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Research shows 35% of U.S. adults are not getting enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep has a significant impact on our daily life, from physical to mental health. At Savvy Sleeper we explore all things related to sleep, from finding the right diet to what qualities to look for in your next mattress.

Who we are

Savvy Sleeper is run by writers and sleep experts with a passion for anything related to getting a better night’s sleep. Our editorial team consists of sleep coaches, mattress and bedding experts, and researchers.

What we do

First, we ask ourselves questions. How does the blue light from your phone impact your sleep? Do you need a soft mattress or a firm one? Is it better to use your phone to help monitor your quality of sleep or leave the phone out of your bedroom together? Is sleep debt real, and if so, how can you start sleeping better today? Then we find the answers.

How we do it

Countless hours of research, writing, revision, and collaboration. When our editorial team agrees on a topic, we spend hundreds of hours researching it. We master the subject by consulting experts in that field. When appropriate, we conduct polls and surveys. Then our writers distill the information collected and make it available, for free, to you.

We also receive financial compensation for products purchased through links or codes on this website. SavvySleeper.org is owned by Healthy Sleep, LLC and includes Amerisleep, LLC advertising.

Great teams start with great leaders

David Klose
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David Klose

Editor in Chief

David Klose is a Certified Sleep Science Coach through the Spencer Institute. In addition, he has worked in the mattress industry for over 7 years, focusing mainly on Retail Sales and Product Training. During that time, he has worked with hundreds of mattress products and technologies, including the main product lines from Tempur-Sealy and Serta-Simmons.

Klose has a Bachelors of Arts in English from ASU and is currently a graduate student at Lesley University. He also serves as a Sleep Ambassador at Amerisleep, where he continues to research the best ways to achieve good sleep, hygiene, and the newest innovations in bedding and mattress technology.

Ashley Doyle

Staff Writer

Ashley Doyle is a Certified Sleep Science Coach through the Spencer Institute. After earning her B.A. from BYU-Idaho, Doyle started writing about sleep health and research, focusing on in-depth sleep science articles and the newest trends in the mattress industry.

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