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Protect Yourself Right! Buy a Mattress Protector

Lara Vargas


When shopping for a new bed, don’t overlook the importance of getting a protector. Most mattress warranties will be void if the bed is stained. In this way, a protector helps you maintain your new bed’s warranty.

But this isn’t a protector’s only purpose, it also keeps your new bed, and you, healthy and clean.

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Editors’ Choice for Best Mattress Protector 2021:

The Amerisleep Waterproof Mattress Protector & Cover is our choice for the best protector of the year. We like this mattress protector because not only is it soft to the touch, but it’s also breathable, 100% waterproof, and bacteria and dust mite resistant. Get the best protection for your new mattress with Amerisleep’s cover.

Why You Need One

Mattress Protector

Think about what happens as you sleep. The body sweats at night and all that moisture and bacteria gets soaked up into your mattress.

There is an old wives tale that says that we sweat a liter of water every time we sleep. This simply isn’t true. Everyone has different factors that cause our bodies to react the way they do. There is no such thing as a one size fits all. The amount that you sweat depends on your health, the temperature of the room and your sweat glands. There is no way we can summarize everyone’s unique bodily functions into one number. But that doesn’t mean you don’t sweat a lot as you sleep. To give you a ball-parked number, you sweat anywhere between 500 to 750 milliliters during sleep.

This is only one of the reasons that you should use a protector, more specifically a waterproof mattress protector. Here are some other reasons why you should have a protector on your mattress.

Let’s face it. The human body produces so many oils, dead skin cells, and other fluids that it would be hard to keep our mattresses clean. And that’s kind of gross. Your body dust and moisture soak up into your sheets and will dribble down into your mattress. If it isn’t being stopped by a protective layer then you might want to go get one.

Another factor threatening the cleanliness of your mattresses: dust mites. They’re an insect, a pest that you can’t see because they are too small to see. These little guys love to cause allergies.

Allergies are already a real big problem for people even if they have good hygiene and are cautious about keeping away from their allergy. The downside for those with allergies is that mattresses, especially traditional mattresses, act like a sponge. They soak up all the moisture in their surroundings. They attract dust and, as we said, they also soak up all that your body discards. And that attracts dust mites.

Dust mites eat dead skin cells. If you don’t use a protector it’s very likely that dust mites will make their way into your mattress. And the only way to get rid of them is to get rid of the mattress.

The dust and dust mites that a mattress can collect can cause severe allergies. People with an allergy to dust mites can develop temporary asthma and hay fever. Mostly, treatment is short term. They include antihistamines, an inexpensive over-the-counter drug, or inhaled steroids. These treatments will help hold you over until you deal with the source of your allergy.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Now let’s move on to the next reason for putting a protector on your mattress: bed bugs.

Anywhere humans gather, these unpleasant pests will also gather One of their favorite places to bed down is in a comfy bed. Why do they like being near humans? We’re their food source. They feed on human blood when we’re asleep.

Bed bugs are incredibly small. Only about a ¼ of an inch in length. They like to hide everywhere. Every nook, cranny, hotel room or suitcase can be a host for the bed bug to hide and eventually find their new home.

Bed Bugs do not pass on diseases as most pests do; however, their bites are very itchy and cause the skin to have red welts. If you find these marks on your body, you may suspect that they are from mosquito bites. To confirm you have bed bugs, you have to find and identify a bed bug. Unfortunately, this is the only way to know if you have a bed bug infestation.

If you confirm that you have bed bugs, we highly suggest you get rid of your mattress and do a thorough cleaning of your home.

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Mattress Protector Types

A good protector will give the needed protection. The protector should be noticeable to the sleeper either. Although there are protectors that bulge up and make noise.

There are so many types of protectors. They come in different sizes and styles. Some protect against a wide range of harmful material to your mattress and others have more specific specialties. One thing to keep in mind is the quality of the protector will affect its cost.

To help you become more informed, we will list the basic styles of protectors.


This type of mattress slips over the entire mattress, encasing it. It has a zipper off to the side that completely seals the mattress inside. This protector is perfect for those who want complete protection for their mattress. It’s great for people who turn or flip their mattresses from time to time.


This type of protector fits over the mattress like a fitted sheet. Just like a fitted sheet, its edges have elastic sewn into them to help the fabric hug onto your mattress and ensures the protector won’t slide off. Thes protectors are generally cheaper. They also give better protection against moisture. The downfall is they don’t give the full coverage protection the zipper styles protector provides.


The strap styled protector is a quilted fabric. It lays over top your mattress and secured with elastic straps around each corner of the mattress. This mattress does not give any protection is the sides or the underneath of the mattress with the zipper style. Although, it does have a tighter fit than the fitted protector.

Mattress Pad

This is a special combination of a mattress topper, meant to give more comfort to a mattress, and a mattress cover. Even though this product has the best of both worlds, it doesn’t do as good a job as if you have the two products separately.

Because the mattress pad doesn’t have as much cushion as a mattress topper, it isn’t as expensive as a mattress topper.

If you are happy with the comfort level of your mattress, this option isn’t recommended. This option is also not a recommendation if you’re looking for a good waterproof mattress protector. We suggest you get a protector that will protect the mattress instead of trying to add another comfort layer.

Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers add another layer of comfort to the mattresses existing comfort layer. Typically foam, wool latex, or down make up the topper. The toppers are usually about 1.5 or more inches thick.

Please be aware that the mattress topper is not a protector. A topper does give a bit of distance between the mattress and your body and other harmful foreign material that could get into your mattress. but, it does not offer the same protection. This is not a good waterproof mattress protector.

This topper is Oeko-Tex Standard 100. In other words, it’s free of harmful substances.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Although the different types of protectors and the ways you can strap them down or around your mattress is important, so is the features of the protector. A waterproof mattress protector does exactly what its name suggests. This is a protector that is needed in every home. Especially in the homes of young families.

Spills happen all the time. So do accidents. A waterproof mattress protector will keep your child’s accident from soaking through into the mattress.

Our Recommended Protectors

Amerisleep’s Waterproof Protector

Amerisleep’s protector lives up to the gold standard in mattress protection. The protector made of a soft cotton blend with poly side skirting. They took it further by adding a non-toxic poly laminate film that offers 100 percent waterproof protection. Meanwhile, your protector will still allow your body to vapor breathe. It will protect against dust mites and bacteria, which can cause asthma, eczema, and rhinitis.

Zoma’s Recover+ Waterproof Protector

Zoma’s waterproof mattress protector shields your bed from liquid spills and stains while also supporting more rejuvenating rest. It contains a proprietary textile technology, Recover+, to recycle your body heat and help you achieve a deeper sleep. Its waterproof barrier is strong and long-lasting, but still thin and breathable, so it keeps out liquids without trapping in heat. This protector fits like a fitted sheet, keeping germs away from your mattress and prolonging the life of your bed.


There much more that goes into buying a protector than researching the brand name. Thinking of the individual quality of the material it is made from and the different types of protectors that are available to you will save you a lot of heartache in the future. Having a forward-thinking mind could save you trouble with any pests or uncomfortable nights.

So, as you think about your new protector, don’t be afraid to refer back to this article. We’re always here to help.

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