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5 Best Hypoallergenic Duvets of 2022

Malena Piper


If you have allergies, a duvet insert/duvet cover set could be a great purchase. A duvet cover is easy to wash and protects your duvet from dust, pollen, dust mites, and more. The bad news is, there are tons of duvet choices out there, and many of them advertise higher quality than they actually have.

The good news is we’ve taken a lot of the uncertainty out of the duvet shopping experience. Below, we’ll talk about some of the best duvets on the market, why they’re great, and how to choose the one for you.

Hypoallergenic DuvetHighlightsPrice
BEST HYPOALLERGENIC DUVET OVERALLAmerisleep ComforterRelies on Celliant® technology for a comfortable feel year round.
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Down Duvet InsertTuft & Needle
Natural down fill remains fluffy after extended use.
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BEST DOWN ALTERNATIVE HYPOALLERGENIC DUVETSynthetic Cluster-Loft fill mimics down's feel without any live-plucking.
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Choice of lightweight or all-seasons fill to suit all climates and sleep needs.
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BEST ECO-FRIENDLY HYPOALLERGENIC DUVETBuffy Cloud ComforterMade from recycled plastic bottles instead of live-plucking geese.

Best Hypoallergenic Duvet Overall: Amerisleep Recover+ Comforter

Recover+ Comforter

A great duvet for just about anyone. It’s comfortable in every season, it’s moisture-wicking, and it’s designed to help you get the best possible sleep.

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Best duvet features
  • Breathable duvet is cooling and cozy at the same time
  • Lyocell/Celliant®/polyester blend is comforting and luxurious
  • Celliant® technology converts body heat into infrared energy
Recommended for...
  • Hot sleepers
  • Insomnia sufferers
  • Sleepers who like heavy covers

The Amerisleep Recover+ Comforter takes the top spot on our list because it’s a great all-around hypoallergenic bedcover. The unique blend of lyocell, Celliant®, and polyester feels like sleeping under a cloud. And the heavy material will offer you lots of comfort without being as restrictive as a weighted blanket.

The Celliant® technology converts body heat into infrared energy to increase local circulation, leading to more restful and restorative sleep. The Celliant® technology also wicks away humidity and allows the comforter to breathe, keeping you cozy and cool at the same time no matter the season.

These features make the Recover+ one of the best comforters for hot sleepers and individuals who like to sleep under some weight. The extra weight offered by the Recover+ may also help people with insomnia fall asleep faster without having to purchase an extra blanket.

Amerisleep also offers a separate duvet cover for their comforter in different colors. Duvet covers are, as the name suggests, a cover for duvets and comforters.

Using a duvet cover lets you stretch out the time between cleaning your comforter or duvet. You should wash your duvet cover every week with your other bedding. See our guide How Often Should You Change and Wash Your Sheets? for more details.

Best Down Hypoallergenic Duvet: Tuft and Needle Down Duvet Insert

Tuft-&-Needle-Down-Alternative-Duvet-Insert BEST DOWN HYPOALLERGENIC DUVET
Tuft & Needle Down Duvet Insert

Do you refuse to settle for anything other than the best down? T&N’s luxury offering is soft, heavy, and warm without being stuffy.

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Best duvet features
  • RDS certified down is cruelty-free and focused on animal welfare
  • Soft, long-lasting down makes for a durable comforter
  • Quality down retains fluff over time
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers who prefer down
  • Cold sleepers
  • Shoppers sensitive to synthetic fills

If you live in a cold place or tend to get chilly at night, this down offering from Tuft & Needle may be up your alley. The fluffy, thick down feathers of the Tuft & Needle Duvet Insert will keep you warm and toasty no matter how frigid the winter nights get while retaining their fluff for years.

If you’re concerned about animal welfare, you can sleep soundly under this duvet, as it boasts a Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification. Not only does this standard ensure down is harvested in a cruelty-free manner, but it also lays out strict land management practices to reduce the ecological impact of down production.

Finally, T&N’s hassle-free returns and 100-night sleep trial let you rest assured that if you don’t like this product, you have over three months to return it for your money back. The Tuft & Needle Duvet Insert can also be paired with the company’s duvet covers of various colors, along with their selection of other bedding.

Best Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Duvet: Layla Down Alternative Comforter

Layla Down Alternative Comforter

If you want the feel of down without the ecological impact or potential for animal cruelty of down, this could be the duvet for you.

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Best duvet features
  • Down alternative has a luxurious feel that doesn’t harm animals
  • Fill power of 700 offers a thick, lofty bed cover
  • Hexagonal baffle boxes balance fill and prevent clumping
Recommended for...
  • Vegan sleepers
  • Sleepers who live in seasonal climates
  • Hot sleepers

No birds were harmed in the making of the Layla Down Alternative Comforter. That’s because this comforter is made with Cluster-Loft filling wrapped in a 100 percent cotton, 300 thread count cover. Cluster-Loft is designed to mimic the feel and loft of down, and it shows in this 700-fill power comforter.

The Layla offers 10 ounces of fill compared to 5 ounces for a summer comforter and 15 for a winter one, making it an excellent choice for all seasons. And the breathable cotton cover will ensure you don’t wake up with night sweats.

The hexagonal baffle box construction is another great feature of this comforter. The six-sided baffle boxes not only offer a unique look, but they also boast superior function over square boxes because they do a better job of preventing bunching and keeping the fill balanced.

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Best Value Hypoallergenic Duvet: Purple Duvet

Purple Duvet

Another cozy, fluffy down alternative duvet, the Purple Duvet is great for sleepers shopping on a tighter budget.

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Best duvet features
  • High-quality duvet starting at under $100
  • Options between all-season and lightweight cover
  • Corner loops to keep duvet cover in place
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers shopping on a budget
  • Sleepers who want seasonal options

If you’re looking for a quality bed cover that will keep you cozy without breaking the bank, the Purple Duvet starts at just $87. Don’t let the great value fool you; this duvet’s quality competes with plenty of much pricier bed covers.

The all-season version of this down alternative comforter features warmth and weight, while the lightweight version offers coolness to hot sleepers. And the Purple down alternative is designed to maintain its loft through years of use.

The Purple Duvet features a 100 percent polyester fill and a 100 percent cotton cover, so it’s breathable no matter which fill option you choose. And the insert also boasts corner loops to keep it stable inside any duvet cover.

Best Eco-Friendly Hypoallergenic Duvet: Buffy Cloud Comforter

Buffy Cloud Comforter

For those in the market for an eco-conscious comforter, the Buffy Cloud comforter is low-carbon and earth-friendly without sacrificing comfort.

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Best duvet features
  • Eco-friendly eucalyptus fiber is comfortable and sustainable
  • Plant-based down alternative is cruelty-free
  • Extra fluffy, all-season comforter
Recommended for...
  • Eco-conscious sleepers
  • Sleepers looking for year-round comfort

If you want a comforter made of sustainable materials and boasting a small carbon footprint, the Buffy Cloud fits that mold without skimping on comfort. The ultra-soft and cooling cover works with the recycled fill to keep you ethically snuggly and comfortable.

Each comforter’s fabric uses 10 times less water than cotton, and the fill saves 12 geese from live-plucking and keeps 50 plastic bottles out of landfills. It does this by combining a comforter cover of sustainable eucalyptus lyocell with a fill made of plastic bottles diverted from the ocean and shredded into recycled synthetic fibers.

Don’t be fooled by the eco-friendliness; the Buffy comforter lives up to its name. Reviews described it as feeling equal parts cloud, marshmallow, and cotton candy. Despite its softness, it’s still sturdy enough to stand up to common allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew.

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What Is the Difference Between Duvet and Comforters?

We recommended both duvets and comforters in our article because while a difference between the two does exist, it’s fairly minimal. A duvet is encased in a cover and is meant to replace your top sheets and blankets, while a comforter is not usually slipped inside a cover and is traditionally used with flat sheets.

Still, to keep your comforter in good condition, you might want to use it with a duvet cover. Otherwise, you might need to wash your comforter every week as we recommend with other bedding.


Do I need a cover for my duvet?

While you don’t technically have to have a duvet cover, not having one kind of defeats the purpose of having a duvet in the first place, which is to wash your bed cover less. Duvet covers create a barrier between your duvet and all kinds of icky things, from dirt to sweat to body oil to pests and pollen.

If you don’t put a duvet cover over your duvet, you’ll have to clean it as often as you’d wash any old comforter. Whereas if you do put a duvet cover on your duvet, you can slip off the cover to wash it and only need to wash the actual duvet a couple of times a year.

Can I put a duvet cover over a comforter?

The main difference between comforters and duvets is that comforters come with a built-in cover, and there’s normally some stitching throughout this cover that helps keep the stuffing in place. None of that precludes you from putting a comforter inside a duvet cover, but beware of their measurements.

While all comforters are made to fit their corresponding bed sizes (e.g., a king size comforter fits a king size bed), they don’t all have the same dimensions. Some comforters are made to drape farther over the bed than others, so you’ll want to make sure your duvet cover is big enough to accommodate your comforter.

How often should I wash my duvet?

This question really has two answers, depending on whether you use a duvet cover. If you do use a cover, you only have to wash your duvet insert once every six months because you can pull off the cover every couple of weeks and wash it with your sheets.

However, if you don’t have a duvet cover, you’ll need to wash your duvet every three months if you use a top sheet and once a week if you don’t use one.

What’s the most hypoallergenic duvet filling?

If you have allergies, there are tons of comforter filling options that will not only not trigger your allergies on their own but will also resist common allergens like dust, pests, pollen, and mold. If you’re interested in natural fibers, cotton, down, and eucalyptus are all good choices. If you don’t mind synthetics, microfiber and polyester are also good options.

Are duvets and comforters the same size?

Typically, duvets and comforters correspond to the size bed they’re made for, from twin to California king. However, both duvets and comforters can vary in size from one to the next because there is no standard dimension chart for bed covers like there is for mattresses.

Different duvets/comforters will have slightly different lengths and widths to create different drapes and styles. That means you’ll need to know your duvet/comforter’s measurements before you purchase a cover for it.

Bottom Line

If you want a quality bed cover that’s as comfortable as it is hassle-free, duvets are a great option. You can pull the cover off and toss it in with your sheets, eliminating the need to deal with the inconvenience of stuffing your whole bed cover in the washing machine.

Combine that with the fact that duvets can be hypoallergenic and amazingly comfy, and you’ve got the recipe for a great night’s sleep!

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