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What is a Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed?

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A wall hugger adjustable bed is a type of adjustable bed that is meant to be placed against the wall of your bedroom or living room. The nice thing about this bed is that it keeps you in one place as you adjust the elevation level. This allows you to easily reach your remote or nearby items on your nightstand.

With a typical adjustable bed, you and your mattress will experience some movement when inclining. This sliding can lead to issues getting out of bed or accessing things while in bed. That is why wall hugger adjustable beds have become so popular. These beds allow those with mobility issues to remain comfortable and self-reliant.

In this post, we will touch on the history of wall hugger adjustable beds. Then, we’ll compare them to regular adjustable beds and help you choose which is better for your needs. We’ll end by answering some commonly asked questions about adjustable beds.

History and Development of Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds

Wall hugger adjustable beds started as an idea for how to make adjustable beds more user-friendly. The minds behind these inclining beds noticed that those with mobility issues were having difficulty sliding and reaching things from their bed. So, in 1883, the wall hugger adjustable bed base came out.

Leggett and Platt, the minds behind this bed, knew that wall hugger adjustable beds would make being bed-bound easier for people. With the bed placed against the wall, individuals would be able to easily sit up in bed without neck or back strain. In addition, there would be no issue getting out of bed or reaching nearby objects.

Today, wall hugger adjustable beds have become popular for those recovering from injury or surgery at home. Their invention has made it easier for older people or those with limited mobility to still have some independence without straining themselves.

Benefits of Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds

There are a number of different benefits that come with an adjustable bed with wall hugger technology. They come with all the normal benefits you’d expect from adjustable bed frames. A few of these benefits include anti-snore elevation, improved circulation, pain relief, improved quality of sleep, and help battling symptoms of sleep disorders.

Here are some additional health benefits you’ll experience when investing in a wall hugger adjustable bed:

  • Sleeping Position: A wall hugger bed allows sleepers to find a comfortable, healthy sleeping position without any slipping or sliding. When you raise or lower the elevation of your bed, you and your mattress will still remain in place.
  • Easy to Use: Anyone can easily raise or lower their wall hugger adjustable bed with the click of a button. Some remotes are backlit to allow for use at night without needing to turn on any lights. You can also sync your remote to allow your smartphone so an app controls your favorite position.
  • Mobility: Unlike a traditional adjustable bed, a wall hugger bed allows for maximal mobility. Its closeness to the wall makes it safer for you to get in and out of bed without the risk of falling. In addition, you’ll be able to reach your remote or bedside table with ease.
  • Decrease Pain and Stiffness: Wall hugger adjustable beds promote a comfortable and supportive environment for recovery. You’ll be able to sit up in bed to read, watch TV, or talk on the phone without any neck or back pain.

Wall Hugger vs Traditional Adjustable Beds

There are several major differences between wall hugger and traditional adjustable beds. With a traditional bed, you and your mattress will move some as the incline of your bed changes. For some, this movement can lead to discomfort or lead to issues getting out of bed. It can also put you in a position where you cannot reach your wireless remote controls.

A traditional adjustable bed can be placed anywhere in your bedroom or living room. In contrast, a wall hugger adjustable bed will keep you and your mattress secure as you elevate your bed. This will ensure that you are in a comfortable position that allows you to reach your remote and nightstand. Wall hugger beds must be placed against a wall.

Cost is another small difference between these two beds. Both types of beds are more expensive than non-adjustable beds. When you choose a wall hugger adjustable frame, you’ll be paying a bit more than you would for a traditional adjustable bed. However, it is well worth the cost to have a comfortable and easy-to-use bed.

Who Should Choose a Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed?

There are two main groups of people that will benefit from having a wall hugger adjustable bed. First, is those who are recovering from injury or surgery. These individuals will be spending a lot of time in bed. They will certainly need some assistance from family, friends, and caregivers. However, by choosing a wall hugger bed, they’ll still have a sense of independence.

A wall hugger adjustable bed allows for an easier recovery process for those who are bedridden or have mobility issues. These sleepers will be able to rest comfortably and get into or out of bed without the risk of injury. This type of bed would also be a good fit for pregnant women who are on bed rest.

Older individuals are another group that could greatly benefit from sleeping in a wall hugger adjustable bed. For the elderly, getting into and out of bed is the biggest risk factor for falls. These falls can lead to broken bones, hospitalization, or even death. A wall hugger adjustable bed can minimize these risks.

Plus, those who are bed-bound will be able to reach their items and remote without having to ask for assistance from others. Choosing a bed like this can also help an older person to minimize their joint pain and body aches at night. With a minimal amount of pain, they’ll be able to rest comfortably and get a better night’s sleep.

Helpful Features of Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds

Wall hugger adjustable beds, like all adjustable beds, come with a long list of helpful features. These features will help you operate your bed, improve your comfort, and allow you to get the high-quality sleep you’ve been searching for. Here is a sampling of the available features included with many adjustable beds:

  • Full Body Massage: The massaging feature that comes with an adjustable bed will soothe and relax your tired muscle. This can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long. With this feature, you will be able to specifically target areas of tension and pressure in your body.
  • Pillow Tilt: Sleepers who are combination sleepers or sleep on their side may experience neck, shoulder, or back pain. You can use the pillow tilt feature to combat this issue. This feature will adjust the angle head is at while you sleep to prevent pain or muscle soreness in these areas.
  • Zero-Gravity Preset: The zero-gravity setting on your wall hugger adjustable bed while giving your entire body a weightless, floating feeling while you sleep. This feature will keep you comfortable and supported to allow for more time in deep sleep. The zero-gravity position will also allow for muscle and joint relaxation.
  • BluetoothⓇ and Wi-Fi: This compatibility feature allows you to use your smartphone or other technology to control your bed. You can sync the settings on your wireless remote with your device and use both to control your adjustable bed. This convenience feature makes adjusting your bed for nighttime sleep easy and quick.

How to Install a Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed

Installing a wall hugger adjustable bed is relatively simple. You do not need a lot of extra space or help with installing this bed. In comparison, a traditional adjustable bed may need extra room and multiple people to handle the installation process.

To install your wall hugger bed, insert it in the same spot as your previous or existing bed. You can pair a wall hugger adjustable bed with almost any base or foundation. If you are planning to use a slatted foundation, make sure the gap between bed slats is no bigger than 2.75 inches.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wall Hugger or Traditional

There are a number of components that will go into your decision of whether to buy a wall hugger or a traditional adjustable bed. Your age, health conditions, mattress size, mattress type, and room size should all factor into your buying decision.

  • Age: Younger individuals may not see the need or benefit from investing in an adjustable wall hugger bed. However, older individuals who are recovering from injury, surgery, or illness will be best suited with a wall hugger adjustable bed. This group will be able to continue to use the bed as their mobility declines with age.
  • Health Conditions: Someone who isn’t in the best of health or is experiencing a health decline will benefit more from a wall hugger adjustable bed than a traditional one. This is especially true for those who suffer from a sleep disorder and joint or muscle pain.
  • Mattress Size: You can pair almost any size mattress with a traditional or wall hugger adjustable bed. However, you may have some difficulty finding a California king size mattress for an adjustable bed. You also may want to consider opting for a split adjustable bed. With this type of adjustable bed, you’ll be able to personalize the firmness and support of each side of the twin XL bed. A split king bed will allow you to raise your elevation without waking your partner.
  • Mattress Type: Regardless of whether you choose a traditional or wall hugger adjustable bed, you’ll want to pay special attention to the type of mattress you buy. Innerspring mattresses cannot be paired with an adjustable bed. The best mattresses for an adjustable bed are hybrid, latex, or memory foam mattress.
  • Room Size: A wall hugger bed will need to be placed against a wall. In contrast, a traditional adjustable bed can be placed anywhere in your room. Measure your space and the size of your adjustable bed to determine which is a better fit for the area.


Which sleeping positions are wall hugger adjustable beds recommended for?

Wall hugger beds are suitable for all different sleeping positions. It doesn’t matter whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side, or a combination of all three; you’ll be comfortable in a wall hugger adjustable bed.

You can raise the foot or head of your bed to adjust the incline. Which of these sleeping positions is most comfortable and supportive will depend on your unique needs. Everyone can benefit from an adjustable bed and the variety of sleep settings it offers.

What are the drawbacks of an adjustable bed?

The biggest drawbacks of an adjustable bed are the cost and slipping you may experience as you raise the elevation of your bed. To offset the cost of an adjustable bed, you can see if the store you are buying from offers financing or see if your insurance will help with expenses.

If you are worried about sliding down in your bed as you lower or raise it, you can purchase a wall hugger bed instead. Unlike a traditional adjustable bed, a wall hugger will ensure that you don’t move away from your nightstand or remote as you adjust the angle of your bed.

What is a wall hugger recliner?

A wall hugger recliner uses the same design concept as a wall hugger adjustable bed. This type of recliner is great for compact spaces or living rooms. It’s also the perfect compromise for those who aren’t sure if they are ready to invest in a wall hugger adjustable bed.

If you are a younger individual who will be recovering from surgery or injury, consider a wall hugger recliner. It may be the perfect solution for your short-term mobility limitation and comfort needs.

Does Medicare pay for adjustable beds?

In some cases, Medicare will pay for part or the full cost of an adjustable bed. Your primary insurance provider may also be willing to help with the expense. How much or if the cost of your adjustable bed will be covered at all will depend on a few factors.

First and foremost is the reason you are wanting to invest in an adjustable bed. If it is a short-term situation, insurance may pay for an adjustable bed to be brought in on a temporary basis. If you have sleep apnea or acid reflux, a doctor’s prescription for an adjustable bed can go a long way towards getting full or partial coverage for the cost.

Can you store things under an adjustable bed?

You may be able to store some items under your adjustable bed if it’s adjustable legs are raised high enough off the ground. If you do choose to store things under your bed, be sure that nothing is in the way of or too close to your bed’s motor.

If you do not have enough room under your adjustable bed for storage, consider purchasing a headboard or putting a nightstand by the side of the bed.


Purchasing a wall hugger adjustable bed is a great choice for those recovering from surgery, injury, or older individuals with mobility issues. Unlike a traditional adjustable base, a wall hugger bed will keep you and your mattress from moving when you adjust the incline. This will allow you to remain comfortable, supported, and within reach of your remote control.

A wall hugger adjustable bed must be placed against a wall to function properly. This bed features an easy installation process and doesn’t require a lot of extra space. Your bed will likely come with additional features and settings to improve your quality of sleep.

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