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What’s the Best 4th of July Mattress Sale?

Malena Piper


Are you in the market for a new bed this summer? You’re in luck. Independence Day is one of the very best times to shop—and score big savings before Labor Day sales.

This year is set to be especially good. There will be lots of great deals in every price range. And you can save on all mattress types—from memory foam, to innerspring, latex, to hybrids. It really is one of the best times to buy a new bed.

Use this article as your shopping guide. Here we’ll go over the basic details of this summer’s discounts. We’ll also compare the top beds by category to save you some time. We’ve collected all the deals we could find to make this resource as helpful as possible.

Read on to compare 2022’s best summer prices. Plus, get helpful tips for picking out the best bed for you.

Best Mattress for 4th of July

The AS3Amerisleep
Medium feel, eco-friendly mattress with a generous warranty.
The AS5 HybridAmerisleep
Plush feel is supported by a buoyant foam that negates sinkage without compromising on cushion.
Vaya Vaya
Simple two-layer design effectively supports and relieves all sleepers.
BEST COOLING MATTRESS Zoma Sports Mattress Gel infusions, contouring cutouts, and a responsive transition foam promotes a restorative bed.
BEST MATTRESS ON AMAZON Zoma Sports Mattress Budget-friendly gel memory foam mattress suits different sleep positions.

Best Overall Mattress: Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 is our recommended mattress to buy this 4th of July. Not only is it comfortable for most sleep styles and body types, but it’s also eco-friendly. Score the AS3 for $300 off this Fourth, along with up to $239 in free bedding.

Take $300 off this 4th of July

With code AS300

Get discount
Best mattress features
  • Bio-Pur® foam is partly plant-based for greater breathability.
  • HIVE® technology eases joints and supports the spine's neutral alignment.
  • Bio-Core® promotes a sag-free structure, extending the bed's likely lifespan.
Recommended for...
  • Side, back, and combo sleepers seeking an excellent 4th of July mattress deal.
  • Shoppers searching for a eco-friendly mattress at a discounted price.

The Amerisleep AS3 is a medium memory foam mattress recommended for side, back, and combination sleepers. In addition to plant-based foams, this bed also contains zoned support technology to deliver better sleep. Sleepers enjoy the thickness of the comfort layer in the AS3, as it provides plenty of cushion for the shoulders and hips.

In every Amerisleep all-foam mattress, apart from the AS1, is HIVE® technology. Within the second layer of the AS3 is a zoned support system to keep your spine in a healthy position. HIVE® offers enhanced pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, and firm support for the head, torso, and feet.

The base of the AS3 is sturdy Bio-Core® to resist sinkage.

Best Hybrid Mattress: AS5 Hybrid

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid is another Amerisleep mattress to consider. It’s Amerisleep’s softest hybrid and offers both soft cushion and bouncy support. Buy yours this Independence Day for $1679 (queen size).

Take $300 off this 4th of July

With code AS300

Get discount
Best mattress features
  • Three support zones offered by the coils, with a softer feel in the head and foot.
  • Heat can easily escape through Bio-Pur® foam and the soft, breathable cover.
  • Bio-Pur® foam is made with fewer petrochemicals than the average memory foam.
Recommended for...
  • Side sleepers looking for a plush mattress this 4th of July.
  • Petite sleepers searching for a 4th of July deal on a pressure-relieving mattress.

The AS5 Hybrid is Amerisleep’s softest hybrid mattress. It’s an excellent option for side and combination sleepers, but this bed is also a great soft mattress for heavy sleepers. Amerisleep designs this mattress with responsive layers to avoid the sinking feeling so many report with soft beds. With that, the AS5 Hybrid can accommodate sleepers over 230 pounds just fine.

The construction of the AS5 Hybrid doesn’t differ too much from its memory foam counterpart. It features 3 inches of Bio-Pur® (plant-based memory foam) in the comfort layer, followed by 2 inches of responsive Active Flex. Active Flex is a latex-like foam, so it has a lot of bounce. When you kick back on the AS5 Hybrid, Bio-Pur® contours and cradles you as Active Flex stops you from sinking too far.

In every hybrid is a pocketed coil base layer. Instead of including HIVE® in the hybrid mattresses, Amerisleep designs its coils to offer targeted support. These act almost identical to HIVE®, offering compression for the shoulders and hips and extra support for the head, torso, and feet. These coils keep you lifted and comfortable, and ease pain. Plus, they isolate motion because they’re pocketed.

Like all of Amerisleep’s models, the AS3 and AS5 Hybrid are currently on sale. Every mattress purchase comes with free shipping (and free returns, if necessary), a 100-night sleep trial, and a 20-year warranty. On July 4th, enjoy $300 off the list price of Amerisleep mattresses with code AS300. Don’t miss out!

Other Fourth of July deals from Amerisleep include:

  • As much as $3000 off adjustable bed sets (mattress +adjustable bed)
  • 25% off pillows, sheets, protectors, and duvet cover sets
  • 15% off their seat cushion and the Recover+ Comforter

Best Mattress for the Money: Vaya Mattress

Vaya Mattress

The Vaya Mattress is budget-friendly option for all sleepers, and it’s priced even lower this 4th of July! At $300 off with a free pillow, you can score this top-rated breathable and bouncy foam mattress for less than $600.

Take $300 off this 4th of July

With code VAYA300

Get discount
Best mattress features
  • Vaya foam relieves pressure points and evenly supports a sleeper's body.
  • Breathable, lightweight comfort layer minimizes overheating and night sweats.
  • The Vaya Mattress has met CertiPUR-US®'s safety standards for a toxin-free mattress.
Recommended for...
  • People who like to sleep on their back, side, or stomach.
  • Shoppers living on a limited budget and looking to make the most of their money.
  • Hot sleepers looking for an affordable cooling mattress.

Up-and-coming mattress brand, Vaya Sleep, is offering $300 off their versatile and already-affordable bed this Independence Day. Plus, an included free pillow!

There aren’t many reviews on this mattress yet since the brand is rather new, but this brand stuck out to us because it doesn’t contain memory foam or latex. Instead, this brand uses an innovative foam of their own designed to offer the benefits of both memory and latex foam while minimizing their drawbacks.

“Vaya foam” is cushioning and contouring, but it doesn’t cradle you like memory foam, and because of that, it feels more breathable and bouncy than other foam beds. Plus, the Vaya Mattress is comfortable for almost everybody because it’s supportive enough to keep you lifted in neutral alignment but still contouring enough to prevent pressure points and feel cushioning soft. As a medium in firmness, it should be a fit for nearly all sleep styles and body types. That said, stomach sleepers may need a little more support than what the Vaya can offer.

Vaya Sleep is an online mattress brand, so you can’t find their beds in stores. Instead, they’ll ship your bed to you for free when you order online. And they also offer a risk-free 100-night sleep trial with every mattress purchase, meaning you can return for free if you don’t find the Vaya comfy after a couple of months. Of course, Vaya also offers a 10-year warranty with their mattress.

Best Cooling Mattress: Zoma Mattress

Zoma Mattress

Next is the Zoma Mattress. The Zoma is our favorite mattress for hot sleepers because it contains gel infusions and air channels to keep hot air flowing out of the mattress. Take $150 off mattresses, along with up to $540 savings in free bedding.

Take $150 off this 4th of July

With code WIN150

Get discount
Best mattress features
  • Gel infusions and hundreds of cutouts that double as air channels promote coolness.
  • Triangulex™ firm under the torso yet soft under the head, shoulders, and legs.
  • Zoma helps customers donate returned beds to a local charity, eliminating unnecessary waste.
Recommended for...
  • Shoppers looking for a quality memory foam mattress for under $1,000
  • Side, back, and combination sleepers hunting 4th of July deals for a new mattress.
  • People of all activity levels.

Another ultra-comfortable mattress to have on your radar this 4th of July is the Zoma Mattress. We love this mattress because it’s made with two different sleep-enhancing technologies to prevent sleep disturbances and help you stay snoozing all night long: cooling gels and zoned support technologies.

The Zoma is a medium memory foam mattress recommended for side, back, and combination sleepers. It features 2 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of latex-like Reactiv™ foam, and 7 inches of durable Support+ core foam. If you’re a hot sleeper or somebody with aches and pains, we cannot recommend the Zoma enough.

As we mentioned, the comfort layer of this mattress is 2 inches of gel memory foam. So when you lay down on this bed, you’re met with cooling, contouring comfort. The foam molds to your body and adapts to your every movement so you never feel stuck. Even better? This comfort layer has Triangulex™, a surface modification technology, so it offers different levels of comfort and support for different parts of your body.

Triangulex™ contains hundreds of triangle-shaped segments, and these segments are placed below your shoulders and hips to allow for deeper compression and prevent pressure buildup under these heavy joints.  However, Triangulex™ is smooth and firm under the torso to keep the spine lifted in neutral alignment. This design keeps you sleeping in a comfortable position and prevents aches and pains. Plus, it nurtures a healthy spine to boost recovery.

Zoma is offering $150 off their recovery mattress this 4th of July, bringing the price of a queen to $799. Plus, the free bedding included with your purchase is worth up to $540. Every purchase comes with free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

Zoma is also offering $300 off their adjustable beds and a buy one, get one 50% off deal on their pillows.

Best Mattress on Amazon: Zoma Start

Zoma Start

Lastly is the Zoma Start, a thinner and firmer update on the classic bed. Like the original model, it’s an excellent choice for hot sleepers. Save with Amazon’s low prices and free shipping.

Save With Free Shipping and Low Prices

On the Zoma Start

Get discount
Best mattress features
  • Gel memory foam moves heat away from the body for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Adaptable, responsive surface established by the Reactiv™ foam.
  • Mattress longevity provided by the Support+ foam base.
Recommended for...
  • People who sleep hot in any position.
  • Budget shoppers seeking a mattress for deeper sleep.
  • Regular Amazon shoppers.

The Zoma Start possesses a similar construction to the classic Zoma Mattress, with three layers of foam wrapped in an AirCloth cover.

An inch of gel memory foam tops the mattress for cooling pressure relief. The infused gels help heat quickly escape the mattress, while the memory foam molds to the body in all positions. This cradling sensation cushions sensitive areas and ensures pain-free awakenings.

The middle layer is an inch of Reactiv™ foam, a bouncy material that ensures the mattress quickly adapts to movements. Thanks to Reactiv™ foam, you’ll never feel trapped in your mattress when you try to get out of bed or like you’re sinking too far when lying down.

The base layer is 8 inches of Support+ foam for a durable, lightly firm feel. This bottom layer keeps the mattress standing strong even after years of nightly use.

Every purchase of the Zoma Start on Amazon includes a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

4th of July Mattress Sales: Who, What, When, and Where

Most 4th of July mattress sales kick off by the end of June. A few might only run on Independence Day, but most retailers extend their promotions through the week. Researching this year’s sale events took a lot of work. Here are the highlights that we found. These beds stand out for having above-average customer reviews. They also represent great values.

Where are the Best July 4th Mattress Deals This Year?

The better question might be, where aren’t they? Almost every major department store, mattress store, and online store will be slashing prices. You’ll find major sales at a number of retailers, including:

Sale events are often posted on a rolling basis. Once they come out, we’ll post them here for easy comparing. Check back often!

Regional and local retailers will also be slashing prices. But here we’re focusing on events happening nationally. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look on your own. Mom-and-pop bed stores might surprise you with a great sale.

Don’t forget online shopping, either. Browsing and buying online is simple, efficient, and convenient. You can shop for a bed in the comfort of your own home—at your own schedule. It’s worth taking advantage of this great tool, so don’t miss out.

July 4th Mattress Deals by Store

There are so many retailers offering big savings during the summer holiday. Here are the major national stores and online brands we’ve come across so far. Retailers are listed alphabetically.

Online at from 6/22-7/4.

  • $300 off any mattress with code “AS300”. Includes free shipping and free returns.
  • 25% off pillows, sheets, protectors, and duvet cover sets.
  • 15% off seat cushions & comforters.
  • Up to $300 off adjustable bed bundles.
Take $300 off this 4th of July

With code AS300

Get discount

Online at through 7/4.

  • $150 off mattresses plus free bedding accessories
  • Buy one pillow, get one one 50% off
  • 30% off adjustable beds
Take $150 off this 4th of July

With code WIN150

Get discount

Online at through 7/4.

  • $300 off the original Vaya Mattress plus one free Vaya Pillow
  • $300 off the Vaya Hybrid plus one free pillow.
Take $300 off this 4th of July

With code VAYA300

Get discount


Online at and in stores through 7/4.

  • $197 – Macybed Basics Foam Firm Queen Mattress.
  • $297 – Macybed Classic Plush Queen Mattress.
  • $397 –Macybed Premium Plush Queen Mattress.
  • $597 – Macybed Lux Memory Foam Barton Cushion Firm Queen Mattress.
  • $597 – Macybed Resort Firm or Plush Queen Mattress.
  • $697 – Macybed Resort Firm or Plush Euro Pillowtop Queen Mattress.
  • $1097 – Macybed Lux Baxter Firm or Plush Mattress.
  • $1297 – Macybed Lux Coventry Cushion Firm Euro Top Queen Mattress.
  • $1557 – Aireloom Hybrid Firm or Plush Queen Mattress Set.
  • $1757 – Aireloom Vitagenic Copper Gel Firm Queen Mattress Set.
Save on 4th of July mattress deals


Get discount

Mattress Firm / Sleepy’s / 1800Mattress

Online at,, and in stores 6/27 until 7/10.

  • $648 – Sleepy’s Firm, Plush or Pillowtop Queen Mattress.
  • $650 – Tulo Soft, Medium or Firm Queen Mattress.
  • $799 – Sleepy’s Cool Plush 12” Memory Foam Queen Mattress.
  • $999 – Sleepy’s Pillowtop Queen Mattress.
  • $1999 – Dream Bed Lux LX150 12” Firm Memory Foam Queen Mattress.
Save on 4th of July mattress deals

At Mattress Firm

Get discount

See Mattress Firm listing – the deals are the same.

Online at, dates to be announced.

  • Overstock typically offers smaller savings off of closeouts from Simmons and store brands of spring and foam beds.


Online at and in select stores through 7/15.


See Mattress Firm listing – the deals are the same.

Shopping Smart During 4th of July Mattress Sales

Lower prices alone won’t help you find the best bed. Even with a great discount, there are other important things to factor in. Keeping them in mind can ensure you get a comfortable bed that will last for several years. After all, your sleep—and health—depend on it!

So what should you be thinking about while you shop? Material quality and product guarantees are two biggies. But that’s not all. Here’s a full list of considerations when buying a new bed.

Your preferences are important.

What’s the first thing you should do before you start shopping? Think about what you like and don’t like about your current bed. What’s the most comfortable firmness level? What kind of comfort layer do you want? How long do you want the bed to last? What’s your price range? If you have a partner, talk about these things with them too.

Knowing these answers ahead of time can help you sort through different offers. It will also make it easier for salespeople to help you. There are many different beds out there. Taking the time to get to know what you like can help you avoid having to make a return. (Or worse, get stuck with an uncomfortable bed that can’t be returned.)

Familiarize yourself with what’s out there.

Has it been a while since you bought your last bed? You’ll likely see a lot of new brands and buzzy technologies. Research and test a wide variety of options instead of going with the tried and true. You never know what will work until you try it.

For example? Innersprings are the most common bed type. But they actually have much lower owner satisfaction ratings than memory foam. (Innerspring rates are 63%, compared to 80% for memory foam.) Different brands can also use different materials in a range of qualities. So considerable variations can exist.

Keep in mind that the Internet is a great resource for your hunt. Check different online brands in addition to the showrooms. Often you can chat with a company rep to find out more about specific details. Keep notes on all of your findings for easy reference.

Compare quality, not brand names.

Knowing the basics of bed construction can be helpful when you’re trying to comparison shop. It can also help you determine whether you’ve found a good deal. Things like coil count, foam density, and mattress components are all key factors worth looking into.

One thing that’s not as important is the brand name. A name alone won’t tell you much about quality or potential comfort. Especially since many companies tend to offer both low- and high-end models. Many also offer “exclusive” lines sold at different stores and artificially inflate pricing. This makes it tough to compare models directly.

The lesson here is simple. Always look at what’s going on inside the bed—not at the name tag on the outside. See how the quality stacks up to others in that price range and whether it meets your preferences.

Always check the fine print.

You’ll likely be using your new bed for eight hours every day for several years. That means that a good warranty is important. A bed with an unbelievable price won’t be a good deal if it starts to wear out within a year.

Your job as a smart shopper is to read the warranty details carefully before buying. Most mid- and high-end beds over $800 should come with at least 10 years of full coverage. This means the manufacturer will repair or replace defective products at their cost. Many brands also carry prorated periods after the full coverage term ends. This is when the manufacturer will still cover a portion of the costs.

Remember to check the warranty details too. For example, how deep do impressions need to be before coverage kicks in? Impressions over 1” are tied to greater discomfort, according to So a warranty that covers impressions of 1” or less is best. The terms should also say if you need to leave the tags attached, use a mattress cover, or use a certain foundation to keep your coverage.

Also, pay attention to return policies. You should have at least 30 days to test your new bed in your home. And the retailer should be able to tell you any costs that come with returning the mattress. (If you should need to.) Not that most return policies say that beds must be free of stains and odors. So it’s always wise to use a mattress protector until you’re 100% sure you’ll be keeping your new purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of the year are the best mattress sales?

Long weekends such as Labor Day and Memorial Day and major sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to find sales on mattresses. Online mattress brands usually offer sales year-round, so you can usually find savings when shopping with bed in a box brands any time of the year. Some brick and mortar mattress retailers have blowout sales at the start of each season, too, where they get rid of old inventory and make way for the new.

Do mattresses go on sale for Labor Day?

Yep! Mattress brands usually offer sales during long weekends like so. If you miss out on 4th of July mattress sales, you can score big again in September.

What’s the best 4th of July mattress sale?

We recommend shopping with Amerisleep on the 4th of July since they’re offering their top-rated beds at their lowest prices. Plus, they’re offering $300 off accessories and up to $1500 off bed bundles so you can find everything you need for better sleep, all in one place, at prices you can afford.

Is it better to shop in-store or online?

Online brands usually offer better deals because they sell direct-to-consumer. Brick and mortar stores have so many overhead costs they end up inflating the price of their products to ensure they turn a profit. While brick and mortar stores may offer huge discounts on the 4th of July, you can still usually save more money by shopping online.

How much should I pay for a good mattress?

Most high-quality queen size mattresses are priced between $1,000 and $2,000. That said, some mattress types cost more than others—latex and hybrid mattresses are usually priced closer to $2,000 and memory foam and innerspring mattresses typically cost around a grand. On Independence Day, you’ll be able to find better prices, but be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. We recommend spending no less than $500 on a queen size mattress. Cheaper mattresses are likely made of low-quality materials.

The Bottom Line on July 4th Mattress Deals

Independence Day is a fun time to celebrate and relax. But it can also be a great time to save on a new bed. The deals you see here are only available for a limited time. Consider taking some time to shop over the holiday if a new mattress is on your wish list. You won’t find discounts like this again until the fall.

As you now know, there are lots of discounts available. But one of the sales we’re most excited about is the one from Amerisleep.

The AS3 is a crowd-pleaser with a proven track record. The AS5 Hybrid is a luxuriously soft but supportive mattress for even plus-size sleepers. Plus, Amerisleep offers 6 other top-rated mattresses to suit varying sleep needs. If you don’t want to do too much research this 4th of July, head over to Amerisleep and you’re bound to find an option that fits your needs.

Of course, everyone’s needs are different. So focus on the details that matter to you and find a bed that matches up. With deals this good, you’re guaranteed to come out with an excellent option.

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