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Best Mattress for Acid Reflux: 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Malena Piper


Acid reflux, heartburn, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can make sleep difficult. In fact, they can make you dread bedtime. These conditions cause stomach acid to travel into the esophagus. This can result in sharp pain, difficulty breathing, and difficulty swallowing. In short, acid reflux symptoms can prevent a good night’s rest.

Fortunately, the right mattress can offer relief for those with GERD and acid reflux. However, on the wrong mattress, sleeping on your side to avoid symptoms of acid reflux can result in shoulder pain. Below, we will look at mattresses designed to support your pressure points to give you a comfortable night’s rest.

Sleeping with the head of the bed elevated while sleeping on your back has also been shown to decrease GERD symptoms. With this in mind, the best mattress for acid reflux supports side sleeping as well as back sleeping with your head in an elevated position.

It’s worth noting, sleeping on your stomach has been shown to be detrimental to those with reflux. It puts pressure on your organs and can actually force acid up into the esophagus. This sleeping position is not recommended for those with acid reflux.

Remember your preferred sleeping position as you shop for your mattress. Some of the below mattresses will be better suited for side sleepers rather than back sleepers. Typically, medium firmness is ideal for sleeping on your side or back, but those with heavier builds may benefit from a firmer mattress.

Best Mattresses for Acid Reflux

The AS2Amerisleep
Features HIVE® technology to facilitate healthy spinal support.
$1199Buy Now
BEST MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS FOR ACID REFLUX Zoma Sports Mattress Gel memory foams combat body heat and keep you sleeping cool.
BEST HYBRID MATTRESS FOR ACID REFLUX Zoma Hybrid Mattress Combination of cooling foam layers and pocketed coils provide even pressure relief.
Vaya Vaya
Plush foam relieves pressure in the shoulders and hips.
Purple Hybrid Premier
PurpleHybrid Premier
The Purple Grid™ contours to your body to offer consistent back support, even if you toss and turn.
$2199Buy Now
Sweetnight 8-inch Hybrid
Sweetnight8-Inch Hybrid
Offers customizable firmness and options for split-firmness, which is ideal for couples.

Best Overall Mattress for Acid Reflux: Amerisleep AS2

Amerisleep AS2

The Amerisleep AS2 is the best mattress for acid reflux because it has medium-firm support and HIVE® technology to promote healthy spinal alignment and prevent discomfort.

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Best mattress feature
  • Soft, breathable cover encases the mattress, which keeps cool thanks to its airy design.
  • Bio-Pur® foam is made from castor oil mixed with traditional petrochemicals.
  • Ergonomic Affinity layer has five support zones, thanks to HIVE® technology.
Recommended for...
  • Back sleepers suffering from acid reflux.
  • People who own or plan on owning an adjustable base and want a flexible mattress to go with it.

The Amerisleep AS2 is a medium-firm mattress prioritizing comfort and pressure relief. This supportive mattress features four layers, each one offering pain relief, comfort, and cooling. For back and stomach sleepers alike, this mattress provides incredible relief.

The AS2 is covered with a light, breathable fabric designed to keep air moving through the mattress. Acid reflux can make your chest feel hot and uncomfortable. This may be mitigated by the cooling effect of this mattress.

The Bio-Pur® layer on top is made of advanced open-cell foam, allowing for excellent air circulation. Next is the Affinity layer, made of ergonomic transition foam. This layer relieves pressure points on your body, allowing you to stay comfortable with or without reflux.

Beneath the Affinity layer is the Bio-Core® support layer, which offers additional spinal support and keeps the upper softer layers from sagging, no matter your sleeping position.

This Amerisleep mattress is covered by a 100-night sleep trial, and the mattress can be refunded in full after a month. There’s also a 20-year warranty which covers any manufacturing defects during the first 10 years. During the second 10 years, defects are covered at a prorated price based on how long you’ve owned it.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Acid Reflux: Zoma Mattress

Zoma Mattress

The Zoma Mattress is another excellent choice for sufferers of acid reflux because of it features zoned Triangulex™ technology for even cushion and support.

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Best mattress features
  • Gel infusion carries heat away from the sleeper, encouraging its quick release.
  • Triangulex™ features three support zones, with extra cushion in the bed's head and foot.
  • Sturdy poly-foam base reinforces the bed's structure for increased mattress longevity.
Recommended for...
  • Side, back, and combination sleepers.
  • Acid reflux sufferers whose body temperatures run on the hot side.
  • People with active lifestyles looking for a mattress that promotes deep sleep.

The Zoma Mattress is another great option for those with acid reflux because it contains Triangulex™ technology to support proper spinal alignment and keep you sleeping in a healthy position. The Zoma Mattress is a memory foam mattress designed for athletes, and though it’s designed for people who lead an active lifestyle, it can help really anybody get a better night’s rest. If you suffer from acid reflux and struggle to get good sleep, a bed that promotes better posture can help.

The first layer of Zoma is 2 inches of gel memory foam. When you lay on this bed, the memory foam contours to your body for pain and pressure relief. The gel within the foam cools you off and prevents night sweats.

Triangulex™ technology is found within this layer. Triangulex™ is firmer under your midsection to prevent your torso from sinking uncomfortably far, and it’s softer under your shoulders and legs to allow for deep compression and pressure relief. The Zoma is ideal for side sleepers, comfortable for back sleepers, but too soft to support stomach sleeping.

Next is a 2-inch layer of Reactiv™, a latex-like poly-foam. Reactiv™ is designed to be more responsive than other foams, so it gives the bed a bit of bounce and keeps you more lifted on top of the mattress rather than cradled within. If you prefer a more “on top of the bed” feel in regards to firmness, Zoma is right for you.

The third and final layer of the Zoma Mattress is 7 inches of Support+, a durable poly-foam in place to reinforce the two layers above. Support+ is designed to prevent wear and tear and extend the lifespan of the mattress— helping you get the most for your money.

Zoma is an online-only mattress brand, so they offer a 100-night sleep trial with each of their beds. Plus, every Zoma Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Acid Reflux: Zoma Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid features the same contouring comfort layer as the original Zoma, with some added bounce to keep a sleeper from sinking too deep into the mattress.

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Best mattress features
  • Memory foam comfort layer has cooling gels to move heat away from the sleeper.
  • Sturdy foam wraps around the coil's perimeter, reinforcing the mattress's structure.
  • Buoyant Reactiv™ foam bolsters the bounce the coils provide.
Recommended for...
  • Back or side sleepers who tend to sleep a hot and want a responsive mattress.
  • People of all activity levels who suffer from repeated nights of acid reflux.

The medium surface of the Zoma Hybrid makes it an excellent choice if you have acid reflux. The firmer surface from the coils ensures the body rests more on top of the bed instead of feeling sunk in, a common feature you may experience in traditional memory foam mattresses. Even though the Zoma Hybrid is built for those with an active lifestyle, it’s still a great option for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality.

The Zoma Hybrid starts with the gel memory foam comfort layer. Gel absorbs and disperses body heat to regulate temperature. Also, the gel memory foam layer is zoned to provide the perfect level of support. Hundreds of triangular-shaped foam segments create three zones. Two zones provide deeper compression and feel softer under the head, shoulders, and legs. The middle zone feels firmer and gives more support to the back and hips.

The middle layer contains Reactiv™. Reactiv™ is more responsive than other transition foams. The elastic material gives the Zoma Hybrid more bounce, making it easier to change sleeping positions.

The bottom layer contains several pocket coils. The coils react under pressure, so you can enjoy better support to the lower back, keeping your spine in alignment. A base foam further reinforces the bed’s support and structure.

The Zoma Hybrid comes with a 100-night sleep trial. You can return the bed after a month for a full refund. The Zoma Hybrid also includes a 10-year warranty, covering sagging greater than 0.75 inches.

Best Affordable Mattress for Acid Reflux: Vaya Mattress

Vaya Mattress

Think a new, quality mattress has to cost an exorbitant amount? The Vaya Mattress overturns that line of thinking, with a basic design that makes the most of excellent materials.

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Best mattress features
  • Responsive Vaya Comfort Foam has extra air pockets for a cool sleep surface.
  • Vaya Base Foam supports without sagging, regardless of sleep position.
  • CertiPUR-US®️ certified comfort and base foam, free of toxic materials.
Recommended for...
  • Acid reflux sufferers living on a tight budget and want a good mattress with a lengthy sleep trial.
  • Acid reflux sufferers who favor any or even all sleep positions.
  • Side and back sleepers looking for a plush, medium foam mattress.

Vaya is a mattress company that believes achieving a good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be complicated. Their Vaya Mattress proves it. The bed contains two foam layers. Both are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials so you can enjoy comfort and support night after night.

The Vaya Comfort layer contains a plush, medium foam. The structure is built with an open-cell design, meaning there’s more air pockets to improve circulation. This also ensures you don’t wake up feeling hot at night.

Also, Vaya Comfort Foam is more responsive than traditional memory foam. You won’t feel trapped inside the mattress, something that can worsen acid reflux.

Vaya  Base Foam makes up the bed’s foundation. The thick, 9-inch base foam boosts the conforming properties of the Vaya Comfort layer and evenly distributes weight across the sleep surface. Vaya Base Foam keeps the body supported without developing soft spots.

Vaya allows customers to try out the Vaya Mattress for 100 nights, risk-free. Should you not like the mattress after a couple of months, Vaya will give you a full refund. The Vaya Mattress is also covered by a 10-year warranty, protecting against manufacturing defects and sagging greater than 0.75 inches.

Purple®️ Hybrid Premier

Purple®️ Hybrid Premier

This plush and conforming hybrid mattress can alleviate acid reflux, while also keeping you feeling cool and pain-free.

Best mattress features
  • Purple Grid™ molds to the shape of your body, no matter your position.
  • Premium StretchMax cover is soft and breathable.
  • Pocketed spring layer ensure mattress longevity and sleeper support,
Recommended for...
  • Sleepers who want a hybrid mattress that provides a "floating" sensation.
  • Combination sleepers looking for a mattress that can quickly adapt to their movements.

The Purple® Hybrid Premier 3” Purple Grid, or Purple® Hybrid Premier 3, is a great choice for those with acid reflux. The patented Purple Grid™ allows your body to stay cool while providing back support, ensuring you don’t wake up with back pain.

The pain relief offered by the Hybrid Premier begins with a Premium StretchMax cover made of knit fabric that is soft to the touch. The next layer of the Purple® Hybrid Premier is 3 inches of the Purple Grid™. This layer contours to the natural curves of your body without allowing your back or shoulders to shift.

The 2-pound density polyurethane foam and 7.5 inches of pocketed springs in the base will both keep pain at bay. These layers prevent motion transfer, so you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements or even your own shifting around.

The Purple® Hybrid Premier comes with a 10-year warranty covering any manufacturing flaws or defects. It also features a 100-day sleep trial, during which time the mattress can be picked up and returned for free with a full refund. Purple® requires a 21-day minimum sleep trial before you can return it.

Sweetnight 8-Inch Hybrid

sweet night 8-inch innerspring SWEETNIGHT 8-INCH HYBRID
Sweetnight 8-Inch Hybrid

Sweetnight pairs cool and cushioning gel foam with innerspring coils, for a responsive and temperature-neutral mattress.

Best mattress features
  • Gel foam disperse heat across the mattress, limiting sleep interruptions.
  • Knitted fabric cover has a soft texture to offset the bed's firmer feel.
  • Budget price helps an acid reflux sufferer get the most for their dollar.
Recommended for...
  • Budget shoppers looking for a cool mattress to relieve acid reflux.
  • Side sleepers interested in a supportive medium-feel mattress.

This mattress is great for those on a tighter budget. The Sweetnight Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress offers the cooling comfort of gel-infused memory foam. It also has the support of an innerspring mattress.

The cover of the Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress is made of various knitted fabrics. This gives the mattress a soft finish despite its medium firmness.

Beneath the knitted cover is a high-density gel memory foam layer that stays cool throughout the night while offering a pleasant cushion. Following the gel layer is the air-flow, high-density foam layer.

This provides support while allowing air to flow, helping you stay cooler than you would on a traditional foam mattress. Finally, there’s the bottom layer of tempered coil springs. These provide support and target pressure points between your head and toes.

This mattress is on the firmer side of medium, so side sleepers will find this mattress a good fit. It’s also adjustable, so you can easily elevate the head of the mattress and relieve or prevent your acid reflux.

Sweetnight mattresses come with a 30-night sleep trial, during which you can return the mattress for free. Sweetnight mattresses also come with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty will cover any manufacturing defects that arise, including sagging greater than 1.5 inches.

SavvyRest Serenity

savvyrest serenity SAVVYREST SERENITY
SavvyRest Serenity

Do you want an eco-friendly mattress? Perhaps you like the idea of adjusting your mattress’s feel as you please? The SavvyRest features natural materials that you can customize to create your ideal bed.

Best mattress features
  • Heat-wicking cotton cover over the latex comfort, which naturally keeps cool.
  • Rearrange the three latex layers as you please to create your perfect firmness.
  • Latex is a durable material, with many mattresses lasting over 10 years.
Recommended for...
  • Acid reflux sufferers interested in a natural latex mattress.
  • People who want the freedom to customize their mattress's feel.

The SavvyRest Serenity organic mattress takes customization to new levels. It allows you to tweak each side and layer of the latex to your preferred firmness. This makes it ideal for those with reflux who share their mattresses. A medium-firm or firm mattress is ideal for back and side sleepers, but others may prefer a softer mattress.

The SavvyRest Serenity uses all-organic materials, starting with a certified organic wool cover. This gives the mattress a soft feel, even if you’ve opted for a firmer mattress.

Following this are three layers of natural latex that can be customized between Dunlop and Talalay. These layers allow your body to rest comfortably, taking the pressure off your spine. This makes it easier to stay in your chosen sleeping position. When you sleep on your back or side to prevent reflux, minimizing your sleep movement is essential for relief.

Lastly, certified organic cotton keeps the mattress especially soft, making the medium-firmness option a great choice for those with reflux and a heavier build.

Because of the cost and organic nature of the materials used in SavvyRest mattresses, they don’t offer a sleep trial. There’s no refund period for the mattress itself, but they give you 90 days to decide if you want to swap any of the top three latex layers at no cost.

They also offer a 20-year warranty. During the first 10 years, they’ll repair the mattress at no cost in the event of a manufacturing defect. During the second 10 years, they will charge a prorated amount depending on the defect and the amount of time the mattress has been owned.

Common Questions About Sleeping With Acid Reflux

No two people are the same, so no two people will find relief from acid reflux in the same way. However, there are some common questions surrounding acid reflux, sleep, and mattresses. We’ve set out to answer these questions.

How Can I Avoid Acid Reflux While Sleeping?

Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid enters the throat through the lower esophageal sphincter, causing a burning sensation, indigestion issues, and more. The best mattress can reduce or prevent symptoms of reflux, but you can also counter reflux with a wedge pillow on your existing mattress.

If reflux regularly interrupts your sleep, try sleeping on your back with a wedge pillow beneath you. This will elevate your head and upper body, making it more difficult for stomach acid to reach your throat.

Remember sleeping on the side is preferred for those with acid reflux and GERD. Try sleeping on your side while on a wedge pillow. Again, elevating your torso can also counter acid reflux while offering the benefits of sleeping on this side. Sleeping on your stomach is especially not recommended for those who regularly experience acid reflux.

How Much Should I Elevate My Bed for Acid Reflux?

Elevating your head and upper body can prevent or combat reflux but only if you elevate it the right amount. Studies have shown the ideal elevation for your head is 6-8 inches as reflux symptoms decline at this point. Consult with a physician before elevating your head and upper body this amount, as this could exacerbate any underlying or pre-existing neck or spinal conditions.

You can use a pillow or an adjustable bed to elevate your head and neck. An adjustable base, in particular, allows you to sleep in a healthy, customized position.

What Is the Best Pillow for Acid Reflux?

Your mattress plays a big role in comfort when dealing with reflux, but your pillow also has a role to play. Ideally, you should use a wedge pillow to elevate your head 6-8 inches while providing proper spinal support.

You may find a wedge pillow leaves your back or shoulders sore or is simply uncomfortable to sleep on. If this is the case, consider using an additional pillow with a rolled-up towel or small pillow beneath your legs. This will align your spine while elevating your body.

Does Drinking Water Help Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux can occur because of an acid imbalance in the body. This imbalance can be triggered by consuming spicy or fatty foods or coffee. To lower this imbalance, some doctors recommend drinking more water to lower the pH, or acidity, of your body.

In some cases, you can drink too much water, which can result in a mineral imbalance and actually cause reflux. It’s also worth noting you should avoid drinking too much water right before bed. This can result in frequent trips to the restroom during the night, which will impact your sleep quality.

Finding a balanced diet is key to preventing acid reflux. Everyone is different, so listen to your body to discover which of these suggestions work best for you. Consult with your doctor as well to find ways to decrease and prevent acid reflux.

How Can I Prevent Acid Reflux at Night?

Preventing reflux is generally a good goal, but it’s especially important to prevent reflux at night, as it will lead to poor sleep. There are a number of steps you can take to lessen your chances of having reflux at night.

  • Avoid late-night meals: Research shows eating late at night can cause a spike in reflux. If possible, avoid eating late-night meals. Ideally, you should eat your last meal of the day no later than three hours before bed. This improves your chances of avoiding reflux.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Being comfortable at night is important in general, but especially when dealing with reflux. Wear something comfortable and loose-fitting to avoid adding pressure on your stomach. Much like sleeping on your stomach with reflux, tight clothing will put pressure on this area and can increase your chances of reflux.
  • Elevate your head: As previously mentioned, elevating your head and upper body 6-8 inches can reduce reflux or prevent it entirely in some cases. Coupled with comfortable clothing and no late-night snacking, this is a recipe for a good night’s rest.

Again, speak with a physician before taking any steps. You may have a more severe case of GERD and require medication, or you may also suffer from a spinal or neck condition that will keep you from using a wedge pillow. Your doctor can give you personalized advice to help you find the sleep and relief you desire.


GERD affects roughly 20% of the population, but it doesn’t have to keep you from a good night’s rest. Familiarize yourself with the mattresses listed in this article, take note of your body type, and find a mattress to fit your needs. If possible, look for one with a sleep trial to avoid getting stuck with a mattress that doesn’t suit your needs.

With careful consideration and research, you can soon find the relief from acid reflux that you deserve. This will help you gain restful sleep and feel energized throughout your day.

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