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Amerisleep vs. WinkBeds: Savvy Sleeper’s Recommendation

Malena Piper


With so many online mattresses companies today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Those doing their mattress shopping online have many questions. Most retailers have very few physical locations. Shoppers do not get a chance to try out mattresses for themselves. Buying a new mattress indicates where you’ll be spending a third of your day – not a decision to make lightly. Two popular brands of mattresses in today’s market are WinkBeds and Amerisleep. You may be wondering: of these two, which is the better buy?

There is a lot to consider when trying to find the best mattress. To make it a little easier, we took a deep dive into these two mattress brands and wrote a comparative review.

Company Background

winkbed mattress reviews
Amerisleep and WinkBeds have some similarities. Both made impressive innovations in the mattress industry. Both are primarily online retailers with some physical locations. WinkBeds has one New York, one in Chicago, and one in Minnesota. Amerisleep has stores in Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. Still, these are mainly online companies and so it makes sense how they are able to sell quality mattresses at affordable prices while offering a sleep trial and generous warranty.

Founder Dan Adler said that he wanted to go a step above “entry level” mattresses. He didn’t want to spend several thousand dollars. A newcomer to the mattress world, he created WinkBeds in 2015 to offer luxury hybrid mattresses with a lifetime warranty and a 120-night trial.

Amerisleep began in 2007 on two main principles:

  • Make it easier and more affordable to buy a mattress by cutting out the middle-man
  • Commit to making an eco-friendly product that does not sacrifice comfort or support

Amerisleep offers high-end memory foam mattresses. They stand out both for the materials used and the processes used to make them.

Amerisleep also uses one of the most eco-friendly manufacturing process available. Memory foam is often made with lots of petroleum. Amerisleep memory foam, or Bio-Pur®, replaces some of that petroleum with plant-based material. It uses far less petroleum than other memory foam manufacturers.

Amerisleep also uses eco-friendly shipping and recyclable packaging to reduce waste.

Mattress Materials


Amerisleep has five mattresses: A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5. The A5 is the softest, and the A1 is the most firm. On its website, it explains which mattress is best for which type of sleeper.

  • Removable Cover (all models): Soft, breathable cover encourages airflow to help you sleep cool. It is also removable and washable.
  • Bio-Pur® Foam (all models): Partially made from plant-based materials, Bio-Pu® is more responsive and more breathable than traditional memory foam.
  • Active Flex (only in the AS5): Designed to have the bounce of latex, this layer is only in Amerisleep’s softest model.
  • Affinity Layer (all models except the AS1): This is Amerisleep’s transition foam which is used to help provide comfort and support. This layer is removed in the AS1, giving it a truly firm feel.
  • HIVE® Technology (all models except the AS1): HIVE® provides extra give for hips and shoulders while adding more support for the lower back and neck. It does this by using hundreds of hexagonal cutouts which are separated into five different zones of support.
  • Bio-Core® Foam (all models): This is bottom layer of each Amerisleep mattress. It is designed to provide the top layers with a support system. In the AS1, which does not have the Affinity layer, HIVE® technology, or Active Flex, the Bio-Core® layer is an inch thicker than in the other mattresses.

WinkBeds has one mattress that you can adjust by size (from twin to cal. king) and firmness (softer, luxury firm, firmer, plus).

Each mattress is made from very different materials, and your choice may ultimately depend on if you’re looking for the best innerspring mattress or the best memory foam mattress.


These mattresses have three layers:

  • 1st layer: Pressure-relieving quilted Euro-pillowtop layer helps cushion the body and ease muscle tension
  • 2nd layer: LumbarLayer™ supports the middle “lumbar” portion of the body
  • 3rd layer: Support spring coil system is divided into five zones throughout the mattress to target common pressure points

The spring coil system serves as the main support system for these mattresses. This is a big difference between the two brands. If you prefer the feel of coil mattresses, you will be more inclined to choose Winkbeds. However, if you want the comfort and pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam, you will be more inclined to choose Amerisleep.

Trial and Warranty

WinkBeds gives you a 120 night trial period to decide if you like the mattress or not, which is longer than the 100-night trial offered by Amerisleep.

WinkBeds offers a lifetime warranty, and Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty. The length of the Winkbeds warranty is impressive. To qualify for a warranty claim, the mattress needs to have developed a sag of 1.5″ or greater. While the Amerisleep warranty is shorter, it only requires a 3/4″ sag to develop in order to qualify for a warranty claim.


Going off of queen prices, Winkbeds sells its Softer mattress, Luxury Firm mattress, and Firmer mattress at $1,299. The Plus mattress, designed specifically to handle more weight, is priced at $1,499.

Amerisleep sells five mattresses. As the mattresses get softer, the cost increases.

Here is a break down of their models and pricing (in queen):

  • AS1 (Firm) $999
  • AS2 (Medium Firm) $1199
  • AS3 (Medium) $1399
  • AS4 (Medium Soft) $1499
  • AS5 (Soft) $1899

Our Recommendation

amerisleep mattress reviews
Both mattress companies offer some unique options. If you are looking for a mattres specifically to handle more weight, take some time and consider the Winkbeds Plus. However, our overall recommendation is the Amerisleep AS3. The Amerisleep AS3 is Amerisleep’s medium model, and it is designed to accomodate the majority of sleepers out there (whether you are a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper).

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