers, and single adult sleepers. The twin XL bed is a popular mattress size for college dorm rooms and studio apartments.

A sleeper 6 foot 6 inches tall and shorter can sleep on this mattress comfortably. The only time you may need an upgrade is if you gain a sleeping partner.

Full XL Mattress

Full XL beds have 5 inches of extra length, bringing the mattresses dimensions to 54 inches by 80 inches. Full XL beds accommodate taller single sleepers. This mattress may need a larger room and may require a special bed frame unless you’re opting for an adjustable frame.

This mattress is an odd size and not available in many retail stores, so one of these beds may need to be purchased through an online retailer who specializes in customized mattresses.

Olympic Queen Mattress

Olympic queen mattresses are 66 inches wide by 80 inches long. They are 6 inches wider than a queen-size bed. The Olympic queen is another mattress size you will have a hard time tracking down and will likely need to be purchased through a specialty retailer.

Which Size Is Right For Me

Most mattresses in the United States are sold in standard sizes. Some manufacturers will custom-cut mattresses to fit the customer’s sleep needs, but those end up costing a pretty penny. So, if you’re on a budget and don’t know what mattress size can provide restful sleep and fit your spending plan, we have a few tips.

Toddler to Adolescent Teen

Toddlers and adolescent teens don’t need much room. A twin bed is excellent for single sleepers and long enough to accommodate most children. Twin beds also don’t take up much floor space, giving the child room to play or exercise.

If you and your partner are both tall, you might consider a twin XL for your child. Planning ahead by buying the larger size bed can save money.

Older Teenagers and Adults

By the time your child is 18, they’ve most likely stopped growing. If you haven’t already purchased a twin XL for your child, you may consider the full or full XL size. The full and full XL offers more sleeping space, which your teen will appreciate. After your child moves out, you can make the full or full XL bed a guest bed or hand it down to your next teenager.

A single person can comfortably sleep in a twin Xl, full, or full XL. If you are single and a college student, you may consider a twin XL your best budget option.

A full-size mattress would offer the best sleep quality to a larger person or one who likes to spread out. On the other hand, if you’re taller than five foot five inches you will want the extra length of a full XL bed.


The most popular size for couples is a queen mattress. It’s long enough for tall people and wide enough to accommodate two sleepers.

More couples are starting to buy larger sizes (standard king, California king, and split king size) so they can sleep comfortably.


While it’s good to stay in your budget, you should opt for the mattress size that will give you the best sleep. You may also consider your living arrangements or if you’re looking for a mattress for a guest bedroom. If you’re looking into a full or twin, remember they aren’t couple-friendly—if you have a sleeping partner, you will need a queen-size bed or bigger.

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  • As a solo sleeper in a queen sized bed, I find that a smaller duvet would work better, 54 x 74 inches, to receive best thermal results. Where can I find this size of bedding?

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