Dr. Brian Wu

Dr. Brian Wu graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Neurobiology and graduated from the Keck School of Medicine (University of Southern California) with an MD and Ph.D. His Ph.D. is in integrative biology and disease for his research in exercise physiology and rehabilitation. He is currently a psychiatrist in his residency at LAC USC. He hopes to integrate holistic care with narrative medicine to provide the best care for patients through research, technology, and education. His belief is that stories are powerful and deliver knowledge through experience and emotion. As a writer, author, advisor, and actor who believes in the power of stories, Brian aims to deliver its multiple benefits throughout his roles.

Articles reviewed by Dr. Brian Wu

10Jan 7 Ways to Get More Deep Sleep

Sleep is essential for life. Like water and oxygen, the body can only go so long without healthy sleep before shutting down. If you’re clocking the recommended eight hours a night, but still waking up feeling tired and groggy, reflect on your quality, not quantity, of rest. You may not be getting enough deep sleep. … Continue reading “7 Ways to Get More Deep Sleep”